Workplace 3.0 Role Management

Technical Information

Package WP3ROLES
Short Text Workplace 3.0 Role Management
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package WP3ROLES is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WP3ROLES contains 2 function groups.

WP3ROLECUST Customizing for WP3ROLES


The package WP3ROLES contains 1 transactions.

WP3R Follow-Up Processes for Portal Roles

Database Tables

The package WP3ROLES contains 12 database tables.

WP3ROLEAGR Portal roles: Assignment to authorization roles
WP3ROLEDEF Portal roles: Definition
WP3ROLEDEFLONG Long portal role names
WP3ROLEDEFT Portal roles: Short and long texts
WP3ROLEHIER Role data read from child systems for user assignment
WP3ROLESRV Portal roles: Services
WP3ROLESRVT Portal roles: Services short texts
WP3ROLESYS Portal roles: Responsibilities
WP3ROLEUSR Portal roles: User assignments
WP3ROLEUSRH Portal roles: User assignments header
WP3ROLEUSRHLONG Long portal role names for role assignment


The package WP3ROLES contains 13 structures.

WP3_LOG_CONTEXT Log Context for WP3R
WP3_SELSCREEN Structure for documentation on selection screens
WP3ROLEDEFLONGS Long portal role name - transfer structure
WP3ROLEDEFS Portal roles: Definition (interface)
WP3ROLEDEFTS Portal roles: Short and long texts (interface)
WP3ROLEHIERARCHY Portal roles: Portal role <-> Authorization role (interface)
WP3ROLEINDEX Portal roles: Index of existence (interface)
WP3ROLESRVLONGS Long service IDs: transfer structure
WP3ROLESRVS Portal roles: Services (interface)
WP3ROLESRVTS Portal roles: Services short texts (interface)
WP3ROLESYSS Portal roles: Responsibilities (interface)
WP3ROLEUSRHS Portal roles: User assignments header (interface)
WP3ROLEUSRS Portal roles: User assignments (interface)


The package WP3ROLES contains 4 programs.

WP3ROLELIST Follow-up processes for portal roles
WP3ROLELIST_CALL_FUNCTION Loader report for CALL FUNCTION in new roll area
WP3ROLELIST_DISTRIBUTE_TABLES TEST: Distribute WP3 table entries to another system
WP3ROLELIST_GET_CLIENT_ROLES Get role texts and portal role assignment from CUA client systems

Search Helps

The package WP3ROLES contains 1 search helps.

WP3_HELP_ROLENAME Search Help for Portal Role Name

Message Classes

The package WP3ROLES contains 1 message classes.

WP3ROLES Portal role maintenance