SAP Package WFIL

IS-R: Store master

Technical Information

Package WFIL
Short Text IS-R: Store master
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WFIL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WFIL contains 27 function groups.

0008 Business object BUS0008 (plant)
1069 Business object 1069 (retail site)
0W06 Plant groups
CLCB Classification Object Sites
WR01 Function modules, Plant data
WR02 Additional screens, plant
WR03 RV-HELP plant data
WR04 Access to plant data
WR05 Access to Retail Site Data
WR06 Plant groups
WR09 Integrated customer maintenance
WR10 Views for plant transport
WR11 Integrated vendor maintenance
WR12 SD-MM Interfaces
WR13 List modules views
WR15 Set customer/vendor parameters
WR16 Create IDOC plant master
WR18 IDOC upload, plant master
WR19 Customizing for plant
WR20 Classification plant
WR21 Hierarchy display
WR22 Dialogs
WR23 FMs for material group reclassification
WR24 Site Master Archiving
WR26 Check modules, site master
WR27 Site Function Modules
WR28 Dummy View ALE Distribution of Sites


The package WFIL contains 64 transactions.

WB01 Create plant
WB02 Change plant
WB03 Display plant
WB06 Archiving flag, plant
WB07 Change plant/customer assignment
WB08 Change plant/vendor assignment
WB30 Mass maintenance MG to plant
WB35 Layout overview
WB40 List analysis for classes
WB50 Plant group, create alloc tbl
WB51 Plant group, change alloc tbl
WB52 Plant group, display alloc table
WB53 Plant group, delete alloc tbl
WB54 PG Maintain allocTbl, plant to class
WB55 PG AllocTbl, maintain class to class
WB56 PG AllTbl, maintain plants in class
WB57 PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB58 PG Alloc tbl display class to class
WB59 PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB60 Plant group, create promotions
WB61 Plant group, change promotions
WB62 Plant group, display promotions
WB63 Plant group, delete promotions
WB64 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class
WB65 PG Promotion, maint. class to class
WB66 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class
WB67 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class
WB68 PG Promotion, displ. class to class
WB69 PG Promotion, displ. plants in class
WB70 Create assortment class
WB71 Change assortment class
WB72 Display assortment class
WB73 Delete assortment class
WB74 Maintain assortments to classes
WB75 Maintain classes to classes
WB76 Maintain assortments in class
WB77 Display assortments to classes
WB78 Display Class for Classes
WB79 Display assortments in class
WB80 Create plant group Other
WB81 Change plant group Other
WB82 Display plant group Other
WB83 Delete plant group Other
WB84 PG Other, maint. plant to classes
WB85 PG Other, maint. class to classes
WB86 PG Other, maint. plant in class
WB87 PG Other, displ.plant to classes
WB88 PG Other, class to class
WB89 PG Other, displ. plants in class
WBTE Export plant data (file transfer)
WBTI Import plants (file transfer)
WDH1 Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)
WDH2 Display customer hierarchy (SD)
WOB0 Stores
WOB1 Plant profiles
WOC1 Screen layout Plant profile
WOC2 Screen struc. Pl.fnc
WOC3 Call view blocking reasons
WOC4 Call view Copy rule
WOC5 Call view Define copy rule
WOC6 Transact-dep. screen selection Plant
WOF0 Stores
WOG2 Maintain groups
WOG3 Plant groups

Database Tables

The package WFIL contains 21 database tables.

T078W Transaction-dependent screen selection Plant Master
TWLOF Storage location determination
TWRF1 Allowed tables per copy rule
TWRF11 Plant blocking reasons
TWRF11T Plant blocking reason description
TWRF16 Group Applications
TWRF16T Description: group application
TWRF2 Plant Profiles
TWRF2T Descriptions for plant profiles
TWRF3 Copy rules plant
TWRF3T Descriptions for copy rules
TWSIT Storage Locations for Materials
TWSITT Situations texts
WRF1 Plant data
WRF12 Plant / receiving points
WRF3 Delivering plant, time-dependent
WRF4 Plant/ Departments
WRF5 Plant / Merchant ID of Credit Card Company
WRF6 Plant / material group
WRFT1 Transport of objects Object definition
WRFT2 Tables for an Object


The package WFIL contains 15 views.

M_BETKA Generated view for matchcode ID BETK-A
M_BETRA Generated view for matchcode ID BETR-A
M_BETRB Generated view for matchcode ID BETR-B
M_BETRC Generated view for matchcode ID BETR-C
M_BETRD View for matchcode ID BETR-D
V_T001W_SITE Dummy View for plausibility check for ALE Distr. for Sites
V_T001W_SITE_EXT Dummy View ALE Sites (Additional Fields)
V_T078D_VW Transaction-Dependent Field Selection
V_T078W Transaction-Dependent Field Selection
V_TWRF1 Table assignment
V_TWRF16 Applications
V_TWRF2 Plant Profiles
V_TWRF3 Define copy rule
V_WRFT1 Views for plant transport
V_WRFT2 Description of transport objects


The package WFIL contains 41 structures.

APPEND_BAPIPLADOP_1 Company Code Foreign Key
BAPISITEDEP Departments of a plant/customer
BAPISITEMGRP Material group of a plant/plant department incl. description
BDIT001KKE Keys for valuation areas table
BDIT001LKE Key fields for storage area table
BDIT001WKE Keys for general plant table
BDIT023WKE Keys for control table in value-only material determination
BDIT023XKE Keys for exceptions in value-only material determination
BDIWRF12KE Keys plants/receiving points
BDIWRF1KEY Keys for plant table
BDIWRF3KEY Keys for time-dependent supplying plant
BDIWRF4KEY Keys for departments
BDIWRF5KEY Keys for Time-Dependent Supplying Plant
BDIWRF6KEY Keys for plants/material groups
BT001K Valuation area
BT001W Plants/branches
BWR00 Store master transaction data for batch input
BWRF1 Plant data
BWRF12 Receiving points
BWRF3 Supplying plants, time-dependent
BWRF4 Departments
BWRF6 Plant / material group
PLM_ALV_001 Output Structure (ALV) for Report RWWRKEKO
PLM_ALV_002 Output Structure (ALV) for Report RWWRKVKO
PLM_ALV_052 Output Structure (ALV) for Report RWPLANTINC
PLM_ALV_054 Output Structure (ALV) for Report MB01WERK
PLM_RWWRKVSW Structure for Program RWWRKVSW
PLMMB01WERK Structure for Program MB01WERK
PLMMB01WRK Structure for Program MB01WERK
SI_T001K Valuation area
SI_T001W Plants/branches
WR01D Temporary address fields
WR02D Screens and fields, plant data maintenance
WR03D Maintain reference classification plant
WR04D Customizing tables
WRF12D Dynamic part, receiving points
WRF3D Dynamic part, delivering plants
WRF4D Dynamic part, departments
WRF6D Dynamic part, material groups


The package WFIL contains 42 programs.

ERASE_SITE Deletion program, plant master
ISRLOCG1 Class hierarchy
MB01WERK Site Master Record Changes
MENUWOF0 Store Master
MW01WDEB Plant Master Record Changes
REORG_ASSORTMENT Update assortment or site data
RWBETEXP Plant: export plant data
RWBETIMP Plant: Import program for plant transport
RWBETRBU Maintain company code in valuation area (Retail)
RWBTRA92 Plant transport documentation
RWBTRAEX Export plant
RWBTRAIM Import plant
RWOTVKWZ Maintain Sales Areas
RWPLANTINC Determine inconsitencies amongst site data
RWSORT08 Display plants/material groups
RWTOBALE Program to generate plant transport
RWTOBGEN Create transport objects
RWTOBGT2 Generate table entries for WRFT2 plant transport
RWWBETRT Set VLFKZ in table WRF1 as in table T001W
RWWBID00 Batch input program for plant master data
RWWBID01 Batch input program for plant master data (main program)
RWWBIDG0 Generating Report: Batch Input for Plant Master Data
RWWBIDI0 Initialzation routines for batch input
RWWBIDT0 Test Data for RWWBID00
RWWCUST1 Customizing plant maintenance
RWWFAUSW Conversion of plant profile field status => CAM
RWWFETDE Maintain plant number in customer master
RWWKLASS Plant selection via classification
RWWLOCKD Set central block
RWWMASMG Mass maintenance: material groups/plants
RWWPLPRO Maintain account group customer as plant profile in plant master
RWWPOSWS Conversion of scan currency for sites
RWWRKEKO Purchasing organization for plant
RWWRKVKO Plant->sales organization/distribution channel
RWWRKVSW Shipping points for plant
RWWWBPRO Conversion profile of value-based inventory management
SAPMW01W Reorganisation von Artikel
SAPMWBE2 Maintain Plant Groups
SAPMWBE3 Dialog plant master
WS_ACSITE_DELETE Deletion Program Archiving Plant Master
WS_ACSITE_RELOAD Reloading Program: Plant Master Archiving
WS_ACSITE_WRITE Site Master Archiving

Search Helps

The package WFIL contains 10 search helps.

BETK Matchcode for plant groups
BETKA Plant groups
BETKP Multiple selection
BETR Search Help Plant Master
BETRA Plants, general
BETRB Plants in distribution chain
BETRC Plants for plant profile
BETRD Find via customer number
BETRK Plants for classes
BETRP Multiple selection

Message Classes

The package WFIL contains 2 message classes.

WN Stammdatenpflege Werk (integriert)
WX Stammdatenpflege: Werk