SAP Package WAKT

Application development R/3 Promotions

Technical Information

Package WAKT
Short Text Application development R/3 Promotions
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package WAKT is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package WAKT contains 17 function groups.

BAPIS1068 BAPIs for retail promotions
BAPIS1073 BAPIs for Season Management
SAIS Season management
WAK1 Promotion maintenance
WAK2 Promotion announcement - message
WAK3 Storage location determination
WAK4 Promotion Workflow/Help Functions
WAK6 Coupons
WAK7 Promo determination
WAK8 Special Offer Discounts
WAK9 Source of Supply Check in Alloc. Table
WMF1 Markdown planning
WMF2 Workflow Support Markdown Planning
WMF3 Parallel Processing, Markdown Planning
WMF4 BTE Interface Descriptions MD Plan
WSA1 Season Management R/3 Retail


The package WAKT contains 64 transactions.

AKAB List purchasing arrangements
AKKO Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKVA List sales arrangements
AKVK Promotion sales price conditions
MNKR Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNIS
UNKR Number range main.:W_AKTION
WAK0 Promotion management
WAK1 Create promotion
WAK10 Send reply f. promo. for each plant
WAK11 Display promotion for each plant
WAK12 Maintain promotion items
WAK13 Promotion Change Documents
WAK14 Report RWAKT310 (Promo for mat.)
WAK15 Report RWAKT320 (promos for plant)
WAK16 Price activation in background
WAK17 Batch Allocation Table Generation
WAK18 Batch Promotion Listing
WAK19 Batch Promotion Announcement
WAK2 Change promotion
WAK20 Batch Supply Source Determination
WAK3 Display promotion
WAK4 Delete promotion
WAK5 Initial screen - Subseq. processing
WAK6 Initial scr.: overv. prices margins
WAK7 List promotion materials for plant
WAK8 Plant - materials in promotion
WAKC Maintain promotion themes
WAKN Output bundling promotions
WAKT_ARCHR Read Promotion Archive
WAKT_SARA Promotion archiving
WAKV Promotion announcement preview
WB/0 Assignment partner / mess. promotion
WB/1 Sub. cond.,cr. tab, promo announ.
WB/2 Sub.cond.,change tbl, promo ann.
WB/3 Sub. cond., disp. tab, promo ann.
WB/4 Maintain sequence (mes.) promotion
WB/5 Maintain message types,promotion
WB/6 Maintain Message Deter.Schema,Promo.
WB/7 Assignment promotion type / schema
WB/8 Ass. mess.type/pr.proc. promotions
WB/9 Message requirements, promotion
WB/A Message deter. promo:create cond.rec
WB/B Mess.deter.Promo: chng conditon rec
WB/C display cond. rec.
WB/D Maintain output types promotion grp
WB/E Assmnt mess.type/ promo.
WMF_ARCHR Markdown Plan - Read Archive
WMF_SARA Markdown Plan Archiving
WMF0 Season management menu
WMF1 Create Markdown Plan
WMF2 Change Markdown Plan
WMF3 Display Markdown Plan
WMF4 Delete Markdown Plan
WMF5 Price Activation Markdown Plan
WMF6 Markdown Plan Price Calculation Test
WMF7 Markdown Plan Evaluation
WMR1 Create Markdown Rule
WMR2 Change Markdown Rule
WMR3 Display Markdown Rule
WMR4 Delete Markdown Rule
WSC1 Customizing season codes
WSC2 Customizing annual season
WSC3 Customizing markdown types
WSC4 Maintain data variants

Database Tables

The package WAKT contains 35 database tables.

TMFA Markdown Planning - Markdown type
TMFAT Markdown Planning - markdown plan, short text
TWAA Promotion type, IS-R
TWAAT Promotion type short text, IS-R
TWAT Promotion themes, IS-R
TWATT Promotion theme description
TWCP Coupons: Profile for Distributing Discounts in POS Inbound
TWCPT Coupon Distribution Profile: Short Text
TWREB Promotion Discount: Condition Creation Control
TWTY Promotion category, IS-R
TWTYT Promotion cat. short text, IS-R
WAAL Material-to-vendor assignment in price maintenance (promo.)
WAGU Validity of plant groups - IS-R
WAKC Assignment of Coupons to Promotion
WAKH Promotion header data, IS-R
WAKHIND Promotion header data IS-R: index table for conditions
WAKP Promotion item data
WAKR Special Offer Discounts
WAKRW Promotion discounts by plant
WAKT Promotion description short text, IS-R
WALE Material to store assignment to promotion
WAZB Module plant-group assignment
WAZT Promotion/themes assignment
WAZW Promotion/advertising media assignment
WMFF Markdown Planning - Stores
WMFH Markdown Planning - header data
WMFHT Description of a markdown plan
WMFL Markdown Planning - Price Lists
WMFP Markdown Planning - item data (materials)
WMFU Markdown planning - price phases per material/un
WMPK Markdown rule header
WMPR Markdown rule item
WMPRT Text table for markdown rules
WSAH Worklist Season wind-up - header


The package WAKT contains 11 views.

M_AKABA Generated view for matchcode ID AKAB -A
M_WAKHA Generated view for matchcode ID WAKH -A
M_WAKHB Generated view for matchcode ID WAKH -B
M_WAKHC Generated view for matchcode ID WAKH -C
M_WAKHD Generated view for matchcode ID WAKH -D
V_TMFA Markdown type
V_TWAA_NAC Assignment of schema to doc. type
VV_T682_WB Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T683_WB Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_TWAA_NAC_WB Assignment of Schema to Doc. Type
VVN_TNAPR_W1 Processing Routines


The package WAKT contains 176 structures.

BAPI1068E1 Promotion interface structure: Header data
BAPI1068E2 Structure: Reply Containing Requested Quantities
BAPI1068E2_OLD Structure: Reply for Required Quantities (Comp. Values)
BAPI1068E3 Structure: Promotion Header Data (GetDetail-BAPI)
BAPI1068I1 Promotion interface structure selection criteria
BAPI1068I2 Create Promotion Interface Structure
BAPI1068T1 Table Parameters: List of Promotions for a Site
BAPI1068T10 Table Parameters: Promotion Themes
BAPI1068T11 Range Table for Promotion Number
BAPI1068T12 Range Table for Promotion Type
BAPI1068T13 Range Table for Promotion Description
BAPI1068T14 Range Table for Sales Organization in Promo. Header Data
BAPI1068T15 Range Table for Distr. Channel in Promo. Header Data
BAPI1068T16 Range Table for the Processing Status of the Promotion
BAPI1068T17 Table Parameters: List of Promotions
BAPI1068T18 Range Table for Promotion Themes
BAPI1068T19 Table Parameters: Item Data (GetDetail-BAPI)
BAPI1068T2 Table parameters: Item data
BAPI1068T20 Table Parameters: Promotion Themes (GetDetail-BAPI)
BAPI1068T21 Table Parameters: Plant/Customer Groups (GetDetail-BAPI)
BAPI1068T22 Promotion Header Data (Changeable)
BAPI1068T23 Table Parameters: Item Data (Changeable)
BAPI1068T24 Table Parameters: Plant Groups (Changeable)
BAPI1068T26 Table Parameter: Delivery Phases
BAPI1068T27 Table Parameter: Confirm Delivery Phases
BAPI1068T28 Table Parameter: Confirm Delivery Phases
BAPI1068T3 Range table for department
BAPI1068T4 Range table for material group
BAPI1068T5 Range Table for Material
BAPI1068T6 Table parameter for plants
BAPI1068T7 Structure for quantity and price changes
BAPI1068T8 Table Parameters: Promotion Items (Material)
BAPI1068T9 Table paramters: Plant/Customer Groups
BAPI1073E1 Interface Parameters Export Markdown Plan
BAPI1073I1 Interface Import Parameter Markdown Planning
BAPI1073T1 Interface Parameter Rough-Cut Planning Markdown Planning
BAPI1073T10 Structure with Markdown Plan Header Data
BAPI1073T11 Item Data of a Markdown Plan
BAPI1073T12 Phase Data of a Markdown Plan
BAPI1073T13 Plant Data of a Markdown Plan
BAPI1073T14 Changeable Markdown Plan Header Data
BAPI1073T15 Price List Data of a Markdown Plan
BAPI1073T16 Interface Parameter Price Lists Markdown Plan
BAPI1073T2 Interface Parameter Detailed Planning Markdown Planning
BAPI1073T3 Interface Parameter Plants Markdown Planning
BAPI1073T4 Range Table for the Document Numbers of Markdown Plans
BAPI1073T5 Range Table for the Starting Dates of Markdown Plans
BAPI1073T6 Range Table for the Markdown Rules of Markdown Plans
BAPI1073T7 Range Tables for the Markdown Types of Markdown Plans
BAPI1073T8 Range Table for the Descriptions of Markdown Plans
BAPI1073T9 Tables with Markdown Plan Header Data
BEK_STATUS Status of promotion announcement
E1BP1068E2 Structure: Reply Containing Requested Quantities
E1BP1068E2_OLD Structure: Reply for Required Quantities (Comp. Values)
E1WPREB01 POS Interface: Promotion Discount Header
E1WPREB02 POS Interface: Promotion Discount Item
E1WPREB03 POS Interface: Promotion Discount Condition
E1WPREB04 POS Interface: Promotion Discount Condition Value
E1WPREBXX Segment for Customer Enhancements to be used as Required
LAYOUT_WWKP Layout Structure for Including Articles from MBPC
MARKDOWN Help structure for markdown planning
MDHEAD BTE Markdown Planning: Header Data
MDITEMS BTE Markdown Planning: Item Data
MDKEYFIG Structure for Linking to Workflow
MDPHASES Markdown Planning: Phase Data for Planned/Actual Comparison
MDPRICELISTS BTE Markdown Planning: Price List Data
MDSALESQTY Quantities from Exception Analysis
MDSALESVOL Business Volumes from an Exception Analysis
MDSITES BTE Markdown Planning: Plant Data
MDTREEITEM Item Structure for a Simple Tree (Markdown Planning)
MDTREENODE Node Structure of a Simple Tree (Markdown Planning)
MDVALUE Structure for Linking to Workflow
OUTTAB_WAKPD Output Structure for Planned Sales
PLM_ALV_120 Output Structure for Report RWAKT302
PROMOTION_EXCEPTION Structure for Displaying Results of Exception Analysis
PROMOTION_TREE_UITE Promotion - Structure to Update a Column Tree
PROMOTION_TREEITEM Promotion - Node Structure of a Column Tree
PROMOTION_TREESNODE Promotion - Node Structure of a Simple Tree
RWAKA Interface Table Promotion Processing <-> Screens
TWATD Screen field string promotion themes
TWATTD Screen field string for promotion theme text
VWAGU Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAKC Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAKP Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAKR Aenderungsbelegstruktur, generiert durch RSSCD000
VWAKT Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWALE Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAZB Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAZT Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
VWAZW Structure for Change Documents, Generated by RSSCD000
WAALD Structure: Mat. - vendor assignmnt in price main. Promotions
WAAUFTVZ Help structure for creating AUVZ and AUVW - alloc tbl gener.
WABEK_AKPF Form: Promotion Announcement - Promotion header data
WABEK_APOS Form: Promotion Announcement - Promotion Item Data
WABEK_EMPF Form: Promotion announcement - recipient plant / customer
WABEK_KOPF Form: Promotion announcement - title
WABEK_LW Form AllocTbl Notif.: Delivery Phases
WABEK_PRODKAT Promotion announcement: Product catalog
WABEK_RABATTE Output Structure for Sales Discount
WABEK_SELE Selection criteria for announcement processing
WABEK_STEU Form: alloc tbl notification - creation control
WABSTARTNR Assigment of material to promotion module
WADRUCKER Printer change for printing announcement
WAFLGBEARB Flags for subsequent processing
WAFORM_AKT Structure for form - promotion header
WAFORM_POS Structure for form - items
WAFORM_THE Structure for form - themes
WAFORM_WGP Structure for form - plant groups
WAFORM_WRB Structure for form - advertising media
WAGP Plant/customer group items
WAGPD Plant/customer group items
WAGUD Screen field string for plant group assignment
WAHIBEK Help Structure for Hierarchy Announcement Processing
WAHIDISC Administration of selection hierarchy for discon. via promo
WAITEMCAT Structure for item category selection in promotion
WAKCD Screen Structure for Coupons of a Promotion
WAKHD Screen field string for promotion header data
WAKL1 Structure for Report Promotion: Mat.-Customer (WAKH & WAKP)
WAKL2 Structure for Report Promotion: Material-Customer (WAGU)
WAKL3 Structure for Report Promotion: Material-Customer (WALE)
WAKL4 Structure for Report Promotion: Mat.-Customer (WAKH & WAGU)
WAKPD Screen field string for promotion item data
WAKRD Screen Field Structure for Promotion Discount
WAKRWD Promotion discounts by plant
WAKT_WAELD Structure for Promotion Delivery Phases in Package WAKT
WAKTD Screen field string for promotion texts
WAKTION_VARIANTEN Reference from variants to generic art.
WAKW IS-R Promotion - plant table
WALED Processing of records in WALE table
WALISTUNG Table for listing
WAMONW1 Screen structure for detailed display of group NAST record
WANARI Transfer area for output determination - IS-R Promotions
WANAST Keys for NAST records (IS-R Promotions)
WANASTG Creation of NAST-OBJKY for output deter. Promotions (group)
WANORPRICE Standard price of a promotional material
WAPROMTREE Display promotion in form of hierarchy
WARTTAB Structure for Material Table w. Matl No. and Unit of Meas.
WARUECK Alloc tbl replied to promotion
WASORT2 Structure of field SORT2 in NAST record - application WB
WATREEINFO Administration Data for Tree Control of Promo. Announcement
WAVORLVZ GR lead time for distribution center
WAWERKART Structure: plant/promotion item Assignments -> Display
WAZBD Screen field string for plant-groups module assignment
WAZTD Screen field string for promotion theme assignment
WAZWD Screen field string for promotion ad.-media assignment
WERR Error messages, price activation
WKUNNR Plant Table Customer No.
WKUNNRVKORGVTWEG Plant Table CusNr SalesOrg. Distr.Chl
WMATNR Material Table Mat. No.
WMATNRMEBME Article Table Mat. No. Mebme
WMATNRVKORGVTWEG Article Table MDPDocNr MatNr S.Org. Distr.Chnl
WMDF_INFOSTR1 Stock Data in Markdown Planning
WMDF_INFOSTR2 Movement Data in Markdown Planning
WMFFD Provisional structure for markdown forecasting, stores
WMFHD Dialog structure for WMFH
WMFLD Work Structure Markdown Planning Price Lists
WMFPD Screen string for markdown planning items
WMFUD Field string for markdown planning price phases
WMPKD Working structure markdown rule header
WMPRD Working structure for markdown rules
WORK_ITEM_MD Markdown Planning: Work Item for Parallel Processing
WPPROMREB1 POS Interface: Store-Dependent ObjectTable for PromoDiscnts
WPPROMREB2 POS Interface: Object Table No. 2 for Promotion Discounts
WPPROMREB3 POS Interface: Object Table No. 3 for Promotion Discounts
WPROMO Promotion Table PromoNo
WPROMODEP Store-Dependent Promotion Discount Data
WPROMOINDEP Store-Independent Promotion Discount Data
WSELABTNR Range table for department
WSELKUNNR Range Table for Customer Number
WSELMATKL Range table for material group
WSELMATNR Range Table for Material Number
WSOHD Dynpro field string for listing module header data
WSOPD Screen field string for module items
WSOTD Screen field string for module header texts


The package WAKT contains 32 programs.

RWAKT002 Selection of theme and material intervals
RWAKT003 Report for Promotion Announcement
RWAKT005 Selection Screen for Promotion Items
RWAKT006 Selection Screen, Subsequent Processing
RWAKT009 Preview of promo. announcement for promo./customer
RWAKT100 Conversion of promotion advertising media to product catalogs
RWAKT200 Promotion Price Activation
RWAKT210 Promotion Allocation Table Generation
RWAKT220 Promotion Listing
RWAKT230 Promotion Announcement
RWAKT240 Promotion supply source determination
RWAKT301 Report Margins and markup for a promotion
RWAKT302 Report Plants and Promotions for a Material
RWAKT303 Report Materials and promotions for a plant
RWAKT310 Promotions for a material
RWAKT320 Promotions for a plant
RWAKT400 Promotion change documents
RWAKT601 Promotion: Price List Standard/Promotion (SP only)
RWMFA003 MDP Maintaining Customizing data from season menu
RWMFA200 Price Activation Markdown Plan
RWMFA210 Markdown Plan Price Calculation Test
RWMFA300 Markdown Plan Evaluation
RWMFAAD1 Archiving-Deletion Program for Archiving Object W_MARKDOWN
RWMFAAR1 Archive Read Program for Archiving Object W_MARKDOWN
RWMFAAW1 Archive Write Program for Archiving Object W_MARKDOWN
RWNASTBK Promotion Announcement Output
RWNASTVP Promotion announcement
W_PROMO_ARCH_DELETE Archive deletion program for archiving object W_PROMO
W_PROMO_ARCH_READ Archive read program for archiving object W_PROMO
W_PROMO_ARCH_WRITE Archive write program for archiving object W_PROMO

Search Helps

The package WAKT contains 15 search helps.

AKAB Arrangements for promotions
AKABA Matchcodes for promotion arrangements
WAKH Matchcodes for promotions
WAKHA Promotions by promotion description
WAKHB Promotions by organization levels
WAKHC Promotions by plant groups
WAKHD Promotions by themes
WAKHE Promotions by sales period
WMFH Search help for markdown planning no.
WMFH_A Search help for markdown plan using description
WMFH_B Search help for markdown plan using markdown no. and type
WMFHA Markdown planning by description
WMFHB Matchcode by markdown plan no. and markdown type
WMPK Search help for markdown rules
WMPKA Matchcode by description

Message Classes

The package WAKT contains 2 message classes.

W/ Nachrichten Abschriftenplanung
WU Nachrichten Aktionsabwicklung

Authorization Objects

The package WAKT contains 5 authorization objects.

W_MARKDOWN IS-R Markdown Planning Authorization:MTYP, MATCL, SOrg, DChl
W_WAKH_EKO IS-R Auth. promotion: Purchasing Organization / Purch. Group
W_WAKH_MAT IS-R Authorization Promotion: Material Number
W_WAKH_THE IS-R Auth. Promotion: Theme
W_WAKH_VKO IS-R Auth. Promotion: Sales Organization / Distrib. Channel