SAP Package WBBC

IS-R: Assortment List

Technical Information

Package WBBC
Short Text IS-R: Assortment List
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WBBC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WBBC contains 16 function groups.

3032 Assortment list: BAPIs
VEVA Layout Module Versions and Variants
WB00 Assormtment Lists: New Function Modules
WBBC Assortment List: Conditions
WBBE Assortment List: Version Management
WBBI Assortment list: prepare message
WBBL Assortment List: Shelf-Edge Labeling
WBBP Assortment list: dialog boxes
WBBR Assortment list: mat. data and sequence
WBBS Assortment list: Output and print
WDLD Assortment list: Communication
WLAYMOD ===> Object LAYOUT_MOD , generated d
WSLC Assortment list: Customizing access
WSLJ Assort. list: Job managem. and issue
WSLM Assortment list: Merge versions


The package WBBC contains 9 transactions.

WBBA Assortment List: Analyze Dates
WBBR Reorganize Assort. List Versions
WBBS Display Assort. List Versions
WDBI Assort. List: Full Vers. and Init.
WDBM Assort. List.: Manual Request
WDBU Assortment List: Change Message
WJB3 Test: Import Assortment List IDoc
WJB5 Display Assortment List
WOPD Assortment List: Display Log

Database Tables

The package WBBC contains 13 database tables.

TWBB Assortment list type
TWBBM Assort.list, logistic qty control
TWBBP Assortment list profile data
TWBBT Texts for table TWBB
TWBP Assortment list profile
TWBPT Assortment list profile description
WBBH Assortment list header
WBBL Assort. list control break
WBBP Assortment list item
WBBSTORE Assortment List Job Planning
WDLS POS outbound log: Status of data preparation
WDLSO POS outbound log: object with errors
WDLSP POS outbound log: IDoc (items)


The package WBBC contains 2 views.

H_WDLS Help view: POS outbound log
V_WLK1MAW1 Assortment List View for WLK1 and MAW1


The package WBBC contains 80 structures.

BAPI3032 Structure for assortment list business object
BAPI3032_FIELD_CONTROL Item structure for assortment list business object
BAPI3032_GROUP Group structure for assortment list business object
BAPI3032_HEAD Header structure for assortment list business object
BAPI3032_POSITION Item structure for assortment list business object
E1WBB22 IDoc for Assortment Lists: Material Valuation
E1WBBCH IDoc for Assortment Listing: Change Information
E1WBBSC Assortment list IDoc: Pricing scale
MATNR_AND_FLAG Assortment List: Material Number And Indicator
SEGMENT_TYPE_CORE Select Category for Assortment List IDoc Category
SEGMENTS Segment Name Structure
SITE_ASSORTMENTS Store And Assigned Assortments
WBB_ARTP Assort. list: changed materials
WBB_ARTW Assortment list: materials changed per plant
WBB_DATE Days and change info for material
WBB_DISC Structure for distribution centers and vendors
WBB_EINA Structure to buffer EINA records
WBB_LAYGR Internal structure for layout information
WBB_MATKL Material group list
WBB_MESTP Message types for assortment list
WBB_SORT Sort method for assortment list
WBBH_HIDE Assortment list header for reporting
WBBH_KEY Assortment list: Object key
WBBH_M List structure WBBH with selection
WBBH_PRO Assortment list header and profile data
WBBL_HIDE Assortment list control break fields
WBBL_SORT List structure WBBL with additional fields for sorting
WBBP_ADD Additional fields for assortment list line
WBBP_LAB Structure of a assort. list line for shelf-edge labeling
WBBP_LINE Transfer structure of assortment list line
WBBP_MAX Maximum Field List for Assortment List Line
WBBP_SORT List structure WBBP with additional fields for sorting
WBBP_STORE Assortment List: Line Structure for SAP Retail Store
WBBP_WH_SL Assortment list line in wholesale
WBBSELST List of selected stores
WBBSELTY List of selected assort. list types
WCONDINT Intervals for condition tables
WDL_ALW Material list for assortment list
WDL_ART Selection structure for transfer of materials
WDL_ASH Reduced structure for material list in assortment list
WDL_BBG Assortment list history group
WDL_BBH Customer / Group / History
WDL_BBS Customer / assortment list type / history
WDL_BBT Selection structure for transfer of assortment list types
WDL_BET Communication: plants
WDL_DAT Selection structure for the transfer of days
WDL_EAN International Article Number (EAN)
WDL_EMP Selection structure for the transfer of recipients
WDL_FIL Outbound parameters for assortment users
WDL_FLAG Help structure as reference for transfer fields. Assort.list
WDL_KUNNR Communication: customers/assortment/plants
WDL_LFR Selection structure for vendor transfer
WDL_LGR Selection structure for the transfer of layout modules
WDL_LOC Selection structure for the transfer of customers
WDL_MESS_T Structure for pointer reorg., assortment list
WDL_STAT Customer/OK status for POS outbound
WDL_TAB Srtucture for table name
WDL_TIM Selection structure for the transfer of times
WDL_VKORG Selection structure for the transfer of sales organizations
WDL_VRKME Sales units
WDL_VTWEG Selection structure for the transfer of distrib. channel
WDL_WGR Selection structure for the transfer of material groups
WFLDMAP Transfer structure for field representation
WPMARM_EX Enhanced WPMARM Structure (Assortment List)
WPOS_MAT Return values in a structure
WSL_BUTTON Assortment list switch
WSL_CHANGE Assortment list: Changes for material
WSL_CHNG_STAT Assortment list: Statistics for change analysis
WSL_CTRL Assortment list: Control fields
WSL_INFO Assortment list: Preparation information
WSL_POS Assortment list: Structure for BAPI item
WSL_PRINT Assortment list: Print parameters
WSL_RETURN Assortment list: Result of IDoc generation
WSL_STATUS Assortment list: Status of report
WSL_TASK Assortment list: Management of parallel tasks
WSLM_POS Assortment list: Item supplement for merging and sorting
WSTORE_WB Assortment List: Line Structure for SAP Retail Store


The package WBBC contains 15 programs.

RWASLMIX Assortment list: Merged version
RWBBANAS Assortment List: Analysis of Next Creation Dates
RWBBSHOW Display Assortment List
RWBBSIMU Test Program
RWBBVDEL Assortment List: Version Deletion
RWDBBINI Assortment List: Initialization and Full Version
RWDBBMAN Assortment List: Manual request
RWDBBSTORE Find optimized jobs
RWDBBUPD Assortment List: Change Message
RWJBCHAN Test Program for Changing Status at POS Outbound
RWJBDISP Test program for selecting and displaying assortment lists
RWJBIDIN Test program for importing assortment list IDocs
RWPPRODP Assortment List: Display Log
RWSLCHEK Test Program for Analyzing Assortment List Customizing

Search Helps

The package WBBC contains 1 search helps.

H_WDLS Help view: POS outbound log

Message Classes

The package WBBC contains 1 message classes.

WB Nachrichten der Sortimentsliste