SAP Package VREP

Application development RV reporting

Technical Information

Package VREP
Short Text Application development RV reporting
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VREP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VREP contains 3 function groups.

V06F Reporting Functions
V06G Generate Document Lists
V77I SD Report Interpreter


The package VREP contains 10 transactions.

EWUO Transaction data for EMU conversion
VA26 Collective Processing for Quotations
VA46 Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
VA55 List of Item Proposals
VF05 List Billing Documents
VF25 List of Invoice Lists
VFRB Retro-billing
VOD5 Configuration Cust.Indeped.Reqs.Info
VOF2 Configuration Invoice List Info
VOF3 Edit Work List for Invoice Lists

Database Tables

The package VREP contains 15 database tables.

T180M Customizing List: Modification
T181D Customizing List: Assign Work Structure
T181F Customizing Lists: Inactive Functions
T181G Generation Specifications
T181O Customizing Lists: Assign Transaction and Report
T181S Customizing List: Possible Display Groups
T181V Customizing List: Default Values
T181Z Customizing Lists: Reasonable Accesses
T182A Allocate Reporting Edit Routines to SAPscript Elements
T182B Structure of Info View in SD Reporting
T182BT Structure of an Info View in Reporting
T182C Allocate Report > (User, View)
T182D Allocate Report > (View, Form)
T182E Control Table for Customer Statistics
VETVG Delivery Due Index for Stock Transfer


The package VREP contains 1 views.

V_T180A Possible Fields for Reporting


The package VREP contains 38 structures.

CAS_VIS Proposal Fields for Statistics in Sales Support
FAMT2 Invoice List Items by Customer
FAMT2Z Customer Reserves for FAMT2
RVKUSTA1_CUST Sales Summary: Structure Collects All Customer Data
RVKUSTA1_S_ADDRESS Sales Summary: Structure for Address
RVKUSTA1_S_BACKORDERS Sales Summary: Structure for 'Backorders'
RVKUSTA1_S_BILLING Sales Summary: Structure for Billing Document
RVKUSTA1_S_CLASSIFICATION Sales Summary: Structure for Classification
RVKUSTA1_S_CONTACT_PERSON Sales Summary: Structure for Contact Person
RVKUSTA1_S_CREDIT_INFO Sales Summary: Structure for Credit-Relevant Information
RVKUSTA1_S_KEY_FIGURES Sales Summary: Structure for Key Figures
RVKUSTA1_S_LAST_SD_DOC_HEAD Sales Summary: Structure for 'Last Sales Documents' (Header)
RVKUSTA1_S_LAST_SD_DOC_ITEM Sales Summary: Structure for 'Last Sales Documents' (Item)
RVKUSTA1_S_ORDER Sales Summary: Structure for Orders
RVKUSTA1_S_PART_DELIVERIES Sales Summary: Structure for Partial Deliveries
RVKUSTA1_S_PARTNERS Sales Summary: Structure for Partners
RVKUSTA1_S_PAY_DEL_TERMS Sales Summary: Structure for Terms of Delivery and Payment
RVKUSTA1_S_PAYMENT_CARDS Sales Summary: Structure for Payment Cards
RVKUSTA1_S_PRICING Sales Summary: Structure for Pricing
RVKUSTA1_S_PROMOTIONS Sales Summary: Structure for 'Agreements'
RVKUSTA1_S_Q_NOTIFICATIONS Sales Summary: Structure for Quality Notifications
RVKUSTA1_S_QUICKINFO Sales Summary: Structure for Quick Info Text
RVKUSTA1_S_S_NOTIFICATIONS Sales Summary: Structure for Service Notifications
RVKUSTA1_S_SHIPPING Sales Summary: Structure for Shipping
RVKUSTA1_S_STATISTICS Sales Summary: Structure for Sales Statistics
RVKUSTA1_S_STATISTICS_MEASURES Sales Summary: Structure for Statistics Key Figures
RVKUSTA1_S_TRANSP_DATA Sales Summary: Structure for General Transport Data
RVSCDCOM_ALV_SD Structure for Include RVSCDCOM
SDCAS_CC_PANEL_STYLE_ATTRIB Attributes for Style of a Panel Object in Customer Cockpit
SDCAS_CC_TREESTRUCTURE Tree Structure of the Object Tree in the Customer Cockpit
SDCAS_CC_TREESTRUCTURECHANGE Change-Table for Object Tree in Customer Cockpit
STATISTIK_ALV_SD Anzeige der Statistik für Programm RVSCDCOM
SVBMTV_TRVOG View: Order Items for Material + Transaction Operation
TECHN_INFO_ALV Technical Information
V77KOMLST1 CGI Communication LST1 SD Interpreter Reports > SAPscript
VBKONZ Customer Reserves for VBKON
VBVFIZ Customer Reserves for VBVFIZ
VKDFIZ Customer Reserves for VKDFI


The package VREP contains 22 programs.

RV50SBT1 Sales orders/purchase orders worklist: Selection
RV75FGR0 ?...
RV77IEXP Sales Summary
RVKUSTA1 Sales Summary
RVSCD100 Display Document Changes
RVSCD200 Display Document Changes
RVSCD300 Display Document Changes
RVSDCATF CATT conversion for sales transactions
SAPMV62S Collective Processing of Deliveries (Delivery Due List)
SAPMV65B ?...
SAPMV75A ?...
SAPMV75C ?...
SAPRV77I Pool for SD-Report-Interpreter
SAPRV77S Carrier Program for LST1 SAP Standard Routines (SD-Report-Edit-Inter.)
SAPRV77U Carrier Program for LST1 User Routines (SD-Report-Edit-Interpreter)
SD_SALES_ORDERS_VIEW List of Sales Orders
SD_SALES_SCHED_AGREEMNTS_VIEW List of Scheduling Agreements
SD3ECOR1 Correction Report
SDEWUORD Mass change of document currency in all open sales orders

Message Classes

The package VREP contains 1 message classes.