SAP Package VN

Application development output control

Technical Information

Package VN
Short Text Application development output control
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VN contains 16 function groups.

080B Generated View: Maintenance Pool
LE_PRINTER_PROFI Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V13B OCS Output Conditions
V61B Output Control Conditions
V70A Processing an Output List
VCOM Creation of Output Communication Blocks
VMSF WFMC: Help FBs for Output Control
VMSG Output control
WFMCTABLES Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
WMC0 NAST: Output Determtination Utilities
WMC1 WFMC: Views for output types
WMCM NAST: Mail Shipping
WMCP WFMC: Processing Logs
WMCS WFMC: Service Function Module
WMCV WFMC: Message Control Views
WMCW Maintain Conditions in Central WFMC


The package VN contains 78 transactions.

CCV2 Change Output: Document Management
CMD1 Create Output: Direct Procurement
CMD2 Change output: Direct procurement
CMD3 Display Output: Direct Procurement
NACE WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
NACO Conditions for Output Control
NACP WFMC: Define Conditions
NACQ WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables
NACR WFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec.
NACS WFMC: Assign Output Type Access Seq.
NACT WFMC: Maintain Condition Types
NACU WFMC: Customizing Output Types
NACV WFMC: Partner Definition
NACW WFMC: Maintain Processing Program
NACX WFMC: Access Sequences
NACY WFMC: Field Catalog
NACZ WFMC: Procedure
NAPRKEY Print Parameters for Output
NAVCT685B Output Types (Cluster)
NAWF Start Customizing Control Flow
PRPBIL Customizing print profile bill. doc.
PRPBILV Print Profile Maintnce: Billing Doc.
PRPHU Customizing Print Profiles HU
PRPHUV Print Profile Maintenance HU
PRPPRO Call Maintenance View for Print Prof
PRPR Parameter transf. to V_LEDRUCKPROF1
PRPSHP Custimizing print profiles shipping
PRPSHPV Print Profile Maintenance Shipping
PRPTRA Customizing print profile transport
PRPTRAV Print Profile Maintenance Transport
V/32 Sales Doc Output Determtn Procedure
V/36 Delivery Output Determination Procdr
V/42 Output Detrmntn Procdr (Billing Doc)
V/48 Access Sequences (Sales Document)
V/50 Access Sequence (Delivery)
V/54 Access Sequence (Billing Document)
V/65 Output CondTable/Create SalesSupport
V/66 Output CondTab./Change Sales Support
V/67 Output CondTab/Display Sales Support
V/68 Maintain Access Seqnc (Sales Actvty)
V/70 Maintain Condition Type Appl K1
V/72 Output Determination Procedure (CAS)
V/G1 Output CondTab/Create Group
V/G2 Output CondTab Change Group
V/G3 Output CondTab/Display Group
V/G4 Access Sequence (Groups)
V/G5 View V_TNAPR Appl K1
V/G6 Maintain Condition Type Appl V5
V/G7 View V_TNAPR Appl V1
V/G8 Output Determinatn Procedure Groups
V/G9 View VN_TNAPR Appl V2
VF31 Output from Billing Documents
VP01 Maintain Print Parameters
VP01_AG Print parameter maint. agency bus.
VP01_NA Print Parameter Maint. Subs. Sett.
VP01_PAG Maintain print parameters
VP01_PNA Maintain print parameters
VP01_PTC Maintain print parameters
VP01_SD Maintain Print Parameters SD
VP01_TC Print Parameter Maint. Trading Cntr
VP01SHP Print parameter maintenance shipping
VP01SHPV Print parameter maintenance shipping
VP01TRA Print parameter maintenance transp.
VP01TRAV Print parameter maintenance transp.
VV11 Create Output: Sales
VV12 Change output: Sales
VV13 Display Output: Sales
VV21 Create Output: Shipping
VV22 Change output: Shipping
VV23 Display Output: Shipping
VV31 Create Output : Billing
VV32 Change output: Billing
VV33 Display Output: Billing
VVG1 Create Output: Group
VVG2 Change output: Groups
VVG3 Display Output: Group
WFMCVSTART WFMC: Call View and View Cluster

Database Tables

The package VN contains 17 database tables.

B024 Shipping point
B200 Overall Status - Credit Check
LEDPROAPL Assignment of Profiles to Various Applications
LEDPROFIL Definition of Print Profile Names
LEDPROFILT Definition of Print Profile Names and their Usage
LEDRUCKPROFIL Assignment of a Printer to an Object
NACH Detailed output data
T685B Condition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output
T685P WFMC: Valid printing parameters of an application
TNAD7 Output Control: Printer per Storage Location
TNADP WFMC: Valid printing parameters
TNADPT WFMC: Valid printing parameters, text table
TNADR Output Control: do not use, will be deleted
TNADU Output Determination: Printer per User
TNAPN Output Control: Output By Partner Function
TNAPR Processing programs for output
TNATI Condition Types: Output Title


The package VN contains 38 views.

V_LEDRUCKPROF1 Assignment Printer, Output Types to Print Profiles
V_T685B Output Types
V_T685P WFMC: Edit printing parameter assignment
V_T685PD WFMC: Edit printing parameter assignment (database view)
V_TNAD1 Print Parameters for Sales Organization
V_TNAD2 Print Parameters for Sales Organization/Dist.Chan./Division
V_TNAD3 Print Parameters for Sales Office
V_TNAD4 Print Parameters for Sales Group
V_TNAD5 Print Parameters for Shipping Point
V_TNADP WFMC: Edit printing parameters
V_TNADU Printer Determination per User
V_TNATI NAST: Mail Title
V_TVSA_NAC Groups - Output Assignment
VC_LEDPROAPL1 Print Profile/Application
VC_LEDPROFIL1 Print Profiles
VN_T681Z WFMC: Applications
VN_T685B Output Types
VN_TNAPN Partner Functions, Transmission Media and Output Types
VN_TNAPR Processing Routines
VN_TNATI Mail Title for Output Types
VV_T682 Accesses (&1 &2)
VV_T682_K1 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_V1 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_V2 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_V3 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_V5 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682I Accesses (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_K1 Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_V1 Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_V2 Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_V3 Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_V5 Procedures (&1 &2)
VVN_TNAPR_K1 Processing Routines
VVN_TNAPR_V1 Processing Routines
VVN_TNAPR_V2 Processing Routines
WFMC_KOTAB WFMC: Condition tables in output control


The package VN contains 100 structures.

DNAST Output status, display fields
DV70A DC Table for SAPDV70A
KOMB Field catalog for condition key: output determination
KOMKBCF Output Determination Communication Area Header Appl. CF
KOMKBCV Output Determination Communication Area Appl. CV
KOMKBE1 Output Determination Communication Area Header Appl. V2
KOMKBM1 Output Determination Communication Area Header Appl. V2
KOMKBMD Output Determination Communication Area Header Appl.MD
KOMKBME Purchased Material Output Control: Default Fields
KOMKBRD Output Determination Communication Area DBM Order
KOMKBRE Output Determin., Communication Area DBM Storage Gds Manager
KOMKBRW Output Determination for Communication Area Version Warranty
KOMKBV1 Output determination communication area header appl.V1
KOMKBV2 Output determination communication area header appl.V2
KOMKBV3 Output determination communication area header appl.V3
KOMKBV5 Communication Structure for Output Control Groups
KOMKBVL Output Determination Visit List: Comm Area Appl. VL
KOMKBWA Output Determination: Comm. Block - Header GI (Alloc.table)
KOMKBWB Output Determination: Comm. Block - Header GM (Promotion)
KOMKBWE Output determ. proc. PickBlock Labelling
KOMKBWN Output det.: Comm. block header GN (Sub.sttlmt - sttlmtRn)
KOMKBWNUSR User structure: CommBlock header GN (Subs.sttlmt - sttlmtRn)
KOMKBWR Output determination: CommBlock header RE (agency business)
KOMKBWRUSR User Structure: CommBlock Header TG (Agency Business)
KOMKBWS Output Determination: CommBlock Header GS (Subs. Settlement)
KOMKBWSUSR User Structure: CommBlock Header GS (Subsequent Settlement)
KOMKBWT Output Det.: Comm. Block Header WT (Trading Contract)
KOMKBZ Customer fields communication area for output determination
KOMKBZ6 Output Determination Header Appl. CF: Customer Modification
KOMKBZ7 Output Determination Header Appl. CV: Customer Modification
KOMKBZ9 Output Determination Header Appl. MD: Customer Modification
KOMKBZE1 Output Determination - Ship.Notif. - Appl. E1 - Cust.Modif.
KOMKBZM1 Output Determination - Ship.Notif. - Appl. E1 - Cust.Modif.
KOMPBEA Output determ. proc. PickBlock Item Purchas. (IO)
KOMPBME Purchased Material Output Control: Fields
KOMPBV1 Output Determination Communication Area Item Appl. V1
KOMPBV2 Output Determination Communication Area Item Appl.V2
KOMPBV3 Output Determination Communication Area Item Appl. V3
KOMPBWA Output Determ.: Comm.Block (Lower-lev.) Item GI (AllocTable)
KOMPBWB Output Determination: Comm. Block - Item GM (Promotion)
KOMPBWR Output Determination: CommBlock Item RE (Agency Business)
KOMPBWRUSR User Structure: CommBlock Item RE (Agency Business)
KOMPBWT Output Determination: Comm. Block Item WT (Trading Contract)
MSG0 Output Control: Basic Data
MSG01 Display Outputs
MSG01A Output list display
MSG1 Output Control: Object Key (Area)
MSG2 Output Control: Output Type (Area)
MSG3 Output Control: Output Medium (Range)
MSG4 Output Control: Application (Area)
MSGPA Output partner
NACH_HELP Output Ctrl: Auxil. Struct.f.Maintaining Cond.Records f.Mail
NACH_LONG Details for output with long partner number
NACH_VB Detailed output data (updating element)
NADA Output Display
NALIE1 Display output from inbound deliveries
NALIEF Display output from purchase orders (item)
NALIGENERIC General Display of Output
NALIGENERIC_1ST General Display of Output
NALIM1 Display output from rough goods receipt
NALIMR Display output from invoice documents
NALIV1 Display output from orders
NALIV2 Display output from deliveries
NALIV3 Display output from billing documents
NALIV4 Display output from delivery picking
NALIV5 Display output from delivery groups
NALIV6 Display Output from Handling Units
NALIV7 Display output from shipments
NALIV7A Display output from shipments
NALIV7B Display output from shipments with unit,delivery...
NALIWE Display output from material maintenance
NALIWN Display of Output from Subsequent Settlement - Sttlmt Run
NALIWRA Display of Output from Agency Business, Vendor Billing Doc.
NALIWRB Display of Output from Agency Business, Settlement Request
NALIWRC Display of Output from Agency Business, Posting List
NALIWRD Display of Output from Agency Business, Settlmt Request List
NALIWRE Display Output Agency Bus., Inv. List from Vendor Bill. Doc.
NALIWRF Display Output Agency Business, Inv. List from Settlmt Requ.
NALIWS Display of Output from Subsequent Settlement - Agreement
NALIWT Display Output from Trading Contract
NASE Parameter for Selecting Messages
NAST_ERR WFMC: Structure for List Display of Incorrect Output
NAST_MSG Message
NAST00 IO Fields for Selection Screen RSNAST00
NASTCOMP Fields from table NAST for comparisons
NASTV2 Display output from deliveries (V2)
RSCLNAST_ALV Structure for Program RSCLNAST
RSNASTCK_S_APPL_LOG Application Log, Example Programs: Various Chapters
RV13B Input/Output Fields For Maintaining Output
UPDKZ_VB Include for update indicator
VMSGP Internal structure of partner table for output control
VNAST Output status (update structure)
VNPRNODE Node for Print Parameters
WFMC_KOMT1 Output Determination Communication Schema
WFMC_KSCHL WFMC: Multiple results parameters
WFMC_PARA WFMC: Parameter IDs and Values
WFMC_SPOOL WFMC: Spool data for output control
WFMC_STRUC WFMC: help structure


The package VN contains 36 programs.

MM70AE1A Output from inbound deliveries
MM70AEFA Output from Purchase Orders
MM70AM1A Output from rough goods issue
RSCLCMFP WFMC: Delete Rest of Log
RSCLNAFP Report for deletion of processing log (CMFP) from NAST records
RSCLNAST Report for Deleting Output Status Records (Note Consistency)
RSFNDTIM Output Ctrl: Example of time determination program at send time '2'
RSNACHA5 Replace Medium 5 with 8
RSNAST00 Selection Program for Issuing Output
RSNAST0D Generic output issue
RSNAST0F Monitoring for Incorrectly Processed Output
RSNASTCK NAST: Consistency Check
RSNASTPCL WFMC: Initializing partners
RSNASTSO Output Control Processing Program: Call up SAP Office
RSPRKEY WFMC: Maintain print parameters
RSWEMC01 Processing Program for Creating Events from Output Control
RSWFMCEVENTSAMPLE Example: Processing program for triggering events
RSWFMCTB WFMC: Remove inconsistencies in condition records
RSWFNAST WFMC: Start Workflow for Output Control Customizing
RV13BAAA Display Condition Records
RVNNACY0 Call Up Field Catalog, Transaction NACY
RVNSWE01 Processing Program For Transferring EVENTS From SD Documents
RVNSWW01 Processing Program for Creating Work Items from SD Documents
RVNWF001 Start Workflows for Output Control - Customizing
SAPDV70A Edit Output Status Records
SAPMV13B Output Maintenance
SAPMVNV2 WFMC: Access Output Types
SAPRV70P Print Parameters
SD70AV1A Output from orders
SD70AV2A Output from Deliveries
SD70AV3A Output from Billing
SD70AV4A Output from Picking
SD70AV5A Output from Grouped Deliveries
SD70AV6A Output from handling units
WFMCVSTART Call up views and view clusters with selection criteria

Search Helps

The package VN contains 4 search helps.

ASH_NA_KSCHL WFMC: Append search help for output types
NA_KAPPL Application for output control
NA_KSCHL WFMC: Search help for output types
WFMC_KOTAB WFMC: Condition tables in output control

Message Classes

The package VN contains 2 message classes.

VN Nachrichtensteuerung
VN2 Nachrichtenklasse für RSNASTCK