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Notifications are a SAP business object that is used in multiple modules to record structured documentation of a piece of information or a problem.  Continue reading

What is SAP CPM? Introduction to SAP Commercial Project Management

DevWorkbench    Monday March 3rd, 2014   

In February of 2013, SAP announced the development of a new solution in the area of customer project management. The integration of SD (Sales) and PS (Project System) is possible in the SAP ERP system today, however many consultants agree that the implementation of the project sales process is cumbersome and the end result does not provide the necessary overview to get a firm grip on what’s actually going on in your projects. Continue reading

Access Control List

DevWorkbench    Wednesday February 5th, 2014   

Access Control Lists (ACLs) in the SAP ERP system can be used within the SAP PS module to restrict the access to PS data structures (WBS elements and networks). They were added in  SAP ERP ECC 6.0 EhP 3. Before being able to use ACLs, they must be enabled in customizing.

For WBS elements:

SPRO → Project System → Structures → Operative Structures → Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) → Create Project Profile

For networks:

SPRO  Project System → Structures → Operative Structures  Network Settings for Networks  Maintain Network Profiles

ACLs can be enabled per project or network profile; so they will be available for projects and networks with specific profiles only. In customizing, you can also choose if ACL inheritance should be enabled (which makes a lot of sense from my point of view).

After enabling ACLs in customizing, they will be available as a tab on the header data of projects, WBS elements and/or networks. They work basically like unix file ACLs – you can assign read, write and admin (meaning read, write, delete, and the modification of the ACL itself) privileges and also restrict access completely per user, user group or organizational unit. A very useful feature that has been demanded for a while by the SAP PS users.

WBS Element

DevWorkbench    Tuesday February 4th, 2014   

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements are the most important structuring components in the PS module of the SAP ERP system. They can be organized in a hierarchy to structure projects hierarchically. They can pass data on to lower levels and aggregate back to top levels. Among the most important functions of WBS elements are:

  • Planning of dates
  • Cost planning and account assignment
  • Planning of revenues and generation of invoices
  • Planning and monitoring payments
  • Budget management (hierarchical)
  • Management of material stocks
  • Booking of actuals (for examples with CATS)
  • Progress monitoring for projects
  • Period-end closing activities
  • Data analysis

WBS elements in SAP ERP are generally more finance-oriented, as they have no functionality for capacity planning or other logistical functions. They are often used to structure SAP PS projects from a controlling view.