SAP Package WCE1

IS-R: Labeling (Customizing)

Technical Information

Package WCE1
Short Text IS-R: Labeling (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WCE1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WCE1 contains 1 function groups.

0WC5 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package WCE1 contains 13 transactions.

OWEA Output Determination, Mat. Maint.
OWEB Delete Label Messages (GR)
OWEF Labeling: Field Catalog
OWEK Labeling: Conditions
OWEN Labeling: Message Types
OWEP Labeling: Partner Functions
OWES Labeling: Output Determ. Procedures
OWET Labeling: Condition Table
OWEV Labeling: Processing Program
OWEZ Labeling: Access Sequences
S_ALR_87003705 IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0202
S_ALR_87003711 IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0201
S_ALR_87003714 IMG Activity: W_DF_LT_0203


The package WCE1 contains 6 views.

V_TWEA Material Pricing Groups
V_TWEK Customer Groups
V_TWEP Label Categories
V_TWET Label Type
V_TWEZ Labeling Party
V_WEST Label Assignment