SAP Package WB2B_BW

BW Connection: Global Trade Management

Technical Information

Package WB2B_BW
Short Text BW Connection: Global Trade Management
Parent Package EA-GLTRADE

Package Contents

The package WB2B_BW is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WB2B_BW contains 15 function groups.

0TGTMCOND Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
WB2_COLLECT_GTM_FOR_BW Collection of BW-Relevant GTM Data
WB2_NEUAUFBAU GTM: Recompile BW for GTM, Hedge and CFM
WB2_READ_CUST_BW Read Customizing
WB2_TRANS_HEDGE_TO_BW GTM: Transfer of Hedge Data to BW
WB2_TRANS_WBGT_TO_BW Generic Doc. Information into BW Puffer
WB2_TRANSF_ASSO_MNGT_TO_BW Data from Assoc. Management to BW Puffer
WB2B_BW Extraction of GTM Movement Data
WB2B_BW_BADI_SERVICE BW: Service Functions BAdI
WB2B_BW_POST Update modules
WB2B_BW_SERVICES Service Functions in BW Environment
WB2B_FIX_WBGT Correct WBGT Fields


The package WB2B_BW contains 4 transactions.

OLIG Reconstruct: Global Trade BW
OLIGBW Reconstruct GT: External TC
OLIKBW Setup GTM: Position Management
OLILBW Setup GTM: Position Mngmt w. Network

Database Tables

The package WB2B_BW contains 8 database tables.

MC46GT0ASOSETUP Storage: BW Setup for MC46Gtaso
MC46GT0CFMSETUP Storage: BW Setup for MC46GTCFM
MC46GT0GTMSETUP Storage: BW Setup for MC46Gtaso
MC46GT0HDRSETUP Storage: BW Setup for MC46GT0HDR
MC46GT0HEDSETUP Storage: BW Setup for MC46Gt0HED
MC46GT0SCLSETUP Storage: BW Setup or MC46GT0SCL
TGTMCOND Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM


The package WB2B_BW contains 3 views.

BW_TB2BAT Text for Trading Contract Status
V_TGTMCOND Sales Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM
V_TGTMCOND_M Purchasing Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM


The package WB2B_BW contains 44 structures.

MC46GT0ASO Extraction Global Trade Management: Association Data
MC46GT0BIT Extraction Global Trade Mngmt: Association Items in Steps
MC46GT0CFM GTM: Trade Item for Forward Exchange Transaction
MC46GT0GTM Extraction of Process Data for Global Trade Management
MC46GT0HDR Extraction Global Trade Management (Header Data)
MC46GT0HED Extraction of Hedging Data for Global Trade Management
MC46GT0SCL Global Trade: Extraktion (Schedule Line)
MC46GT1ASO Extraction Global Trade Management: Association Data
MC46GT1BIT Association Item at Step Level
MC46GT1CFM GTM: Assignment of Trade Item to Forward Exchange Transactn
MC46GT1GEN Extraction of Generic Document Information for GTM
MC46GT1GTM Global Trade Extraction: Item Data
MC46GT1HDR Extraction Global Trade Management Header: Header Data
MC46GT1HED GTM: Hedging Extractor
MC46GT1SCL Global Trade Extraction: Header Data
MC46GT2GTM Extraction of Association Items for Global Trade Management
MC46GT2HDR Extraction Global Trade Management: Header Business Data
MC46GT2SCL Global Trade Extraction: Item Data
MC46GT3GTM GTM Extraction: Associations at Step Level
MC46GT3SCL Global Trade Extraction: Schedule Line Data
MC46GT4SCL Global Trade Extraction: Business Data
MC46GT5SCL Global Trade Extraction: Additional Data
MC46GT6SCL Global Trade Extraction (Schedule Line): Partner Data
MCASSOC GTM: Communication Structure Association
MCCLINK Communication Structure for Table WB2CLINK
MCEXLOG_46GT0SCL LogFile Structure for MC46GT0SCL
MCWB2HED GTM: Hedging Items
MCWBGT Global Trade Management: Document Information
MCWBHA Global Trade: Additional Fields TC Item
MCWBHD Trading Contract: Business Data
MCWBHE Trading Contract: Schedule Line Data
MCWBHI Trading Contract: Item Data
MCWBHK Global Trade Management: Update Trading Contract
MCWBHKADD Additional Key Figures: Trading Contract Header Data
MCWBHKUSR User Structure: Trading Contract Header Data
MCWBHP Trading Contract: Partner Data
MCWBIT Global Trade Management: Association Items at Step Level
WB2_CUST_EXP_FIELD Expenses Fields for Customer
WB2_ER_LI_LIF Global Trade: Output Structure for List Viewer Messages
WB2_EXPENSE Expenses
WB2_GTM_FOR_TC All WBASSOC, WBIT and WBGT Records for a Trading Contract
WB2B_ERR_LI Global Trade: Error Message Structure - List Processor
WB2HEDGE Hedge Structure
WBGT_KEY_SIDE GTM: Key Fields in WBGT Plus Side


The package WB2B_BW contains 5 programs.

CBPROG_46 User Command
RMBWV346 Program RMBWV346
RWB2BNEUA BW - Setting Up a New Trading Contract (Global Trade Management)
RWB2BNEUB BW - Set Up Position Management Without Association Network
RWB2BNEUC BW Recompiliation of Position Management with Association Network

Search Helps

The package WB2B_BW contains 1 search helps.

WB2_SEARCHHELP_CUST_EXP_FIELDS Search Help for Customer Expense Fields

Message Classes

The package WB2B_BW contains 1 message classes.


Authorization Objects

The package WB2B_BW contains 1 authorization objects.

W_WBGT_FIX GTM: Setup of Enhancement Table WBGT