SAP Package WSTR

R/3 Material Master (Retail): Structured Materials

Technical Information

Package WSTR
Short Text R/3 Material Master (Retail): Structured Materials
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WSTR is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WSTR contains 12 function groups.

MGW0 DB Accesses for Structured Materials
MGW1 Table Accesses for Structured Materials
MGW2 Integr. Article Maintenance: Components
MGW3 Maintenance of structured materials
WSOS Structured Materials in Logistics
WST0 Buffer and Update BOM Data
WST1 Structured Materials: Assign Components
WST2 Structured Materials: Generic Materials
WST3 Structured Materials: Service Modules
WSTA ALE: Distribution of Empties BOMs
WSTAR Archiving T415B
WSTE Error Handling for Structured Materials


The package WSTR contains 12 transactions.

MGW0 Create Components for Set Material
MGW1 Display Components for Set Material
MGW2 Create Components for Display Matl
MGW3 Display Components for Display Matl
MGW4 Create Components for Prepack Matl
MGW5 Display Components for Prepack Matl
MGW6 Create Components for Full Product
MGW7 Display Components for Full Product
MGW8 Change Components for Set Material
MGW9 Change Components for Display Matl
MGWA Change Components for Prepack
MGWB Change Components for Full Product

Database Tables

The package WSTR contains 3 database tables.

TMGW2 Control for Maintaining Structured Materials
TWZLA Splitting types for structured materials
TWZLA2 Control Access to TWZLA


The package WSTR contains 10 structures.

MGW2_GENERIC_ART_SELECT Structure for Selecting Further Components
MGW2_PACKAGING_SELECT Selection of Full Products
RMGW2 Input/Output Fields for Maintaining Structured Materials
RMGW2WU Structure for Use in Structured Materials
WSOS_MATNR Transfer structure for structured material
WSOS_STULI Returns structure for structured material (bill of material)
WSOS_ZLT Returns structure in determining splitting type
WSTR_DYNP Screen Fields for Maintaining Components of Structured Matls
WSTR_IN Interface Structure for Maintaining Components Struct. Matls
WSTR_TREE_ITEM Column Tree Control for Quota Scale Selection: Entries

Message Classes

The package WSTR contains 1 message classes.

MU Pflege Strukturierte Artikel