Tool: Portfolio Maintenance

Technical Information

Short Text Tool: Portfolio Maintenance
Parent Package EA-GLTRADE

Package Contents

The package WPORTFOLIO is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WPORTFOLIO contains 18 function groups.

0POFO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0WLO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V13M Portfolio: Save Data
V61M Portfolio: Execute Determination
WPOT Portfolio: Maintenance Screen
WPOT_BADI_SERVICE Portfolio: BAdI Service
WPOT_CUST Portfolio: Read Customizing
WPOT_FILTER_SERVICE Portfolio: Filter Function
WPOT_INDEX Portfolio and Secondary Indexes
WPOT_LIST Portfolio: List Processing
WPOT_PROCESS Determination Modules For Each Document
WPOT_PROCESS_SERVICE Portfolio: Process Service
WPOT_PROCESS_SERVICE_MSG Portfolio: Error Handling
WPOT_READ Portfolio: Read Header Records
WPOT_SEARCH_HELP Portfolio: Search Helps
WPOT_SERVICE Portfolio: Service Functions For Lists
WPOT_SERVICE_2 Portfolio: General Services
WPOT_VARS Portfolio: Variable View


The package WPORTFOLIO contains 20 transactions.

PMLA Create: Portfolio List
PMLB Change: Portfolio List
PMLC Display: Portfolio List
PMLD Execute: Portfolio List
POART Portfolio Types
POASS Portfolio Determination: Access Seqs
POFO1 Create Portfolio
POFO2 Change Portfolio
POFO3 Display Portfolio
POFO31 Portfolio: Create
POFO32 Portfolio: Change
POFO33 Portfolio: Display
POFO34 Portfolio: Create with Reference
POPRO Portfolio determination: Schema def.
POTAB Define Portfolio Tables
POTABC Change Portfolio Tables
POTABD Display Portfolio Tables
S_P0K_92000001 Portfolio List for Responsibility
S_P0K_92000002 Program RWB2PO01

Database Tables

The package WPORTFOLIO contains 12 database tables.

KONHM Portfolio Determination - Data Part
KOTM001 Responsiblities for Material Groups
KOTM002 Material
M000 Master Table for Portfolio Determination
T685M Portfolio Processing: Portfolio Types
TPOFOA Portfolio: Define Responsibility
TPOFOAT Portfolio: Responsibility Description
TPOFOB Responsibility Group
TPOFOBT Responsibility Group
TPOFOC Responsibilitiy Group, Responsibility Definition
TPOST Portfolio Determination: Control Table
TPOSTT Portfolio Determination: Control Table


The package WPORTFOLIO contains 14 views.

H_KSCHL_KOTABNR All Permitted Portfolio Types for a Condition Table
H_TPOST Portfolio Determination: Control Table
V_T685M Define Portfolio Types
V_TPOFOA Portfolio: Define Responsibility
V_TPOFOB Define Responsiblity Group
V_TPOFOC Portfolio: Assign Responsibility Groups
V_TPOST Portfolio Determination: Control Table
VV_T681F_MM Field Catalog, Portfolio Determination
VV_T682_MM Portfolio Determination: Access Seqs
VV_T683_XX_MM Portfolio Determination Procedures
VV_T685M_MM Define Portfolio Types
VV_T688_MM Copying Rules for Portfolio
VV_T688K_MM Copying Rule for Portfolio Types
VV_TPOST_M Maintenance View for Portfolio Determination


The package WPORTFOLIO contains 20 structures.

EXPOFO_RAN Range Table
KOMGM_ADDON Append Structure for Portfolio Determination
KOMGM_DATA Permitted Fields for Portfolio Definitions
KOMKM_ADDON Append Structure for Portfolio Determination
KOMKM_DATA Portfolio Determination: Communication Header
KOMKM_DATA_KEY Portfolio Determination: Communication Header Key
KOMKM_KEY Portfolio Determination: Communication Header Key
KOMPM_ADDON Append Structure for Portfolio Determination
KOMPM_DATA Portfolio Determination: Communication Item
KONHM_KEY Key of Portfolio for Table Access
KONHMVB Portfolio: Update Structure
POFO_CONTEXT_BAL Portfolio: Application Log
POFO_CONTEXT_BAL_TEXT Portfolio: Application Log
POFOFILTER Portfolio: Filter Function
POFOLIST Portfolio: List Structure for Display via ALV
POSRT_RAN Range Table
PZUST_RAN Range Table
RV13M Input/Output Fields For Maintaining Output
TPOFOA_LIST Portfolio: Responsibilities for ALV
WPOT_ERROR Portfolio Determination: Error Message Structure


The package WPORTFOLIO contains 4 programs.

RV12LM00 Template: Generate Portfolio Lists
RV13M000 Select Portfolio Records
RV13MAAA Display Portfolios
RWB2PO01 For the Portfolio

Search Helps

The package WPORTFOLIO contains 2 search helps.

F4_KSCHM_FOR_TABLE All Portfolio Types for a Table
F4_POFOST_FOR_KAPPL All Portfolio Types for a Table

Message Classes

The package WPORTFOLIO contains 1 message classes.

POFO Portfoliomanagementg