SAP Package W3_APIX

MiniApp catalog

Technical Information

Package W3_APIX
Short Text MiniApp catalog
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package W3_APIX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package W3_APIX contains 2 function groups.

W3_API MiniApp Management Interface
W3APPX Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package W3_APIX contains 4 transactions.

W3CUSX Customizing Parameters for MiniApps
W3DEVMINI Device Assignment for MiniApps
W3DEVTRAN Device Assignment for Transactions
W3WEBAPP MiniApp Maintenance

Database Tables

The package W3_APIX contains 9 database tables.

W3ADMTX MinApp text table
W3ADMX MiniApp catalog
W3ATTRCX Customer Settings for MiniApps
W3ATTRX MiniApp attributes
W3DEVAPPX Relationship between application and device type
W3DEVTYPTX Device types short text
W3DEVTYPX Device types
W3PARAMX Parameters
W3PARATX MiniApp parameter texts


The package W3_APIX contains 6 views.

VW3ADMX MiniApps
VW3ATTRCX Customer Attributes for MiniApps
VW3DEVX Device Dependency of MiniApps
VW3DEVX_IAMA Device Dependency of MiniApps
VW3DEVX_TRAN Device Assignment for Transactions
VW3PARAMX MiniApps Parameters


The package W3_APIX contains 6 structures.

IW3ADMX Include for MiniApp management
IW3ATTRCX Customizable Attributes for MiniApps
IW3ATTRX Include for attributes
W3MINX Structure for passing MiniApp data to Workplace
W3PARAMX_O Legacy Parameter Structure
W3PARX Structure for passing MiniApp data to Workplace


The package W3_APIX contains 1 programs.

W3_MINIAPP_TOOLX Maintain MiniApp