SAP Package WVLB

Retail Load Building

Technical Information

Package WVLB
Short Text Retail Load Building
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WVLB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WVLB contains 3 function groups.

WLB2 Load Building/Investment Buying
WLB3 Load Building (New as of 99.A)
WLBA General LB and IB Functions


The package WVLB contains 7 transactions.

WLB13 Automatic Load Building
WLB4 Results list for auto. load building
WLB5 Combine POs in a logical load
WLB7 Analysis for Service Level
WLBA Check Program for LB
WLBA_CUS Cstmzng Analysis for Load Building
WLBB Tool for Vendor Service Level

Database Tables

The package WVLB contains 4 database tables.

WBO1 Log header file for simulative list for load building
WBO2 Log item file for simulative list for load building
WBO4 Log, load building, restriction profile used
WBO5 Calculated Actual Vendor Service Level


The package WVLB contains 26 structures.

SWVLB00B Data for Use in Report RWVLB00B
WBOM2_ADD Log Record for Automatic Load Building
WLB000A Transfer Structure for RWVLB00A
WLB0013 Control Parameters for Automatic Load Building (RWVLB013)
WVLB_CUS_FIELDS Customer-Defined Fields
WVLB_LB_COUPLE Definition of Component for a Load Building Combination
WVLB_LB_DATE_RANGES Date Limit for Automatic Load Building (RWVLB013)
WVLB_LB_EKGRP_RANGE Range Entry for Purchasing Group in RWVLB013
WVLB_LB_IDNLF_RANGE Range Entry for Vendor Material Number in RWVLB013
WVLB_LB_LTSNR_RANGE Range Entry for Vendor Sub-Range in RWVLB013
WVLB_LB_MATKL_RANGE Entry Range for Material Group in RWVLB013
WVLB_LB_MATNR_RANGE Entry Range for Material Number in RWVLB013
WVLBARTICLES Article Data Required for Automatic Load Building
WVLBEKORGRANGE Range Input for the Purchasing Organization in RWVLB013
WVLBLBPO Information on Purchase Order Items in the Load Building
WVLBLBPOPR Purchase Order Items and Purchase Requisition Items
WVLBLBPR Data for Purchase Requisition Items
WVLBPLANTSTYPE Plant Data in Load Building
WVLBPOBODY Purchase Order Item Data (Different to Purchase Requisition)
WVLBPOPRKEY Header Data for PO Items and Purchase Requisition Items
WVLBPRBODY Purchase Requisition Data (Different to PO Items)
WVLBRESTRIITEM Item Data to Define Restriction Values
WVLBSLBSUM Data for a Load Building Item
WVLBSRESTRI Data for a Restriction in a Resctiction Profile
WVLBWBO2EXTRACT Necessary Data from Table WBO2


The package WVLB contains 6 programs.

RWVLB003 Combine a number of POs to create a collective purchase order
RWVLB006 Program to test the service level functions
RWVLB00A Analysis Tool for Load Building
RWVLB00B Vendor Service Level Tool
RWVLB013 Automatic Load Building
RWVLB014 Results List For Automatic Load Building Run

Message Classes

The package WVLB contains 3 message classes.

WVLB Meldungen für die Bestellbündelung
WVLBCHECK Nachrichtenklasse für Kontrollprogramm für Bestellbündelung
WVLBVENSL für Lieferanten-Service-Level-Tool (RWVLB00B)