SAP Package WG

Application development R/3 Retail cross application tasks

Technical Information

Package WG
Short Text Application development R/3 Retail cross application tasks
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WG is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package WG contains 21 transactions.

W10E SAP Retail: Goods Receipt
W10F Store retailing
W10M SAP Retail
W10T SAP Retail main menu replcng S000
WB00 Subsequent settlement
WBB0 Assortment list applicatiom menu
WBST SAP Retail: Inventory Management
WBVK Subsequent settlement
WDIS Materials Planning for SAP Retail
WEKF Purchase order SAP Retail
WFIL Store Order for SAP Retail
WI00 Physical Inventory for SAP Retail
WKON Conditions/Arrangements SAP Retail
WKUN Customer
WM00 Material
WP00 Sales and Operations Planning
WPOS POS Interface SAP Retail
WVEB Valuation SAP Retail
WVER Shipping for SAP Retail
WVKF Sales Order (extended copy)
WVTU Sales Support for SAP Retail

Database Tables

The package WG contains 1 database tables.

T6WL5 Check Table - Label Type


The package WG contains 1 structures.

WCUS_TERM Terms for outline in customizing screens


The package WG contains 3 programs.

RESETPPLOCK SAP Retail System: Unlocking of PP Transactions
RWCOFIO1TEST Check Duplicate Records in Table COFIO1

Message Classes

The package WG contains 1 message classes.

ANWENDUNGSYSSWITCH Meldungen zum Systemschalter - Anwendung