Assortment List: Enterprise AddOn

Technical Information

Package WBBCN
Short Text Assortment List: Enterprise AddOn
Parent Package EA-RETAIL

Package Contents

The package WBBCN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WBBCN contains 3 function groups.

WBB_HPR1 Assortment Lists in HPR: Full Version
WBB_HPR2 Assortment Lists in HPR: Change Version
WBB_HPR3 Assortment Lists HPR: Version Management


The package WBBCN contains 5 transactions.

WBBV_HPR Assortment List: Version Management
WDBI_HPR Full Version and Initial: HPR
WDBM_HPR Manual Request HPR
WDBR_HPR Assortment List: Restart Package
WDBU_HPR Change Version: HPR

Database Tables

The package WBBCN contains 8 database tables.

WBB_MIDOC Assortment List: Header For Merged IDocs
WBB_MIG Assortment List Migration
WBB_SAVE_ID Assortment List ID for Saving Changed Objects
WBB_SAVE1 Save Changed Assortment List Objects Temporarily
WBB_SAVE2 Temporary Assortment List Objects: Store-Specific
WBB_SAVE3 Temporary Assortment List Objects: AL Type and Check
WBB_SAVE4 Packet Number for Cancelled Packets (Assortment List)
WBBCUSO Assortment List Parameters for Specific Optimization


The package WBBCN contains 43 structures.

ALLOWED_SITES Allowed Stores for Assortment List Type
ARTICLE_SITE Article / Store Combination
ASL_TYPE_DELETION Type For Managing Store-Specific Deletion Records
ASSORTMENT_LIST_MALG_DATA Fields in MALG Required for Assortment List
EDIDD_SHORT Shortened Structure In EDIDD For Assortment List (HPR)
EXT_PROCESS_INFO Extended Structure for Process Information
GROUP_INFO_TYPE Assortment List Groups for a Store and Assortment List Type
IDOC_INFO Line Category for IDoc Data
IDOC_LINE Assortment List: Structure for Displaying IDoc Data
LINE_SITE_PACKET Line Category for Assigning Stores to Packets
PACKET_INFO Information for Packet for Processing
PACKET_TYPE Packet Type (Assortment List Parallelization)
PERF_FLAG User-Specific Settings for Assortment List
PROCESS_INFO Transfer Structure For Server Group And Maximum Processes
SEGMENT_INFO_TYPE Select Category for Assortment List IDoc Category
SEGMENTS_I Structure For Reducing Individual Segments
SITE_ART_COUNT Management Line Category: Articles per Store
SITE_BBTYP_DLDNUM Structure For Managing Download Numbers
SITE_GROUP_INFO Assortment List: Group ID
SITE_INFO_TYPE Information About Changed Articles For Each Store
STR_DELE_AL Structure For Deletion Table For Assortment List
STRUKTUR_SEGMENT_NAME Changed Segments in the Assortment List
TASK_EXPORT_TYPE Structure For Export Tables In Assortment List
TASK_TYPE Structure For Task Management (Assortment List)
TST_ALLFILIA Table Structure for Store-Independent Changes
TST_BBTYPES Assortment List: Table Structure for Assortment List Types
TST_SPECIFIC_FILIA Table Structure for Store-Specific Changes
TST_STORES Assortment List: Table Structure for Stores
UNITS_SAP_ISO_TYPE SAP Units of Measure and ISO Code
VALID_DATES_TYPE Validity Period For Assortment List
WBB_ARTICLE Article Number For Assortment List
WBB_ARTP_LIGHT WBB_ARTP Reduced for Lite Version
WBB_DISPLAY_SIMU Display Structure for Assortment List Simulation
WBB_IDOC_SEG_KEY_ADDI Assortment List: Additional Key Definition For IDoc Segments
WBB_IDOC_SEG_KEY_PRICE Assortment List: Price Key Definition For IDoc Segments
WBB_IDOC_SEGMENT Assortment List: IDoc Segments With Keys
WBB_POINTER_ID_ST Pointer ID Structure for Assortment List WBB
WBBP_SORT_HPR List structure WBBP with additional fields for sorting
WSL_CONTEXT Assortment List: Application Log, Context Of Structure
WSL_INFO_HPR Assortment List: Preparation Information


The package WBBCN contains 7 programs.

RWBBINI_HPR Assortment List: Initialization and Full Version (HPR)
RWBBVCRE_HPR Assortment List: Create Version
RWBBVDEL_HPR Assortmetn List: Delete Versions (in Batch)
RWDBBMAN_HPR Assortment List: Direct Request (HPR)
RWDBBMIG Assortment List: Data Migration
RWDBBRCV_HPR Assortment List: Report for Restarting Packets After Shortdumps
RWDBBUPD_HPR Assortment List: Change Message

Search Helps

The package WBBCN contains 1 search helps.

H_WBB_SAVE_ID ID Help Screen for Temporary Objects in Assortment Lists

Message Classes

The package WBBCN contains 1 message classes.

WBB_HPR Nachrichten Sortimentsliste HPR Projekt