SAP Package VPK

Resource-Related Billing / Sales Pricing

Technical Information

Package VPK
Short Text Resource-Related Billing / Sales Pricing
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VPK is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VPK contains 9 function groups.

VPK_GUI SP: GUI for DPs and Sales Price
VPK_GUI_INTRO SP: GUI for Initial Screens
VPKDB Sales Pricing Database Access
VPKDPP Communication with DP Processor
VPKI Sales pricing interfaces
VPKO Sales pricing object
VPKPMSM SPc Interfaces with PM/SM
VPKPS Functions for PS Master Data
VPKSD Communication with SD


The package VPK contains 5 transactions.

DP80 SM: Resource-Related Quotation
DP81 PS: Sales Pricing
DP82 PS: Sales Pricing Project
DP90 CS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP91 SD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.

Database Tables

The package VPK contains 4 database tables.

VPKDLI Sales Pricing Dynamic Items
VPKHEAD Sales Pricing Header Data
VPKSDITEM Sales Pricing Header Data (Specific to SD)
VPKUSERDATA Sales Pricing: User-Specific Data (GUI)


The package VPK contains 3 views.

HV_SDOC_ITEM Searchtoll View for Sales Document Items
V_VPKAD01DLI View of Dynamic Items in a Sales Pricing and Their Attribs
V_VPKHI View of Header Info Tables for Sales Pricing Doucment


The package VPK contains 32 structures.

VPK_BA_VALUES SPc: Basis Values for Percentages
VPK_BI_VALUES SPc: Values Already Billed
VPK_CA_VALUES SPc: Values Rejected (in Previous Billing Requests)
VPK_DI_GUIDATA Sales Pricing: Dynamic Item Values (Screen)
VPK_ICON_LEGEND Legend of Icons Used
VPK_ID_CHANGED_RECORD ID of Data Record Changed During Processing
VPK_IN_VALUES SPc: Values to be Billed/Transferred
VPK_INPUT_SELECTION All Data Selection Fields
VPK_INQUIRY_SELECTION Valid Inquiries for the Sales Pricing
VPK_LA_VALUES SPc: Values to be Billed Later
VPK_NO_VALUES SPc: Values Not Billed/Never to be Billed/To be Transferred
VPK_OP_VALUES Open Sales Pricing Values
VPK_PROJECTDEF_SD_DATA Project Definitions and SD Data for Sales Pricing W/O RFQ
VPK_RANGE_POSNR Range for SD Item Number
VPK_RATIO Percentage Billed/Postponed/Rejected
VPK_RATIO_C Percentage Billed/Postponed/Rejected
VPK_REVENUES Sales Pricing Revenues
VPK_SD_GUIDATA SPC.: SD Values for Screen
VPK_SDINFO Info for SD Items
VPK_SO_VALUES Sales Pricing Values from Source
VPK_TREEITEM Entries in Tree Controls
VPK_TYPES Sales Pricing Types and Indicators
VPK_UNDO_REJECT Sales Pricing: Reset Rejected Values
VPK_UNITS Units and Currencies
VPK_VPKID Structur with Sales Pricing Documents
VPKG_SETTINGS_NOT_ALTERABLE Non-Alterable User Settings Stipulated by the Customer
VPKO_BPNETVALUES Net Values per WBS Billing Document for Billing Plan
VPKO_IFS_GENITEM SPc Structure for Values in Selected Elements (DP/Nodes/SDP)
VPKSDITEMKOM Communication Structure for VPKSDITEM


The package VPK contains 4 programs.

QUOTATION_FROM_PB_PRICING Create Quotation for Sales Price in Project Builder
RVPK_350320 Delete DI Processor Saved Data
RVPKUPD1 Program RVPKUPD1: Convert User Settings from 4.5 -> 4.6
STRUCT_QUOTATION_FROM_PRICING Structured Quotation for Project

Search Helps

The package VPK contains 1 search helps.

VPK_SH_ITEM Search Tool for Selection of Sales Document Items

Message Classes

The package VPK contains 2 message classes.

VPK1 VPK Nachrichten Prozessor
VPKGUI Verkaufspreiskalkulation, Oberfläche