SAP Package SIWH

KEN: R/3 Links, ...

Technical Information

Package SIWH
Short Text KEN: R/3 Links, ...
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SIWH is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SIWH contains 7 function groups.

0SH1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SH10 EhP Functions
SH11 IWB: Dialog function - I/O links
SH12 IWB: Process function - I/O references
SH13 IWB: Core functions - I/O references
SH14 Help: Extract management data
SH99 3.1: R/3 Link Maintenance


The package SIWH contains 3 transactions.

S_BIE_59000255 x
SI24_EXTENSION Maintain Enhancement Rel./String
SI80_BF_ADMIN Admin Functions for BF Assignments

Database Tables

The package SIWH contains 16 database tables.

HLPREF Help: Assign topic to structures
HLPREFEXT Help: Assign structure to Winhelp project names
HLPREFM Help: Assign topics to M links
HLPTXT Help: Topic titles
IWB_BF_EHP_IOA Assignments Between BF/EHP/Structures in Application System
IWB_BF_EHP_IOH Assignments Between BF/EHP and KW Structures
IWB_BF_EHP_IOV Assignments Between BF/EHP and KW Structures (History)
IWB_BF_F4 Value Table for Business Functions (for IWB_BF_EHP_IOH)
IWB_EHP_CONTEXTH Assignments Between EHP/SP/APPL and KW Contexts
IWB_EHP_CONTEXTV Assignments: EHP / SP / APPL and KW Contexts (History)
IWB_EHP_F4 Value Table for EHP / SP / APPL (for IWB_EHP_CONTEXTH)
IWB_EHP_SWC Assignment of Enhancement Package to Software Component
IWH_31_LNK 3.1: R/3 links (only for customer solution for 3.1)
IWREFERENC KEN: Info object use references
IWSYSTEM KEN: Where-used list maintenance systems
IWSYSTEMT KEN: Where-used list (texts) maintenance systems


The package SIWH contains 19 structures.

IWBS_BF_EHP_IO Assignments Between BF/EHP and KW Structures
IWBS_BF_EHP_IO_CHECK Incorrect Assignments (BF/EHP and KW Structures)
IWBS_BF_EHP_IOV Assignments Between BF/EHP and KW Structures
IWBS_BF_NAMES Business Functions
IWDREFEREN IWB: Screen structure for use references
IWH_31_DYN 3.1: Screen structure for application links
IWRE_CHECK IWR: Transfer structure for R/3 link check
IWRE_HEAD KEN: R/3 Link AVL list header table
IWRE_HLIST KEN: R/3 Link list header structure
IWRE_ILIST KEN: R/3 Link list item structure
IWRE_ITEM KEN: R/3 Link AVL list header table
IWRE_LLIST KEN: Reference_Compare transfer structure
IWRE_LPROP IWB: R/3 Link reference attributes
IWRE_RESLT IWB: Reference_Compare return table
IWRE_SPROP KEN: Structure attribute for R/3 link CHECK
IWRE_TPROP KEn: Topic attribute for R/3 link CHECK
IWSREFEINC R/3 Link include structure
KWS_DIALOG SIWH: Dialog Fields


The package SIWH contains 11 programs.

RKW_UPDATE_BF_IO Communication Between Application System and KW System
RSIWBH01 Define sequence of enhancements in customer namespace
RSIWBH01R Maintenance of release entries: IWBSETTING / IWRELEASE
RSIWBH02 OBSOLETE: R/3 link cleanup for development classes
RSIWBH03 KEN: Convert old control tables in IWREFERENC by folder
RSIWBH04 OBSOLETE: Get topic LOIO (first topic in structure) for SLOIO
RSIWBH05 OBSOLETE: Cleanup identical R/3 links
RSIWBH06 OBSOLETE: R/3 link cleanup (ALL R/3 links)
RSIWBH07 IWB: R/3 link cleanup (empty entries) - only released internally
RSIWBH08 R/3 links - Change enhancement entries - only released internally

Search Helps

The package SIWH contains 4 search helps.

KW_F4_BF For Value Selection from Table IWB_BF_F4
KW_F4_EHP_KEY For Value Selection from Table IWB_EHP_F4
KW_F4_EHP_SP_APPL For Value Selection from Table IWB_EHP_F4
KW_F4_USERNAME Find User Name

Message Classes

The package SIWH contains 1 message classes.

HL IWB: R/3-Links, ...