SAP Package WVMI

VMI Functionality from a retailer view

Technical Information

Package WVMI
Short Text VMI Functionality from a retailer view
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WVMI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WVMI contains 1 function groups.

WVMI Vendor_Managed_Inventory


The package WVMI contains 7 transactions.

WVM0 Replenishment
WVM1 Execute customer replenishment
WVM2 Transfer stock/sales figures
WVM3 Display material data transferred
WVM4 Display PROACT data received
WVM6 Customer replen.: Parameter overview
WVM7 Assignment of PO Data to Vendor

Database Tables

The package WVMI contains 5 database tables.

EDMMS Assignment of EDI partner to purchasing org. and plant
TWVMO Control profiles for transferring material data to vendor
TWVMOP Stock types per profile for transfer to vendor
TWVMOQ Info System Access Parameters for Qty Sold and Forecast Data
TWVMOT Material data transfer: text table for TWVMO


The package WVMI contains 2 views.

V_KNA1_NO_PLANT View of KNA1 for search help - customer without plant
V_WVMI Determination of stock levels for vendor materials


The package WVMI contains 7 structures.

E1EDK34 General header segment
E1EDP31 General item segment
E1EDP32 Stock and sales data
WVMI_ALV_PAH Output PROACT data with ALV list viewer, header data
WVMI_ALV_PAP Output PROACT data via ALV list viewer, item data
WVMI_ALV_PAROV Structure for parameter overview, Replen.with ALV listviewer
WVMI_HELP VMI: data elements (F1 help)


The package WVMI contains 4 programs.

RWVMIPAD Transfer of Stock and Sales Data
RWVMIPAV Display Stock and Sales Data Transferred
RWVMIPRO Customer Replenishment (VMI)
RWVMIX01 Upgrade Report, Copy Access to Info System from TWVMO to TWVMOQ

Search Helps

The package WVMI contains 1 search helps.

H_KNA1 Search help for customer, without plant, via KNA1

Message Classes

The package WVMI contains 1 message classes.

WVMI Nachrichten aus Erweiterungen für VMI