Mass maintenance development

Technical Information

Short Text Mass maintenance development
Parent Package EA-RETAIL

Package Contents

The package WSTRMASSMAINT is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 6 function groups.

MASS_EINE_UTILITIES Purchasing Vendor/Site Error Recovery
MASS_EKKO_UTILITIES Purchasing Vendor/Site Error Recovery
MASS_GENERAL_UTILITIES Mass maintenance general functions
MASS_MARC_UTILITIES Logistics Data MARC/Site Error Recovery
MASS_MNT_USER_EXIT User exits for mass maintenance
MASS_VENDOR_UTILITIES Purchasing Vendor/Site Error Recovery


The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 8 transactions.

DUMMY_MASS_EINE Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_EKKO Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_MARC Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_VENDOR Load programs global data
MASS_EINE Inforecord Mass Maintenance
MASS_EKKO PO mass maintenance
MASS_MARC Logistic/Replenishment Mass Maint.
MASS_VENDOR Vendor Mass Maintenance

Database Tables

The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 2 database tables.

MASS_JOB_ERROR Mass Maintenance Cluster for Error Recover
MASS_PARAMETERS Parameters for retail mass maintenance


The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 37 structures.

MASS_BALMI Error messages for mass maintenance
MASS_EINA Mass Maintenance Structure for EINA Data
MASS_EINE Mass Maintenance Structure for EINE Data
MASS_EINE_D mass maintenance structure for EINE data
MASS_EKKO Mass Maintenance Structure for EKKO/EKPO/EKET/ Data
MASS_EKKO_D mass maintenance structure for EKKO, EKPO,EKET data
MASS_FIELD_LIST field list for mass maintenance where used
MASS_FIELD_NAME Field Name for site mass maintenance
MASS_FIND_IN_TREE_ROW Dynamic structure for find in tree table
MASS_FLAG_CLEAR Mass Maintenance Flags for LFM2
MASS_JOB_ERROR_RECOV Structure for mass maintenance tree
MASS_JOB_ERROR_S Structure for mass maintenance tree
MASS_LFM1 Mass Maintenance Structure for LFM1 Data
MASS_LFM2 Mass Maintenance Structure for LFM2 Data
MASS_LFM2_D mass maintenance structure for lfm2 data
MASS_MARC mass maintenance structure for MARC data
MASS_MARC_D mass maintenance structure for MARC data
MASS_OLD_EINE Mass maintenance old data to display in grid for EINE data
MASS_OLD_MARC Mass maintenance old data to display in grid for MARC data
MASS_S_LOG_EINE log structure for EINE data
MASS_S_LOG_EKKO log structure
MASS_S_LOG_LFM2 log structure
MASS_S_LOG_MARC log structure for MARC data
MASS_STYLE_INFO Mass maintenance for color and style informations
MASS_STYLE_INFO_FLAT flat structure for mas maintenance style info (for RFC use)
MASS_TREE_ERROR Tree node link for error screen
MASS_TREE_ERROR_RECOV Tree node for mass maintenance job list
MASS_TREE_FIND_EINE Link between tree node and mass EINE record
MASS_TREE_FIND_EKKO Link between tree node and mass EKKO record
MASS_TREE_FIND_LFM2 Link between tree node and mass LFM2 record
MASS_TREE_FIND_MARC Link between tree node and mass MARC record
MASS_TREE_LFM2 Tree node for LFM2
MASS_TREE_MARC Tree node for LFM2
MASS_TREE_NODE Structure for mass maintenance tree
MASS_TREE_NODE_ITEM Item structure for error list tree


The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 4 programs.

MASS_EINE_SITE Inforecord site mass maintenance program
MASS_EKKO PO mass maintenance program
MASS_MARC_SITE Logistic data site mass maintenance program
MASS_VENDOR_SITE Vendor site mass maintenance program

Message Classes

The package WSTRMASSMAINT contains 1 message classes.