SAP Package WVKP

IS-R: Sales pricing

Technical Information

Package WVKP
Short Text IS-R: Sales pricing
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WVKP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WVKP contains 26 function groups.

WVK0 Retail Pricing: Database Accesses
WVK1 Pricing: Sales Pricing
WVK2 Retail Pricing: Dialog Boxes
WVK3 Retail Pricing: Pricing Worklist
WVK4 Retail Pricing: List Display SP Condns
WVK5 Retail Pricing: Error Logs
WVK6 Retail Pricing: Authorizations
WVK7 Pricing: List Display Pricing Documents
WVK8 Retail Pricing: BAPIs for SP Calculation
WVK9 Retail Pricing: SP Calculn Using BAPI
WVKA Retail Pricing: Maintain Conditions
WVKB Retail Pricing: Valuatn at Sales Prices
WVKC Retail Pricing: Determining Conditions
WVKD Retail Pricing: Screens
WVKE Retail Pricing: Price Points
WVKF Retail Pricing: F4 Help
WVKG Retail Pricing: Generic Block
WVKM Pricing: Competitor Price Entry
WVKN Retail Pricing: Number Assignment
WVKO Pricing: Organizational Data
WVKP Pricing: Material Master Data
WVKQ Retail Pricing: Sources of Supply
WVKS Pricing: Stack Tables
WVKV Retail Pricing: Updating
WVKX Pricing: Example Modules
WWK1 Pricing: Market-Basket Price Calculation


The package WVKP contains 59 transactions.

OVP0 Pr. point gr. -> Organization/MatGrp
OVP1 Create price point group
OVP2 Create pricing group
OVP3 Change price point group
OVP4 Display price point group
OVP5 Assignment to VKALS/LIFEL
OVP6 Create list variant
OVP7 Pricing group -> Organization
OVP8 Assignment: fields -> list variant
OVP9 Assignment: Texts -> List field
OWM1 Competitor: Price Entry
OWV0 Customizing Pricing
OWV1 Maintain pricing document type
OWV2 Cond. types for doc index
OWV3 Allowed pricing levels
OWV4 Cond. Types for Doc Indx Int.Supply
OWV5 Determination procedure (Purchasing)
OWV6 Determination procedure (Sales)
OWV7 Price point groups
OWV8 Texts for list fields
OWV9 Pricing strategy
OWVA Cond. types for doc indx
VKP0 Sales Price Calculation
VKP1 Sales price calculation
VKP2 Display POS Conditions
VKP3 Pricing document for material
VKP4 Pricing document for org. structure
VKP5 Create Calculation
VKP6 Change pricing document
VKP7 Display pricing document
VKP8 Display Price Calculation
VKP9 Currency conversion in price calc.
VKPA Archiving
VKPB Sales price calc. in background run
VKPR Read archive file
WEV1 Create planned retail markup
WEV2 Change planned retail markup
WEV3 Display planned retail markup
WEV5 Create pl.retail markup (price list)
WEV6 Change pl.retail markup (price list)
WEV7 Disp. pl. retail markup (price list)
WKK1 Create Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK2 Change Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK3 Display Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK4 MB Price Calc. Price Activation
WMB1 Create Competitor Price Entry
WMB2 Change Competitor Price Entry
WMB3 Display Competitor Price Entry
WMB4 Create Competitor Price Entry w/ Ref
WVA1 Create planned mark-up
WVA2 Change planned mark-up
WVA3 Display planned mark-up
WVA5 Create planned markup (price list)
WVA6 Change planned markup (price list)
WVA7 Display planned markup (price list)
WVB0 Recompile doc. index (pricing docs)
WVN0 Generate pricing worklist
WVN1 Pricing worklist for material
WVN2 Pricing worklist for organization

Database Tables

The package WVKP contains 37 database tables.

A152 Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer
A153 Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer
A154 SalesOrg./Dist.Channel/PriceList/Material/SalesUnit/Customer
A155 Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit
TWBA Pricing document type
TWEGO Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of price point group
TWEV Pricing: Determination procedure
TWEVT Net/net purchase price determination procedure (texts)
TWEVZ Pricing: Determination procedure (steps)
TWKAO Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of pricing type
TWKG Sales Price Calculation: Pricing Type
TWKGT Sales price calculation: Pricing types (texts)
TWLF Sales Price Calculation: List Fields
TWLFE Sales price calculation: schema/list field
TWLFT Sales Price Calculation: List Fields (Texts)
TWMB Competitor: Price Entry Types
TWMBT Competitor: Price Entry Type (Texts)
TWPG Sales pr.: price point ranges
TWPK Sales price calculation: price point groups
TWPKO Sales price calculation: data on SOrg/distr.chnn/matcl level
TWPKT Sales price calculation: price point groups (text)
TWPS Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Strategies
TWPST Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Strategies (Texts)
TWRPGP General Parameters for Pricing
TWST Sales Price Calculation: List Variants
TWSTP Sales Price Calculation: Items in List Variant
TWSTT Sales price calculation: list variants (text)
TWVK Sales Price Calculation: Allowed pricing levels
TWWKA Market-Basket Pricing Type
TWWKAT Market-Basket Price Calculation Type: Short Text
WELK Competitor: Price Entry Document (Header)
WELP Competitor: Price Entry Document (Item)
WKBK Pricing document: header
WKBP Pricing document: item
WWKK Market-Basket Pricing Document: Header
WWKP Market-Basket Pricing Document: Item
WWKT Market-Basket Pricing Document: Short Texts


The package WVKP contains 12 views.

M_WELKA View for Matchcode ID WELK -A
M_WELKB View for Matchcode ID WKBK -B
M_WKBKA View for matchcode ID WKBK -A
M_WKBKB View for matchcode ID WKBK -B
M_WWKKA View for elem. search help WWKKA in coll. search help WWKK
M_WWKKB View for elem. search help WWKKB in coll. search help WWKK
V_WKBP Selection of pricing documents (header and item criteria)
VV_T6I1_MA Control Purchasing Document Adjustment
VV_T6I1_P_VA11 Subsequent Index Compilation for Sales Prices
VV_T6I1_VA Control Purchasing Document Adjustment
VV_TWEV_M1 Determination Sequences (&1)
VV_TWEV_V1 Determination Sequences (&1)


The package WVKP contains 124 structures.

ACCS Sales Pr. Calc.: Structure for Access Fields of a Cond. Type
ARFI Structure for the price history import table
ARTI Structure for Selected Materials in Sales Price Calculation
ASORT_RAN Range Table for Assortment
BAPI_TE_CALP_IN BAPI Interface for Cust. Enhancement for Struc. CALP (Impt)
BAPI_TE_CALP_INX BAPI Interface for Customer Enhancements to Structure CALP
BAPI_TE_CALP_OUT BAPI Interface for Cust. Enhancmts to Struct. CALP (Export)
BAPICALCITEMIN BAPI Structure for Pricing Item (Import)
BAPICALCITEMINX Change BAPI Reference Structure for Structure BAPICALCITEMIN
BAPICALCITEMOUT BAPI Structure for Pricing Item (Export)
BAPIRPCCONTROL Control Sales Price Calulation for BAPI
BWELK Transfer Structure Price Entry Document (Header)
BWELP Transfer Structure Price Entry Document (Item)
BWKBK Transfer structure pricing document (header)
BWKBP Transfer structure pricing document (item)
CALC_PERIOD Pricing - Pricing worklist: Periods to be calculated
CALC_TABLECONTROL_HEADER Field List for the Tabstrip Control Column Titles
CALCULATION_TREEITEM Pricing - Node Structure of a Column Tree
CALP Sales Price Calculation: Item in a Price Calculation
CALP_INX Sales Price Calculation: Item in a Price Calc. (Change Info)
CALP_KEY Sales price calculation: key fields in a price calculation
CALP_KEY_COMPLETE Sales Price Calculation: Key Fields in a Price Calculation
CALP_REF Key fields in calculation with keys for references
CALP_TIME_KEY Sales Price Calculation: Key fields of calc., time-depend.
CALP_VB Structure for Updating Sales Price Conditions
CALPD Sales price calculation: Item (dynamic part)
CMIX Sales price calculation: Mixed price
ERRO Sales price calculation: structure for error processing
ERRO_TEMP SP Calculation: Structure for Error Handling with Flag
ERROLFE Structure for error messages from TWLFE maintenance
EWELP Data Part of Table WELP (Competitor Price Entry Doc.: Item)
EWKBP Data part of table WKBP (pricing document: item)
EWWKP Data Part of Table WKKP (Market-Basket Price Calc.: Item)
F4LIEF Structure for selection table for vendor/purchasing org.
F4PVGRD Structure of Selection Table for Reason for Price Change
F4WERKS F4 help for plants
FILGR_RAN Range table for the plant group
FILI Structure for Storing Selected Plants in SP Calculation
FILIKU Permitted Plants Per Sales Organization with Customer Number
FILIPL Possible Price List Dist. Chain/Plant for Price Activation
GLOB Sales Price Calculation: Global Data
KALP Sales Price Calculation: Item (internal processing)
KMBW SP Calculations: Competitor Prices (Internal Processing)
KMBW_DISPLAY SP Calculation: Display Structure for Competitor Prices
KMBW_VB SP Calculations: Internal Structure for Posting Comp. Prices
KMIX Sales price calculation: Mixed price (internal processing)
KNUMH_COMP Sales price calculation: Structure for exchanging KNUMHs
KNUMH_TEMP_TO_REAL Exchange Temporary Condition Number for Real One
KOMV_AKTNR KOMV Structure with Additional Fields AKTNR, KOTABNR, .....
KSCHL_KEY SP Calc.: Condition Type with Application and Use
KUNGR_RAN Range Structure for Customer Group Selection
LFIELD_POSTING_DETAIL Sales Price Calculation: Update Detail Screen
LFIELD_POSTING_MAIN_COND Sales Price Calaulation: Update of Main Conditions
LFIELD_POSTING_SUPPL_COND Sales Price Calculation: Update of Supplementary Conditions
LIEF_W SP Calculation: Structure for additional vendor data
LIFE List fields
MAEND Structure for mass price changes in the price calculation
MARA_VRKME SP calc: field VRKME added to MARA
MATNR_RAN Range table for the material number
MBP_PIPLC Import Structure for Checking Price Activation at PL Level
MVPLC Check Price Activation Price List for Matl Grp/Distn Chain
NWRK Assign plants to plant groups
ORDN Newly generated material numbers for subsequent maintenance
PESCT Export structure for SALES_PRICE_COND_TYPE...
PESPK Condition Data for Organizational Level
PESPR Export structure for SALES_PRICE_READ
PESVR Export structure for SALES_VALUE_READ
PEX01 Export structure for modules such as WV_EXAMPLE_01
PIMBC Entry Parameters for Market-Basket Price Calculation
PIPDD Import structure for PRICING_DOC_DISPLAY
PISLI Import Structure for SHOPPING_LIST.....
PISPC Import structure for SALES_PRICE_CALCULATE_..
PISPR Import Structure for SALES_PRICE_READ etc.
PISVR Import structure for SALES_VALUE_READ
PLTYP_RAN Range table for the price list
PRICE_DATA Price Data: Amount, Currency, Price Unit, Unit of Measure
PRICLEVEL Pricing Level for Distribution Chain/Plant
PUPR Sales price calculation: item at purchasing org. level
PUPR_KEY Sales price calculation: key fields
PXX11 Import/Export Structure for Modules such as WV_EXAMPLE_11
REFERENCE_NEW_ORIGINAL_PRICDOC Assignment of Pricing Worklist Document to Original Document
RVKP1 I/O structure for SAPLWVK1
RWERKE Assignment of Reference Plants to a Plant
RWKK1 I/O Structure for market-basket price calculation
SACO Sales price calculation: validity periods of SP conditions
SAPR Structure for storing sales prices
SAPR_KEY Sales price calculation: key fields for SAPR
TAXK Tax code
TWKAO_KEY Sales price calculation: Key for table TWKAO
TWLFE_SKEY Sales price calculation: Short key for table TWLFE
VAKE_ERRO Template Structure for Error Table for Variable Key
VAKE_FLAGNOP Vake + Indicator 'No Validity Period for Condition Record'
VAKEKOND Structure from VAKE and condition record
VAKEKOND_VB Structure from VAKE and Condition Record for Updating
VPOP3 Stock balance display in sales price calculation
VWKBP View on pricing documents: Item and header data
WCOL_CHANGE Data Transport for Mass Change
WELPK Competitor: Entry List Header
WELPK_DB Competitor: Data Base Part of Entry List Header
WELPK_DY Competitor: Dynamic Part of Entry List Header
WELPK_ZZ Competitor: Customer-Specific Part of Entry List Header
WELPP Competitor: Entry List Item
WELPP_DB Competitor: Bata Base Part of Entry List Item
WELPP_DY Competitor: Dynamic Part of Entry List Item
WELPP_ZZ Competitor: Customer-Specific Part of Entry List Item
WERKS_RAN Range table for the plant
WKABS Market-Basket Pr. Calc.: Plant Data for Sales Determination
WKBK_TEMP_TO_REAL Pricing Doc. (Header): Assignment Temp. to Real Doc. Nos
WKBP_KEY Key for table WKBP
WKBP_TEMP_TO_REAL Pricing Doc. (Item): Doc. Nr/Item Assignment Temp. to Real
WKBP_VALP SP Calculation: Areas of validity for a document item
WKK_MVKE Segment of Structure MKVE for Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKKALP Market-Basket Price Calculation: Item
WKKALP_EXT Expanded WKKALP Structure
WPKSCHL_PP POS Interface: Table for Cond. Types with Parallel/Basic Pr.
WPRICE_ORIGIN Information on Origin of a Sales Condition
WSCO1 ALV Display Structure for Transaction VKP2
WSCO2 ALV Display Structure for Transaction VKP2
WVADDAT Archiving pricing docs: Data to be saved in the archive file
WVAPDO Archiving pricing documents: Parameter documentation
WWKK_KEY Key for WWKK (Market-Basket Pricing Document)
WWKP_KEY Key for WWKK (Market-Basket Pricing Document)


The package WVKP contains 49 programs.

RWVKP001 Sales Price Calculation: Change/display price calculation
RWVKP002 Display Sales Prices
RWVKP003 Pricing Document: Display List by Material
RWVKP004 Pricing document: display list by organization
RWVKP005 Price Overview: Initial Screen
RWVKP006 Pricing document
RWVKP007 Sales Price Calculation: Create Price Calculation
RWVKP008 Pricing Worklist: Generate
RWVKP009 Pricing Worklist: Release by Material
RWVKP010 Pricing Worklist: Release by Organization
RWVKP011 Background Sales Price Calculation
RWVKP012 Set up document index from pricing documents
RWVKP013 Send sales prices for material
RWVKP014 Currency conversion in price calculations
RWVKP015 Pricing: entering competitor prices
RWVKP016 Calculation using BAPI (test)
RWVKP01A Database table analysis (quantity structures)
RWVKP01C Copy Conditions Using the Sales Price Calculation Function
RWVKP01D Delete Pricing Documents
RWVKP01U Change existing condition records to 'relevant to pricing'
RWVKP02A Analysis of Condition Tables Purchase/Sales
RWVKP02B Analysis of Currencies in Purchase/Sales Conditions
RWVKP02D Deletion of Change Pointers for Pricing Documents from WIND Table
RWVKP02U Conversion of Pricing Type KALGR to Table TWPKO (obsolete)
RWVKP03D Analyzing and Deleting Change Pointers from the WIND table
RWVKP03U Conversion of Pricing Documents (WKBP-VWAERS, WKBP-EVWRS)
RWVKP05U Pricing document conversion: Fill field WKBP-KNUMH_V
RWVKP06U New authorization objects: Extend table for authorizations/profiles
RWVKP07U Correction report for overlapping condition records
RWVKPAD1 Archiving: Deletion program for object W_KALK (pricing documents)
RWVKPAR1 Archiving: Read Program for Object W_KALK (Pricing Documents)
RWVKPAW1 Archiving: Write Program for Object W_KALK (Pricing Documents)
RWVKPIC1 Subsequent Compilation of Doc Indexes for Sls Prices: Create Worklist
RWVKPIC2 Subsequent Compilation of Doc Indexes: Create Pricing Docs and Indexes
RWVKPIC3 Subsequent Layout of Pricing Documents Directly from Conditions
RWVKPIC4 Subsequent Layout of Pricing Documents Directly from Conditions
RWWKK001 Pricing: Create Market-Basket Price Calculation
RWWKK002 Pricing: Change Market-Basket Price Calculation
RWWKK003 Pricing: create market-basket price calculation
RWWKK004 Pricing: Activation of Released Market-Basket Price Calculations
SAPMW01V Module Pool, Price Points
WVXPRA01 Convert Old Table TWPKO to New Table TWEGO
WVXPRA02 Update of Modified Table TWKG (Maintain Pricing Type)
WVXPRA03 Update of Extended Table TWPK (Define Price Point Groups)
WVXPRA04 Fill new field VLGWK (reference plant) in table TWKAO
WVXPRA05 Generate entries in table TWVK (new in 4.0)
WVXPRA06 Add field for allowed pricing levels to table TVKOV
WVXPRA08 Transfer of an Entered Document Schema from TWPA to TWRPGP

Search Helps

The package WVKP contains 10 search helps.

W_VRKME F4 Help for Sales Unit
WELK Search help for competitor price entry
WELKA Data for entry list
WELKB Administration data
WKBK Matchcode for pricing documents
WKBKA Pricing documents for material (sales side)
WKBKB Pricing documents for material (purchasing side)
WWKK Matchcode for Market-Basket Pricing Document
WWKKA Material/Organizational level
WWKKB Administration data

Message Classes

The package WVKP contains 1 message classes.

WV Nachrichten im Bereich Handelskalkulation

Authorization Objects

The package WVKP contains 4 authorization objects.

W_VKPR_PLT IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Price List
W_VKPR_VKO IS-R Auth. Sales Price Calculations, Distribution Chain
W_VKPR_VTL IS-R Authorization: Sales Price Calculations: Distr. Chain
W_VKPR_WRK IS-R Authorization: SP Calculation: Distr. Chain/Plant