SAP Package WK4

Workflow Inbox Detailed Functions (Workplace Plug-in)

Technical Information

Package WK4
Short Text Workflow Inbox Detailed Functions (Workplace Plug-in)
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package WK4 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WK4 contains 3 function groups.

SWK3 Runtime Modules for External Services
SWK4 Definition Time for External Services
WK41 Detail Functions for Workitems

Database Tables

The package WK4 contains 2 database tables.

SWKEXEID Workflow: GUID for Work Item Execution
SWKHANDT URI of Workflow Launch Handler for external HTTP Services


The package WK4 contains 16 structures.

SWK_DECIALTS User Decision Alternatives
SWK_MSG_S Message with Code and Text
SWK_OBJECT Structure for Objects
SWKCONTDES Names of Container Elements
SWKCONTDSC Describes Container Definition to be Generated by RFC
SWKCONTXL Container Instance Structure with Extended VALUE Field
SWKHANDUPD Update of Handler Table
SWKHANREAD Read Structure for Customized Handlers
SWKINFTAB Structure for Info Types
SWKSRVTYPS Allowed Container Types for External Services
SWKTASKCOL Task Collection
SWKTASKDSC Describes Task to Be Generated by RFC
SWKTASKWIT Structure for Work Item Texts
SWKTRKORR List of Tasks in Transport Requests
SWKTYPESTR Type Structure for Container Definition

Message Classes

The package WK4 contains 1 message classes.

SWK Nachrichten zum Workflow-Workplace-Plugin 40B