SAP Package WRPL

Retail: Replenishment

Technical Information

Package WRPL
Short Text Retail: Replenishment
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WRPL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WRPL contains 8 function groups.

WPOPB Access modules for WPOP
WRPD Screen modules, material master, replen.
WRPL Replenishment
WRPL_ALE ALE Distribution Replenish. Master Data
WRPL_BAPI Replenishment BAPIs
WRPLB Access modules for WRPL
WRPLCH ===> Object WRPL , generated d
WRPPB Access modules for WRPP


The package WRPL contains 11 transactions.

WR30 Replenishment: Generate wghtng prof.
WR31 Replen: Create frcst wghtng profiles
WR60 Replenishment: Parameter Overview
WR94 Replenishment: Change planning
WR95 Replenishment: Create planning
WRDL Replenishment run reorganization
WRMO Replenishment monitor
WRP0 Replenishment
WRP1 Replenishment: Procurement
WRPFMM Replenishment: Forecast (MM-IM)
WRPFSOP Replenishment: Forecast (Replen.-IM)

Database Tables

The package WRPL contains 8 database tables.

TWRPP Replenishment: requirement groups
TWRPPT Replenishment: texts for TWRPP (requirement groups)
WRPD Replenishment: documents created
WRPE Replenishment: Error messages
WRPL Replenishment: quantities per customer/material
WRPP Replenishment: parameters at material/req. group level
WRPR Replenishment: replenishment runs
WRPT Replenishment: movement data


The package WRPL contains 5 views.

V_MAPR_PROP Replenishment: Pointer to PROW
V_S130E Replenishment: Planning objects
V_WRPL_MCAT Replenishment: view of master data and movement data
V_WRPT Replenishment: view of master data and movement data
V_WRPT_MCAT Replenishment: WRTP + material group


The package WRPL contains 17 structures.

BAPI_WRPL_IMPORT Import Parameters for Replenishment Master Data BAPI
BAPI_WRPL_IMPORTX Selection Parameter for Replenishment Master Data BAPI
E1BP_WRPL_IMPORT Import Parameters for Replenishment Master Data BAPI
E1BP_WRPL_IMPORTX Selection Parameter for Replenishment Master Data BAPI
PRE_WRPL Auxiliary structure for mass access to table WRPL
PRE_WRPP Auxiliary structure for mass access to table WRPP
VWRPL Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
WPOP Replenishment: Forecast parameters (Customer/Material)
WRPL_ENHANCED Replenishment: Enhanced Master Data
WRPL_IMPORT Transfer of Legacy Replenishment Master Data
WRPL_IMPORTX Data Transfer Replenishment Master Data, Selection Parameter
WRPL_KEY_LISTING Replenishment: Master Data Creation via Listing
WRPL_PERIOD_INF Replenishment: Period Information
WRPL_REPL_RUN_ALV Data Structure for Displaying the Replenishment Run with ALV
WRPLOBJ Replenishment: replacement table for lock object EWRPLOBJ
WRPP_VALID Replenishment: WRPP without old errors
WRSTRUCT Replenishment auxiliary structure (DE supplement)


The package WRPL contains 10 programs.

RWRPL010 replenishment: Maintain Forecast Weighting Factors (Dialog Only)
RWRPL011 Generate Forecast Weighting Profiles
RWRPL060 Replenishment: Parameter Overview
RWRPLDEL Replenishment run reorganization
RWRPLPRO Replenishment: Planning
RWRPLX01 XPRA: Allocation WRPL -> WRPT
RWRPLX02 XPRA: ChangeFlag -> ChangeCounter (WRPT)
RWRPLX03 Upgrade report: convert PROWUG, PRWOG, TRCOV from PROP to WRPL
SAPMWRPM Replenishment monitor

Message Classes

The package WRPL contains 1 message classes.

WT Retail: Nachschub (Replenishment)