Reporting for VAT and Sales / Use Tax

Technical Information

Short Text Reporting for VAT and Sales / Use Tax
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VTAXREP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VTAXREP contains 1 function groups.

TAXR Reporting in ACC: International Taxes


The package VTAXREP contains 3 transactions.

S_ALR_87100802 Assign Open Items from OI Management
S_ALR_87100803 Input Tax Refund
S_P00_07000221 EC Sales List in DME Format


The package VTAXREP contains 32 structures.

ASL_DE_PARAM Additional Parameters for EC Sales List - Germany
ASL_HU_PARAM Parameters for DMEE (EC Sales List for Hungary)
ASL_ITEM Structure for Data Transfer to DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASL_ITEM_S DMEE: Transfer Sructure for EC Sales List
ASL_PARAM Parameters for DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASL_PARAM_S DMEE: Parameter Structure for EC Sales List
ASLDEP Structure for Data Transfer to DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASLDPARAM Parameters for DMEE (EC Sales List)
RFUMS_ALV_INPUT_VAT Tax Reporting with ALV: Input Tax Totals List
RFUMS_ALV_OUTPUT_VAT Tax Reporting with ALV: Output Tax Totals List
RFUMS_ALV_TOTAL_VAT Tax Reporting with SAP List Viewer: Totals List
RFUMS_ALV_VAT Tax Reporting with ALV: Line Items List
RFUMS_BSEG Additional Fields from BSEG for RFUMSV00
RFUMS_DITEM_S Line Items for DME Tool (Adv.Return for Tax on Sales/Purch.)
RFUMS_DPARAM Parameters for DME Engine (Adv.Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.)
RFUMS_DPARAM_S Parameters for DME Tool (Adv.Return for Tax on Sales/Purch.)
RFUMS_OPEN_ITEM Line Items: Invoice Amount from Open Vendor Invoices
RFUMS_OPEN_ITEM_2 Line Items: Open Vendor Invoices (Error List)
RFUMS_OPEN_ITEM_TAX Line Items: Input Tax from Open Vendor Invoices
RFUMS_TAB_EP Tax on Sales/Purchases Line Item Information (BSET Extract)
RFUMS_TAX_ITEM Tax on Sales/Purchases Line Item Information
TAX_ALV_INFO Information on the ALV of a Table
TAX_ALV_TABLE Table Structure: Information on the tables output with ALV
TAX_REP_BATCH_INPUT_DOCUMENT Table Structure - Interface Description - Document
TAX_REP_COMPANY_CODE Names of Company Codes
TAX_REP_PAYMENT_CHARGE Table Structure - Interface Description - Tax Payable
TAX_REP_PAYMENT_CHARGE_SPLIT Structure for RFUMSV00: Tax Payable Posting with Doc. Split
TAX_REP_STRUC_001 Output List Structure in Program for Input Tax Rebate
TAX_REP_STRUC_001_BKPF Fields from Table BKPF for Structure TAX_REP_STRUC_001
TAX_REP_STRUC_001_BSEG Fields from Table BSEG for Structure TAX_REP_STRUC_001
TAX_REP_STRUC_001_LFA1 Fields from Table LFA1 for Structure TAX_REP_STRUC_001


The package VTAXREP contains 8 programs.

RFASLD02_P EC Sales List (Belgium)
RFASLD11_P EC Sales List (Spain)
RFASLD12_P EC Sales List (Austria)
RFASLD20 EC Sales List in Data Medium Exchange Format
RFASLM00_P EC Sales List
RFUMSV26 Assignment of Open Items from OI Managed Tax Accts to Personnel Accts
RFUMSV30 Input Tax Refund
RFUMSVHU Add.List for Adv.Return for Tax on Sales/Purch.: Tax on Open Invoices