SAP Package VSV

Appl. development R/3 SD master data distribution

Technical Information

Package VSV
Short Text Appl. development R/3 SD master data distribution
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VSV is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VSV contains 6 function groups.

KD01 Create IDOC Vendor Master
KD02 Receipt of IDOC for Vendor Master
KD03 Functions for Vendor Master Distrib.
VV01 Create IDOC for Customer Master
VV02 Receipt of IDOC for Customer Master
VV03 Customer master assignment 3.1


The package VSV contains 2 transactions.

BD12 Send customer
BD13 Get customer


The package VSV contains 42 structures.

BDIFIBIWA Transfer Structure: Customer/Vendor Batch Input
BDIKNA1KEY Transfer structure: KNA1 key fields
BDIKNASKEY Transfer structure: KNAS - key fields
BDIKNB1KEY Transfer structure: KNB1 key fields
BDIKNB5KEY Transfer structure: KNB5 key fields
BDIKNBKKEY Transfer structure: KNBK key fields
BDIKNBWKEY Key: Withholding Tax Types Customer
BDIKNEXKEY Transfer structure: KNEX - key fields
BDIKNKAKEY Transfer structure: KNKA key fields
BDIKNKKKEY Transfer structure: KNKK key fields
BDIKNVAKEY Transfer structure: KNVA key fields
BDIKNVDKEY Transfer structure: KNVD key fields
BDIKNVIKEY Transfer structure: KNVI key fields
BDIKNVKKEY Transfer structure: KNVK key fields
BDIKNVLKEY Transfer structure: KNVL key fields
BDIKNVPKEY Transfer structure: KNVP key fields
BDIKNVVKEY Transfer structure: KNVV key fields
BDVCKUNKEY Transfer Structure: VCKUN - Key Fields
CPIDENT_DEB_S Change Pointer for Customers
CUSTOMER_ORG_DATA Organization Data, Transaction Code for Cstmr Maintenance
E1FKNA1 Master customer master basic data(kna1) / change flags
E1FKNB1 Master customer master company code (knb1)/ change flags
E1FKNVV Master customer master sales data(KNVV)/ change flags
E1FVBK0 commercial data at header level / change flags
E1FVBP0 partner at header level / change flags
E1FVBUP Idoc - item status / change flags
KNA1_KEY_S Key: Customer Master with Client
KNAS_KEY_S Key: EC Tax Numbers Customer with Client
KNB1_KEY_S Key: Company Code Data Customer with Client
KNB5_KEY_S Key: Dunning Data Customer with Client
KNBK_KEY_S Key: Bank Details Customer with Client
KNBW_KEY_S Key: Withholding Tax Customer with Client
KNEX_KEY_S Key: Sanctioned Party List Customer Master with Client
KNVA_KEY_S Key: Uploading Point Customer with Client
KNVD_KEY_S Key: Document Request Sales for Customer with Client
KNVI_KEY_S Key: Tax Indicators Customer with Client
KNVK_KEY_S Keyfields: Contact Partner of Customer with Client
KNVKADRFELD CAM Address Fields of a Contact Person
KNVL_KEY_S Key Licenses Customer with Client
KNVP_KEY_S Key Partner Roles: Customer with Client
KNVV_KEY_S Key Sales Data Customer with Client
SERIAL_DEB_S Change Pointer Customer Attachment Time


The package VSV contains 3 programs.

RBDFEDEB Get customers
RBDSEDEB Send Customers
RBDWF014 Program for object IDOCDEBMAS