SAP Package WCV1

IS-R: Sales pricing (Customizing)

Technical Information

Package WCV1
Short Text IS-R: Sales pricing (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WCV1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WCV1 contains 3 function groups.

0WC13 Customizing for Sales Price Calculations
0WCA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
OWCA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package WCV1 contains 25 transactions.

OW00 Default values for fields in views
S_ALR_87001653 IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0820
S_ALR_87001654 IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0810
S_ALR_87007778 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0321
S_ALR_87007780 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0360
S_ALR_87007782 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0330
S_ALR_87007784 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0380
S_ALR_87007786 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0322
S_ALR_87007787 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0323
S_ALR_87007788 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0381
S_ALR_87007789 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0320
S_ALR_87007790 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0303
S_ALR_87007791 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0304
S_ALR_87007792 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0302
S_ALR_87007793 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0301
S_ALR_87007794 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0350
S_ALR_87007795 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0314
S_ALR_87007796 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0312
S_P99_41000051 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0301
S_P99_41000112 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0312
WC02 Number Range for SP Calculation
WC36 Number range for revaluation
WC62 Market-Basket Pr. Calc. Numbr Ranges
WC63 Number Range for SP Calculation


The package WCV1 contains 21 views.

V_T001K_W Valuation at Sales Prices (Retail Method)
V_TWBA Pricing document type
V_TWEGO Assign price point group to org. level/material group
V_TWEV Determination sequences (&1)
V_TWEVZ Steps in determination sequence
V_TWKAO Assign pricing type to organizational level
V_TWKG Maintain Pricing Type
V_TWKGO Assign Pricing Group to Distribution Chain
V_TWLF Sales Price Calculation: List Fields
V_TWLFE Controlling Pricing per list field
V_TWLFT Texts for List Fields
V_TWMB Price Entry Type
V_TWPG Assign price point ranges
V_TWPK Define price point group
V_TWPKO Assign Pricing Data to Distribution Chain/Material Group
V_TWPKVC Define price point group
V_TWPS Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Strategies
V_TWST Define List Variant
V_TWSTP Assign items to the list variant
V_TWVK Allowed pricing levels
V_TWWKA Market-Basket Pricing Type


The package WCV1 contains 1 programs.

RWVIEWPF General View Maintenance: Enter Values - Transaction VKVI