Release-Independent Part Mini-Alv

Technical Information

Short Text Release-Independent Part Mini-Alv
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package WAO_MINI_ALV_BC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WAO_MINI_ALV_BC contains 5 function groups.

SALV_WAO MiniALV for Web Add-On: Output
SKBH_WAO MiniALV for Web Add-On: Service Modules
SKBT_WAO MiniALV for Web Add-On: Trace
SKBW_WAO MiniALV for Web Add-On: Backend
SLVC_WAO MiniALV for Web Add-On: Transformation


The package WAO_MINI_ALV_BC contains 29 structures.

ALSHUFFCAT_WAO Shuffler Selections Description (Web Add-On)
ALSHUFFDAT_WAO Shuffler Selection Data (Web Add-On)
ALSHUFFMSG_WAO Info about Shuffler Text and General Settings (Web Add-On)
ALV_S_FILT_WAO Filter Criteria (for Both LVC and KKBLO)
ALV_S_LAYO_WAO ALV Control: Layout Structure (Web Add-On)
ALV_S_SORT_WAO Sorting Criteria (for Both LVC and KKBLO) (Web Add-On)
FLOW_ALV_WAO Interface Structure for FM Flow_logic_mini_alv_call (WAO)
LVC_S_COL2_WAO ALV Control: Numeric Column ID (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_DATA_WAO ALV Control: Data Transfer Structure
LVC_S_FC2_WAO ALV Control: Field Catalog II (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_FIEL_WAO MiniALV: Field List (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_FILT_WAO ALV Control: Filter Structure (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_HYPE_WAO ALV Control: Hyperlinks (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_INFO_WAO ALV Control: Data Info Structure
LVC_S_L001_WAO ALV Control: General Display Options (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L002_WAO ALV Control: Grid Customizing (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L003_WAO ALV Control: Totals Options (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L004_WAO ALV Control: Exceptions (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L005_WAO ALV Control: Interaction Control (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L006_WAO ALV Control: Colors (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_L008_WAO ALV Control: Web Options (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_LAY2_WAO ALV Control: Layout II (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_LAYO_WAO ALV Control: Layout Structure (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_SORT_WAO ALV Control: Sorting (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_TABL_WAO MiniALV: Data Table (Web Add-On)
W3HTML_WAO Contains HTML for WWW Client (Web Add-On)
W3MIME_WAO Contains MIME Data for WWW Client (Web Add-On)
W3PARAM_WAO Parameter Definitions for Various Function Modules
W3QUERY_WAO Query String for WWW Server


The package WAO_MINI_ALV_BC contains 4 programs.

BCALV_MINIALV ALV Demo Program: Flight Output (Complicated Version)
BCALV_MINIALV_SIMPLE Demo Program ALV: Output Flights (Simple Version)
BCALV_VERIFY_MINIALV Check Program for MiniALV Development