SAP Package WCP1

IS-R: POS interface (Customizing)

Technical Information

Package WCP1
Short Text IS-R: POS interface (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WCP1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WCP1 contains 4 function groups.

0WC16 Customizing POS
0WC8 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0WCC Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0WCC1 Customizing POS Inbound


The package WCP1 contains 34 transactions.

S_ALR_87005600 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0120
S_ALR_87005602 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0126
S_ALR_87005604 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0138
S_ALR_87005607 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0129
S_ALR_87005609 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0110
S_ALR_87005610 IMG Activity: W_KO_0410
S_ALR_87005613 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0141
S_ALR_87005615 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0144
S_ALR_87005617 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0111
S_ALR_87005619 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0128
S_ALR_87005621 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0112
S_ALR_87005623 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0127
S_ALR_87005625 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0124
S_ALR_87005627 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0123
S_ALR_87005629 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0122
S_ALR_87005631 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0121
S_ALR_87005633 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0131
S_ALR_87005635 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0134
S_ALR_87005637 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0133
S_ALR_87005639 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0132
S_ALR_87005641 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0180
S_ALR_87005643 IMG Activity: W_KO_0110
S_ALR_87005645 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0140
S_ALR_87005647 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0160
S_ALR_87005649 IMG Activity: W_DF_EK_0154
S_ALR_87005651 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0137
S_ALR_87005653 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0191
S_ALR_87005655 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0139
S_ALR_87005657 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0136
S_ALR_87005659 IMG Activity: W_DF_VK_0135
WC32 Batch POS Outb. Ini
WC34 Batch repeat terminated upload
WC35 Batch repeat incorrect upload
WC38 Number ranges, document flow


The package WCP1 contains 32 views.

V_TWCP Profile for Distributing Discounts in POS Inbound
V_TWPBR Definition of the Check Rules for POS Upload
V_TWPDZ Parameters for handling credit cards at the POS
V_TWPEK Maintain POS condition type group
V_TWPFI Maintain profile for POS outbound
V_TWPIB Transaction type dependent control for receipt-based sales
V_TWPIE Automatic EAN Processing Control
V_TWPIF Transaction type-dependent control of financial transactions
V_TWPIO Follow-on document (via store order)
V_TWPIR Control sales as per receipts
V_TWPIS Maintain profile for POS inbound
V_TWPIV Aggregated sales control
V_TWPIW Movement type-dependent control of goods movements
V_TWPIZ Payment list control
V_TWPPB Transaction types for sales as per receipts
V_TWPPF Transaction types for financial transactions
V_TWPPK Define POS condition type
V_TWPUB Conversion of transaction types for receipt-based sales
V_TWPUC Conversion of POS currency codes
V_TWPUE POS unit of measure conversion
V_TWPUF Conversion store numbers
V_TWPUK Conversion POS condition types
V_TWPUL POS language code conversion
V_TWPUM POS movement type conversion
V_TWPUP Conversion parameters
V_TWPUS POS tax code conversion
V_TWPUT Conversion categories
V_TWPUV POS transaction type conversion
V_TWPUW POS material group conversion
V_TWPUX Conversion of material tax classification (inbound)
V_TWPUZ POS payment method conversion
V_TWPWB General Controls for Processing POS Goods Movements