Sources Lean Interface SAF - R/3

Technical Information

Package WSAFS
Short Text Sources Lean Interface SAF - R/3
Parent Package EA-RETAIL

Package Contents

The package WSAFS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WSAFS contains 2 function groups.

WSAF Lean Interface SAF -- R3
WSAFA Database Access Lean Interface SAF - R/3


The package WSAFS contains 6 transactions.

WSAF001 SAF Configuration Maintenance
WSAF002 DSX File Maintenance
WSAF003 Calender Effects Maintenance
WSAF004 Promo. Cat. Maintenance for Predict.
WSAFR01 Data Transfer R/3 - SAF
WSAFR02 SAF Configuration Generation


The package WSAFS contains 1 structures.

WSAF_S_SAF_DATE Planning Date for SAF Forecast Tool


The package WSAFS contains 10 programs.

RWSAF001 Main program for interface between R/3 and SAF forecast software
RWSAF002 Generation of SAF Configuration Files
RWSAF003 Program for Filling Database WSAF_EXCEPT_DEF
RWSAF004 Program Default Entries in Table WSAF_CONFIG_DEF
RWSAF005 Program Default Entries in Table WSAF_FIX_FIELDS
RWSAF006 Program Default Entries WORK.INI
SAPMWSAF001 Program SAPMWSAF001: Configuration dialog box
SAPMWSAF002 Program SAPMWSAF002: DSX configuration dialog box
SAPMWSAF003 Maintenance of calendar event occurence
SAPMWSAF004 Assignment of promotion category to predictor

Message Classes

The package WSAFS contains 2 message classes.

WSAF01 Nachrichten für SAF Prognose - SAP seitige Nachrichten
WSAF02 Nachrichten für SAF Prognose - SAF Mapping