SAP Package WMOD

ISR: Fashion Management, Generic Materials

Technical Information

Package WMOD
Short Text ISR: Fashion Management, Generic Materials
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WMOD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WMOD contains 9 function groups.

WCOL Conversion of dependent char. values
WMCA Modules for Copying Articles
WMCC Country-Group-Dependent Characteristics
WMCL Call up Classification
WMCO Characteristics: Sequence
WMQ0 Read Accesses - Value and Quota Scales
WMQA ALE Distribution - Value/Quota Scales
WMTO Tools matrix display
WMVC Value Scales and Quota Scales


The package WMOD contains 13 transactions.

WC01 Edit Characteristic
WQ00 Value and Quota Scales Appl. Menu
WQ01 Create Value Scale
WQ02 Change Value Scale
WQ03 Display Value Scale
WQ04 Delete Value Scale
WQ05 Reconcile with Characteristic
WQ11 Create Quota Scale
WQ12 Change Quota Scale
WQ13 Display Quota Scale
WQ14 Delete quota scale
WQ15 Matching quota scl f. plant/mat. cl.
WQ21 Automatically Generate Quota Scales

Database Tables

The package WMOD contains 12 database tables.

LDGM Assignment Table Country Groups to Characteristics
TLDG Country Group
TLDGT Country Groups, Texts
TLGL Assignment Table of Countries to Country Groups
TWMWQ Value Scale: Valid quota scale per plant/material group
TWORD Characteristic Sequence
WMQK Quota Scale: Header Data
WMQKT Quota Scale: Header Texts
WMQP Quota Scale: Item Data
WMWK Value Scale: Header Data
WMWKT Value Scale: Header Texts
WMWP Value Scale: Item Data


The package WMOD contains 2 views.

H_WMQK Quota scale - possible entries help
H_WMWK Value scale - possible entries help


The package WMOD contains 15 structures.

LDGMD Dynamic Part, Country Groups
WMCL_CHAR List of Characteristics/Charac. Values for FM Group WMCL
WMCL_MAT List of Materials for FM Group WMCL
WMOD_WMWK2 Data Structure for Value Scales Expanded for ALE
WMODDB_TWMWQ Structure for Posting 'Quota Scale for Material/Plant'
WMODDB_WMQK Structure for Posting Header Data for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMQKT Structure for Posting Header Texts for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMQP Structure for Posting Item Data for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMWK Structure for Posting Header Data for Value Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMWKT Structure for Posting Header Texts for Value Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMWP Structure for Posting Item Data for Value Scales (test)
WMTO_S Interface structure of function group WMTO
WMVC_DYNP Input and output screens of function module group WMVC
WMVC_SEL Screen structure: Selection for quota scale/manual entry
WMVC_SELQL Transfer structure: Selected quota scale per characteristic


The package WMOD contains 2 programs.

SAPMWMVC Management of value and quota scales
SAPRWMCA identical copy of a retail material

Search Helps

The package WMOD contains 5 search helps.

H_WMQK Seach help for quota scales
H_WMQKA Find quota scale using value scale
H_WMWK Value scale - possible entries help
H_WMWKA Value scale by characteristic - search help
LDRGR_LIST Select a Country Group Assigned to a Characteristic

Message Classes

The package WMOD contains 1 message classes.

WMOD Modeabwicklung Sammelmaterial