SAP Transaction IQS9

Worklist: Tasks (General)

IQS9 is a generic list transaction for notification tasks in SAP ERP. Like its sister transaction IQS8 for notifications, it can display a cross-module list of notification tasks.

IQS9 has two selection modes. It is possible to select notification tasks based on their content or parent notification, just like in the module-specific list transactions.

However, in IQS9 there is also a personalized selection mode that makes it very easy to select all tasks assigned to the current user, or based on the current user’s role as a partner (e.g. a notification responsible). This makes the SAP transaction IQS9 a very flexible tool to create personalized notification tasks lists, especially for inexperienced users that require more user-friendlyness.

Technical Information

Transaction IQS9
Short Text Worklist: Tasks (General)
Package QQM
Transaction Type Report Transaction