SAP Package XSEC


Technical Information

Package XSEC
Short Text XSEC
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package XSEC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package XSEC contains 2 function groups.

SSO2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SUSW ITS Logon Using Flow Logic


The package XSEC contains 5 transactions.

SSO2 Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.
SSO2D Workplace: Single Sign-On Display
SSO8 Display Workplace Application Server
SSO9 Maintain Workplace Applic. Server
WPI Workplace Implementation Guide

Database Tables

The package XSEC contains 1 database tables.

TWPSSO2ACL Workplace Single Sign-On 2 Access Control List


The package XSEC contains 1 programs.

SSO2ADMW Administration of Logon Ticket for Single Sign-On (SSO)