SAP Package WCWB

ISR: Online Store Workbench (Customizing)

Technical Information

Package WCWB
Short Text ISR: Online Store Workbench (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WCWB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WCWB contains 1 function groups.

0WC15 Customizing Retail Store


The package WCWB contains 12 transactions.

S_ALR_87007186 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0005
S_ALR_87007188 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0006
S_ALR_87007190 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0007
S_ALR_87007193 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0016
S_ALR_87007196 IMG Activity: W_STW_SL_0001
S_ALR_87007200 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0002
S_ALR_87007203 IMG Activity: W_STW_WE_0003
S_ALR_87007206 IMG Activity: W_STW_KA_0001
S_ALR_87007208 IMG Activity: W_STW_PK_0000
S_ALR_87007210 IMG Activity: W_STW_IN_0000
S_ALR_87007212 IMG Activity: W_STW_HA_0000
S_ALR_87007214 IMG Activity: W_STW_AU_0000


The package WCWB contains 21 views.

V_TWIC0100 Define Customizing Schema with Basis Settings (GR)
V_TWIC0250 General Business Transactions for Other Goods Movements
V_TWIC0260 General business transactions for stock transfers
V_TWIC0500 Define Customizing schemas with basic settings
V_TWIC0501 Assign Allowed Order Types
V_TWIC0600 Define Customizing Schemas with Phys. Inventory Basic Data
V_TWIC0800 Basic Data for Screen for Defining Sales Prices
V_TWICOBJ Customizing objects
V_TWICSCM250 Grouping of business transactions (other goods movement)
V_TWICSCM260 Grouping of business transactions (stock transfers)
V_TWICSCM501 Define grouping of allowed order types
V_TWICSCMF Assign Customizing Schemas to Plants
V_TWICSCMF0100 Assignment of Customizing Schemas to Plants (Goods Receipt)
V_TWICSCMF0200 Assignment of Customizing schemas to plants (goods mov/tran)
V_TWICSCMF0250 Assign Business Transaction Grouping to Plants (Other GM)
V_TWICSCMF501 Assign order type grouping to plants
V_TWICSCMF600 Assign Customizing Schemas to Plants
V_TWICSCMF800 Assign Customizing Schemas to Plants
V_TWICSKEY Definition of bus. trans. for select boxes (other GM)
V_TWICSKEY0260 Definition of bus. trans. in select boxes (stock transfer)
V_TWPIO_RS Reorganization period for follow-on documents