SAP Package WC00

IS-R: General customizing

Technical Information

Package WC00
Short Text IS-R: General customizing
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WC00 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WC00 contains 5 function groups.

0WC10 Merchandise Distribution Customizing
0WC11 Customizing for generic materials
0WC18 Product Catalog Customizing
0WCR Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0WCR1 Online Store Customizing


The package WC00 contains 36 transactions.

OWNA1 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.
OWNA2 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.
OWNA3 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.
OWNA4 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.
OWNA5 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.
OWVKP1 Selection Variant
S_ALR_87005958 IMG Activity: W_GE_BE_0100
S_ALR_87005960 IMG Activity: W_GE_0200
S_ALR_87005968 IMG Activity: W_OE_EG_WL_0101
S_ALR_87005974 IMG Activity: W_GE_0100
WC08 Number ranges layout promo/plant
WC10 Batch Worklist for Pricing
WC11 Batch Changes, Assortments
WC12 Batch Settlement for Arrangements
WC13 Batch List Output for Arrangements
WC14 Batch Vendor Bus. Volume for Arrngmt
WC15 Batch Detailed Stmnt for Arrangement
WC16 Batch Extension Val. Period/Arrngmnt
WC17 Batch Update Vendor Business Volume
WC18 Batch Check Open GR Qty for Arrngmnt
WC19 Batch Stat. Recomp. Vendor Bus. Vol.
WC20 Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev.
WC21 Batch Reorg Data in LIS
WC22 Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
WC23 Batch IV, Immediate Cyclic Check
WC24 Batch POS Outbound
WC25 Batch Assortment List/Shelf-Edge Lab
WC26 Batch Forecast
WC27 Batch Requirements Planning per Plnt
WC28 Batch Set Central Block
WC29 Batch, Alloc Tbl Message Bundling
WC30 Batch, Promotion Message Bundling
WC41 Batch worklist for doc. index
WON1 General Settings for Replenishment
WOO1 Layout Number Ranges for ALE Inbound
WORO1 Call Shelf Management Profile View


The package WC00 contains 30 views.

V_EDMMS Assignment of Vendor/Customer to POrg. Data and Plant
V_T161W_W Configure stock transfer orders
V_T30B Doors
V_T30C Material Staging Areas
V_TFMA Adjustment profiles per processing method
V_TMFPF Distribution Profile of Material in DC
V_TVEP_W Define schedule line categories
V_TWFPF Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution
V_TWFPFG Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution - Bus. Processes
V_TWGVALE Layout Number Ranges for ALE Inbound
V_TWIC0200 Customizing Schema with Basis Settings (Goods Mov/Transfer)
V_TWIC8000 Profiles for product presentation
V_TWIC8001 Customer administration profiles
V_TWIC8002 Profiles for quotation and order control
V_TWIC8003 Assign countries
V_TWICOSTORE Online Stores
V_TWICSCM8003 Maintain country schemas
V_TWICSCM8003KA Define Grouping for Countries
V_TWICSCMF0260 Assign Business Transaction Grouping to Plants (Stock Trans)
V_TWICSCMF8003 Assign Country Grouping to Plants
V_TWMWQ Valid quota scale per plant/material group
V_TWORD Characteristic Sequence
V_TWPCDCOPY Adoption of Document Links at Creation
V_TWPCTYPE Product Catalog Type
V_TWRPP Maintain Requirement Groups
V_TWVMO Profiles for sending stock/sales data
V_TWVMOP Stock types per profile
V_TWVMOQ Sales Data Access
VV_TBD62_PH Change Document Items for Message Category
VV_TBD62_PI Change Document Items for Message Category


The package WC00 contains 4 programs.

RUPTSYAT T9SYAT update after note 42346 (IMG structure, display partially in D)
RWCUST01 Control parameters for replenishment
RWSORT10 Retail Master Data - General Control