SAP Package WCA3

IS-R: Allocation table (Customizing)

Technical Information

Package WCA3
Short Text IS-R: Allocation table (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WCA3 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WCA3 contains 1 function groups.

0WC0 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package WCA3 contains 52 transactions.

S_ALR_87005682 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0463
S_ALR_87005685 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0810
S_ALR_87005688 IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0610
S_ALR_87005691 IMG Activity: W_ZF_ST_0620
S_ALR_87005694 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0802
S_ALR_87006156 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0301
S_ALR_87006330 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0114
S_ALR_87006335 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0113
S_ALR_87006340 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0112
S_ALR_87006344 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0111
S_ALR_87006347 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0470
S_ALR_87006352 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0650
S_ALR_87006357 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0640
S_ALR_87006362 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0115
S_ALR_87006364 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0122
S_ALR_87006369 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0121
S_ALR_87006376 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0119
S_ALR_87006380 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0118
S_ALR_87006383 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0117
S_ALR_87006386 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0116
S_ALR_87006388 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0490
S_ALR_87006391 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0480
S_ALR_87008648 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0114
S_ALR_87008649 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0113
S_ALR_87008650 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0112
S_ALR_87008651 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0111
S_ALR_87008652 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0470
S_ALR_87008653 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0650
S_ALR_87008654 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0640
S_ALR_87008655 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0115
S_ALR_87008656 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0122
S_ALR_87008657 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0121
S_ALR_87008658 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0301
S_ALR_87008659 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0119
S_ALR_87008660 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0118
S_ALR_87008661 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0117
S_ALR_87008662 IMG Activity: W_KO_NF_0116
S_ALR_87008663 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0490
S_ALR_87008664 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0480
S_ALR_87008665 IMG Activity: W_ZF_VK_0463
S_ALR_87008666 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0462
S_ALR_87008667 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0450
S_ALR_87008668 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0440
S_ALR_87008669 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0430
S_ALR_87008670 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0620
S_ALR_87008671 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0410
S_ALR_87008672 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0630
S_ALR_87008673 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0610
S_ALR_87008674 IMG activity: W_ZF_VK_0420
WC03 Number range, allocation rule
WC05 Number ranges, allocation table
WC37 Number ranges, group message


The package WCA3 contains 14 views.

V_EMFIN Function Modules for Recipient Determination in Alloc. Table
V_EMFINP Parameter Values for Recipient Determination in Alloc. Table
V_T620 Allocation table types
V_T621 Item categories of allocation table
V_T622 Allocation rule types
V_T623 Allocation rule transaction control
V_T624 Allocation rule determination
V_T625 Assignment of RIS fields to key figures types
V_T625S Define key figure category
V_T626 Notif. categories of allocation table
V_T627 Allocation strategies
V_T628 Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-On Document Generation
V_T629 Reasons for rejection
V_T630 Stock split for under/overdeliveries

Message Classes

The package WCA3 contains 1 message classes.

W0 Customizing - WWS