SAP Package VS0C

Customizing R/3 Sales and Distribution master data

Technical Information

Package VS0C
Short Text Customizing R/3 Sales and Distribution master data
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VS0C is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VS0C contains 12 function groups.

080A Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080D Generated View: Maintenance Pool
080F Generated View: Maintenance Pool
080K Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080Q Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080Z Generated View: Maintenance Pool
089C Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0OR1 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0ORG Generated View: Maintenance Pool
V81A SD Customizing Master Data
V81ABAPI SD Product Hierarchy: BAPI Impl.


The package VS0C contains 146 transactions.

OLS1 Customizing for Rebates
OV-0 View V_TVP0, Attribute 10
OV01 Access Sequence: Matl Listng/Exclsn
OV02 Condition Type: Listing/Exclusion
OV03 Procedure: Listing/Exclusion
OV-1 View V_TVPH, Attribute 1
OV11 Access Sequence: Matl Determination
OV14 C SD Tab. TVAK 'MaterialSub'
OV-2 View V_TVP2, Attribute 2
OV24 Pricing: V_T681F for A U
OV-3 View V_TVP3, Attribute 3
OV35 C RV View V_T683S_EL
OV-4 View V_TVP4, Attribute 4
OV41 Access sequences: Cross-selling
OV-5 View V_TVP5, Attribute 5
OV50 Comparison of master data for cust.
OV51 Display of Changes for Customer
OV-6 View V_TVP6, Attribute 6
OV67 Rec. account det.: Access sequences
OV-7 View V_TVP7, Attribute 7
OV74 Cash account det.: Access sequences
OV-8 View V_TVP8, Attribute 8
OV84 Credit card acc. det: Acc. sequences
OV-9 View V_TVP9, Attribute 9
OV94 COPA project: Access sequences
OVAK Sales Order Type Assignment
OVAM C SD View TVKOV_AU DistChanDoc.Types
OVAN C SD View TVKOS_AU 'Div.Doc.Types'
OVAO C SD View TVKO_AU 'SlsOrgDoc.Types'
OVB0 Change 'Billing: Document Types'
OVB1 Sales Organizations - Rebate
OVB3 Rebate: Reorganiz. of Billing Index
OVBF Conditions: View sequence A,V,SDeal
OVBH Conditions: View sequence A,V, Price
OVF0 C SD Table T134G Business Areas
OVF1 C SD Table TVTA Business Areas
OVF2 C SD Table TVTA Business Areas
OVK1 C SD Table V_TST 'Tax Catg./Country'
OVK3 C SD Table TSKD 'Cust.Tax Indicator'
OVK4 C SD Table TSKM 'Mat.Tax Indicator'
OVK6 C SD Table T001W Plants/Countries
OVK7 C SD Table T459 'Reqt/PlanOrd.Type'
OVK9 Tax Records for Each Country
OVKB Tax Record Conditions VK11
OVKC Tax Record Conditions VK12
OVKD Tax Record Conditions VK13
OVKE Tax Record Conditions VK14
OVKI C RV Table V_TVKV 'DocPricingProcdr'
OVKJ C RV Table V_TVAK_PR 'Order > Procd
OVKK C RV Table T683V 'ProcedrDeterminatn
OVKL C RV Table TVAP 'Assign Billing Itm
OVKM C RV Table TVCPA 'Flow Order'
OVKN C RV Table V_TVCPF 'Flow Bill Doc
OVKO C RV Table TVAP_PR 'Item Pricing
OVL7 Assigning Shipping Point/Ctry/Zone
OVLO C SD Table TVLK Route Control
OVLQ C SD Table TVLK 'Picking Control'
OVLT C SD Table TVST 'Picking Lists'
OVLY C SD Table Scheduling Control
OVLZ Scheduling by Shipping Point
OVRQ C SD Table TVSU 'Substit.Reason'
OVRZ C TV_Table TVST Assign Transprt Zone
OVS0 C SD Matchcodes Product Proposals
OVS1 SD Matchcodes Materials
OVS2 C SD Matchcodes Customers
OVS3 C SD matchcode for contact person
OVS4 C SD Matchcodes Vendors
OVS5 C SD Matchcodes Sales Personnel
OVS6 C SD Table TKUKL 'Customer Classif.'
OVS7 C SD Tab.TKUPA 'PartnerGrp/Customer'
OVS8 Maintain Weight Groups
OVS9 C SD Table T151 'Customer Groups'
OVSA C SD Table T130W 'Plant Fld Selec.'
OVSB C SD Tab.T176 'Purchase Order Types'
OVSC C SD Table TVWA 'GoodsReceivingHrs.'
OVSD C SD Tab.TPRIO 'Delivery Priorities'
OVSF C SD Table TVSB 'Shipping Cond.'
OVSG C SD Table TINC 'Incoterms'
OVSI C SD View V_T189 'Price List Categ.'
OVSJ C SD Table T178 'Mat.Cond.Group'
OVSL Pricing groups for customers
OVSO C SD Table T137 'Mat.Indust.Fld Sel'
OVSU C SD Table TUMS 'Material Status'
OVSV C RV Customizing Product Hierarchy
OVSZ C SD Table Field Sel.Mat.Field Grp.
OVT0 C SD Table 077D 'Accnt Grp Customer'
OVT3 C SD Table 023 'Material Groups'
OVT4 C SD Valuation Classes Materials
OVTH C SD Table T079V 'Screen Selection'
OVU0 Condition Type: Optimize Access
OVU1 Optimize Access: Revenue Acct Detrmn
OVU2 Condition Type: Optimize Access
OVU3 Condition Type: Optimize Access
OVX1 C RV Tab. VBUR 'Sales offices
OVX2 Business area->Plant/Division
OVX3 Company code -> Sales organization
OVX4 C RV Tab. VKGR 'Sales group
OVX5 C RV Tab. VKO 'Sales org.
OVX6 Plants->Sales org./
OVX7 Loading points
OVX8 Check Report Organization Sales
OVXA Division -> Sales organization
OVXB Divisions
OVXC Shipping point -> Plant
OVXD Shipping Points
OVXG Define sales areas
OVXI Distribution channels
OVXK Distrib.channels->Sales organiz.
V/07 Maintain Access (Sales Price)
V/10 Account Determination: Access Seqnc
V/30 Output Types (Sales Document)
V/31 View V_TNAPN Appl V3
V/33 View V_TNAPN Appl V7
V/34 Maintain Condition Type Appl V2
V/35 Customizing for Output Determination
V/37 Assign Customer
V/38 Maintain Condition Type Appl V4
V/39 View V_TNAPR Appl V6
V/40 Maintain Condition Type Appl V3
V/41 View V_TVST_NAC
V/43 View V_TVAK_NAC
V/44 Maintain Condition Type Appl DB
V/45 View V_TNAPN Appl K1
V/46 Output Determination Procdr Customer
V/47 View V_TNAPN Appl V1
V/76 Maintain Product Hierarchy
VCHECKBONUS Customizing Checks for Rebate
VCHECKT683 Customizing Check Pricing Procedure
VCHECKT685A Customizing Check Condition Types
VCHECKTVCPF Customizing Check Copying Control
VCHECKVOFA Customizing Check Billing Types
VD07 Ref. doc. det. for ref. customer
VKVI General View Maintenance - W.Qualif.
VOFA Billing Doc: Document Type
VOFC Billing: Document Types
VOFS Billing: Document Types
VOK8 Condition Exclusion Assign Procdr V
VOP2_OLD Configuration: Partner
VOR1 Joint Master Data: Distr. Channel
VOR2 Joint Master Data: Division

Database Tables

The package VS0C contains 46 database tables.

T134G Organization Unit: Business Area Determination
T151 Customers: Customer Groups
T151T Customers: Customer groups: Texts
T171 Customers: Sales Districts
T171T Customers: Sales districts: Texts
T178 Conditions: Groups for Materials
T178T Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts
T179 Materials: Product Hierarchies
T180Z Reporting: Display Variants
T181T Reporting: Screen Texts for Sales
T188 Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications
T188T Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts
T189 Conditions: Price List Categories
T189T Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts
T630R Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials
T683C Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs
T683V Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.
T686C Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution
TKUKL Customers: Customer Classifications
TKUKT Customers: Customer classification: Texts
TKUPA Business Partners: Customer Master Groups
TMVF Availability Check Control
TMVFP Availability Check: Blocks
TPAR Business Partner: Functions
TPFK Contact Persons: Functions
TPFKT Contact Partner Functions: Texts
TPHCNV Data for Product Hierarchy Conversion
TPTM Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master
TSABT Contact Person Departments: Texts
TTGR Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups
TTGRT Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts
TTXER Text Processing: Text ID Groups
TTXERN Text Processing: Text ID Groups covers ttxs & ttxer
TTXS Text Processing: Text Type in Text Proc. -> Access Sequence
TTXVR Text Processing: Copy Control Texts
TVKD Customer Pricing Procedures
TVKDT Customer Pricing Procedures: Texts
TVKV Pricing Procedures: Transaction
TVSD Customers: Statistics groups
TVSDT Customers: Statistics groups: Texts
TVSGT Sales Statistics Groups: Texts
TVSHP Shipping Parameters at Client-level
TVSM Material statistics groups
TVST Organizational Unit: Shipping Points
TVZB Customers: Terms of payment
TVZBT Customers: Terms of Payment Texts


The package VS0C contains 148 views.

H_T171 Helpview generated for check table T171
H_T686C Helpview generated for check table T686C
H_TVSD Helpview generated for check table TVSD
H_TVSM Helpview generated for check table TVSM
V_T001W_RE Plants/Subsidiaries - Delivery Data
V_T023 Material Groups
V_T052_V Terms of Payment
V_T077D_NA Customer Account Groups: Output Determination
V_T077D_V Customer Account Groups
V_T130A Field Selection in Material Master
V_T130W Plant Parameters for Maintaining Master Data
V_T134_V Default Value for Material Item Category Group
V_T134G_WS Org. Unit: Business Area Determination
V_T171 Customers: Sales Districts
V_T179 Materials: Product Hierarchies
V_T189 Conditions: Price List Categories
V_T606_TXT Access sequence: Legal Control: License Types
V_T607F_TXT Access sequence: Documentary Payments: Indicators - Field Ct
V_T681H Conditions: Archiving Control
V_T682V Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2)
V_T683 Procedures (&1 &2)
V_T683A Procedures (&1 &2) Exclusion Procedure
V_T683C Search Procedure for Batches: Determination in Sales Docs.
V_T683S Schema (&1 &2)
V_T683S_EL Pricing Procedures: Revenue Account Determination
V_T683S_XX Procedure (&1 &2)
V_T685 Conditions: Types
V_T685A_TS Assignment Texts/Condition Type
V_T685H Strategy types (&1 &2)
V_T685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Pricing Boundaries
V_T686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
V_T6B1_TS Assignment Texts/Agreement
V_TKUNDEBUKRS Reference Customer per Company Code (Consumer Master)
V_TKUNDEVTBER Reference Customer per Sales Area (Consumer Master)
V_TKUPA_TXT Access sequence: Accont group assignment
V_TNAPN Output Control: Output By Partner Function
V_TNAPR Messages: Output Programs
V_TPHCNV View for Table TPHCNV
V_TSTL Taxes: Tax Categories by Country
V_TTXER_N Maintain Text Determination Procedure
V_TTXG_N Text Determination Procedure for Object
V_TTXID_N Maintain Text ID for Object
V_TTXVR_N Access Sequence for Text ID
V_TTXZ_N Access Sequence for Text Determination Procedure
V_TTXZI_N Maintain Accesses
V_TVAK_KRE Sales Document Types - Credit Limit Check
V_TVAK_LS Sales Document Types: Material Listing and Exclusion
V_TVAK_NAC Sales Document Types - Output Assignment
V_TVAK_SU Sales Document Types: Material Substitution
V_TVAK_TER Sales Documents: Types - Scheduling
V_TVAK_TXT Textprocedure assignement
V_TVAP_TXT Text procedure assignement
V_TVBUR Sales offices
V_TVBUR_NA Sales Offices - Output Determination
V_TVFK_KAKTO Billing document: Billing type - Cash settlement acc. det.
V_TVFK_NAC Billing Document Types - Output Determination
V_TVFK_TXT Access sequence: Billing Document Types
V_TVK0 Customer Attribute 10
V_TVK1 Customer Attribute 1
V_TVK2 Customer Attribute 2
V_TVK3 Customer Attribute 3
V_TVK4 Customer Attribute 4
V_TVK5 Customer Attribute 5
V_TVK6 Customer Attribute 6
V_TVK7 Customer Attribute 7
V_TVK8 Customer Attribute 8
V_TVK9 Customer Attribute 9
V_TVKK_NAC Sales Activity Document Types - Output Determination
V_TVKK_TXT Access sequence: Sales Activity Types
V_TVKO Sales organizations
V_TVKO_AU Sales Organizations - Assign Order Type
V_TVKO_BON Sales Organizations - Rebate
V_TVKO_COM Competitor Number Assignment for Sales Organization
V_TVKO_LK Assignment of Company Codes to Sales Organizations
V_TVKO_NAC Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations - Output
V_TVKO_P Sales organizations
V_TVKO_WAE Statistical Currency by Sales Organization
V_TVKOS_AU Divisions by SalesOrg - Assign Order Type
V_TVKOS_LK Assignment of Divisions to Sales Organizations
V_TVKOS_ST Org.Unit: Divisions per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data
V_TVKOV_AU DistribCh by SalesOrg - Assign Order Type
V_TVKOV_LK Assignment of Distribution Channels to Sales Organizations
V_TVKOV_ST Org.Unit: Dist.Channel per Sales Org.- Assign Master Data
V_TVKWZ_LK Assignment of Plants to Sales Organizations
V_TVLA Loading points
V_TVLK_NAC Delivery Types: Output Determination Procedure
V_TVLK_TXT Access types: Delivery types
V_TVLP_TXT Access Sequence: Delivery item categories
V_TVM1 Material Group 1
V_TVM2 Material Group 2
V_TVM3 Material Group 3
V_TVM4 Material Group 4
V_TVM5 Material Group 5
V_TVMS Materials: Status in Sales and Distribution
V_TVP0 Contact Person: Attribute 10
V_TVP2 Contact Person: Attribute 2
V_TVP3 Contact Person: Attribute 3
V_TVP4 Contact Person: Attribute 4
V_TVP5 Contact Person: Attribute 5
V_TVP6 Contact Person: Attribute 6
V_TVP7 Contact Person: Attribute 7
V_TVP8 Contact Person: Attribute 8
V_TVP9 Contact Person: Attribute 9
V_TVPH Contact Partner: Attribute 1
V_TVSHP Shipping Parameters at Client-level
V_TVST Shipping Points
V_TVST_KOM Organizational Unit: Shipping Pts. - Print Picking List
V_TVST_LOK Organizational Unit: Shipping Point Locations
V_TVST_NAC Organizational Unit: Shipping Points - Output Determination
V_TVSWZ_LK Assignment of Shipping Points to Plants
V_TVTA_GRE Org.Unit: Sales Area - Business Area Determination Rule
V_TVTA_KFV Sales Area - Business Area Determination SlsOrg/DstCh
V_TVTK_TXT Access sequence: Shipment types
V_TVV1 Customer Group 1
V_TVV2 Customer Group 2
V_TVV3 Customer Group 3
V_TVV4 Customer Group 4
V_TVV5 Customer Group 5
V_TZONE Customers: Transportation Zones
VPR_TTXVR_N View for Text Customizing View TTXVR
VPR_TTXZI_N View for Text Customizing View TTXZI
VV_T672_VA Conditions: View Sequence
VV_T672_VZ Conditions: View Sequence
VV_T681F_VA Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T682_CC Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_DV Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VA Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VB Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VC Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VD Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VG Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VS Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682V_VA Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2)
VV_T682V_VC Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2)
VV_T682V_VD Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2)
VV_T682V_VG Proof Read at Header Level - Preliminary Step (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VG Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683A_VA Procedures (&1 &2) Exclusion Procedure
VV_T683S_EL_VA Pricing Procedures: Revenue Account Determination
VV_T685_VG Conditions: Types
VV_T685Z_V1 Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements
VV_TNAPN Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_K1 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_V1 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_V3 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_V5 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_V7 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VVN_TNAPR_V6 Processing Routines


The package VS0C contains 12 structures.

BAPIMAT_PRODH BO Material: Product Hierarchy Nodes
BAPIMAT_PRODHM BO Material: Product Hierarchy Help and Control Fields
BAPIMAT_PRODHR BO Material: Product Hierarchies from Material Masters
L080A Work fields for SAPL080A
MV80P Partner Objects
PRODH Description of Product Hierarchy (T179)
PRODH_DISP Structure to Show Elements of the Product Hierarchy
PRODHS Structure of Product Hierarchy (T179)
RV80C001_ALV Structure for Program RV80C001
RV80V Help Fields for SAPMV80V
RVTSTLSA_ALV Structure for Program RVTSTLSA
TXPAR Work Area: Contact Partner Texts


The package VS0C contains 32 programs.

PARTNER_CUSTOMIZING_40C_XPRA XPRA for Converting Customizing for Partner Processing
RMOT024E Maintain Sales Areas
RMOT024W Maintain Sales Areas
RV80C001 Account Key Usage
RVGN179I Creation of Inverse Product Hierarchy (T179I) from T179
RVOCHECK Check Report for Customizing - Organization - Sales and Distribution
RVOT134G Assignment of a Business Area to Plants/Divisions
RVOTVKO Assignment of Company Code to Sales Organizations
RVOTVKOS Assignment of divisions to sales organizations
RVOTVKOV Assignment of Distribution Channels to Sales Organizations
RVOTVKWZ Maintain Sales Areas
RVOTVSWZ Assignment of divisions to sales organizations
RVTPHCNV Report When Customizing Table TPHCNV, View V_TPHCNV
RVTVBVK2 Maintain Sales Office for Sales Group
RVTVKBZ2 Sales Area <==> Sales Office: Remote Relationship Maintenance
RVTVKO2 Maintain Company Code for Sales Organization
RVTVKOS2 Maintain Division - Sales Organization
RVTVKOV2 Open Distribution Chain Maintenance From Outside
RVTVKWZ2 Distribution Chain <==> Plant: Remote Assignment Maintenance
RVTVSWZ2 Maintain shipping point - plant
RVTVTA2 Sales Area Definition - External Call
RVVIEWPF General View Maintenance: Enter Values - Transaction VKVI
SAPMV80P Customizing Partners
SAPMV80Z ?...
SDCHECKBONUS Customizing check: volume-based rebate
SDCHECKT683 Customizing check: Pricing procedures
SDCHECKT685A Customizing Check: Condition Types
SDCHECKTVCPF Customizing check: Copy control
SDCHECKVOFA Customizing check: Billing types

Search Helps

The package VS0C contains 6 search helps.

BAPI_PRODH Product Hierarchy Search Help for BAPI Interface
H_T171 Helpview generated for check table T171
H_T686C Helpview generated for check table T686C
H_TVSD Helpview generated for check table TVSD
H_TVSM Helpview generated for check table TVSM
PRODH Product Hierarchy

Message Classes

The package VS0C contains 1 message classes.

VC Customizing Vertrieb