SAP Package VLTS

Time segment

Technical Information

Package VLTS
Short Text Time segment
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VLTS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VLTS contains 7 function groups.

TSEC Time Segment Customizing
TSED Time Segment Runtime Dialog
TSEG Time Segment Runtime Functions
V03A Customizing scheduling (work times)
V03C Calculations Using Times
V03C_ANALYZE Analyze Scheduling
VTSD Time Segment Dialog WS


The package VLTS contains 11 transactions.

SCHED_ANALYZE_ACT Activate Scheduling Analysis
SCHED_ANALYZE_DISP Display Scheduling Analysis
STSEC Maintain events deadline segment
STSEC_DLV Maintain events deadline segment
STSEC_TRA Maintain events deadline segment
STSSC Maintain deadline procedures
STSSC_DLV Maintain shipping deadline procedure
STSSC_TRA Maintain transportation dline proc.
STSTC Maintain times in time segment
STSTC_DLV Maintain times in time segment
STSTC_TRA Maintain times in time segment

Database Tables

The package VLTS contains 28 database tables.

TSEGE Time Segment Events
TSEGEADR Time Segment Address for Event
TSEGH Time Segment Header
TSEGR Time Segment Relationships Between Events
TTSEGDURA Logical Duration of Time Segment
TTSEGDURAT Text for Logical Duration in Time Segment
TTSEGEVTY Time Segment for Event Type
TTSEGEVTYT Time Segment Text for Event Type
TTSEGLOCA Time Segment Location Time
TTSEGLOCAT Time Segment Text for Location Time
TTSEGMAPP Time Segment: Map to Times
TTSEGOBJE Time Segment Object for Date Header
TTSEGOBJET Time Segment Object for Date Header
TTSEGPROJ Time Segment Project
TTSEGPROJT Time Segment Text for Project
TTSEGTIME Time Segment Time
TTSEGTIMET Time Segment Text for Time
TTSEGTPLD Time Segment: Default Template for Object
TTSEGTPLE Time Segment Event Template
TTSEGTPLH Time Segment Template Header
TTSEGTPLHT Time Segment Text for Template Header
TTSEGTPLR Time Segment Template for Application Relationship
TTSEGTPLV Time Segment for Template Views
TTSEGTPLVT Time Segment Texts for Template Views
TTSEGVERT Time Segment Version Types
TTSEGVERTT Texts for Time Segment Version Types
TTSTRSD Working Times in SD/WS
UTSEGDATA Time Segment Data Container Template


The package VLTS contains 21 views.

V_TC37ASD Shift definition
V_TC37PSD Break schedule
V_TC38ASD Work Times from SD View (Shift Group 'SD')
V_TSEGDURA Logical Duration of Time Segment
V_TSEGLOCA Time Segments for Locations
V_TSEGMAPP Time Segment Mapping to Inline Times
V_TSEGOBJE Objects (Tables/Structures) in Time Segment
V_TSEGPROJ Projects in Time Segment
V_TSEGTIME Deadlines
V_TSEGTPLD Time Segment: Default Template for Object
V_TSEGTPLE Time Segment Event Template
V_TSEGTPLH Time Segment Template Header
V_TSEGTPLR Time Segment Template for Application Relationship
V_TSEGTPLV Time Segment Views Template
V_TSEGVERT Time Segment Version Types
V_TSTRIDSD View: Work Times
V_TTSTRSD Work Times from SD View (Time Bar)
V_TVST_ROF Organizational unit: Shipping point - working hours
VTSEG DB View of Time Segment


The package VLTS contains 34 structures.

ITSEG Internal Structure for Database View VTSEG
ITSEGADDR Time Segment Addresses (Key)
ITSEGAPPL Time Segment Application Data (Key)
ITSEGCALLB Time Segment Callback Handle Parameter
ITSEGCULOG Time Segment Include Customizing Log Data
ITSEGDIAC Time Segment Dialog Commands
ITSEGDIAE Time Segment Structure for External Dialog
ITSEGDIAH Time Segment Structure for External Dialog
ITSEGDIAI Time Segment Structure for Internal Dialog
ITSEGDIAO Time Segment Structure for Dialog - Control Parameters-
ITSEGEVCN Time Segment Event (Event Counter)
ITSEGEVEN Time Segment Event (Level 1 = Event -> Top)
ITSEGEVVN Time Segment Event (Level 3 = Version Number)
ITSEGEVVT Time Segment Range Tab Version Types
ITSEGEXT Internal Structure for Database View VTSEG + Additional Flds
ITSEGHEAD Time Segment Header (Level 1 = Top)
ITSEGLOCA Time Segments for Locations
ITSEGNTAB Time Segment Name Tab Header / Fields
ITSEGOBJDT Time Segment Relevant Fields from Object
ITSEGRELA Time Segment Relationships
ITSEGTEXT Time Segment Texts (Key)
ITSEGTIME Event time segment (Level 4 = times)
ITSEGTXKY Key structure for event texts
KUWEVSCHED Ship-to Party's View of the Customer Master Record
PARM_SD_SCHEDULING_EXP Function Module SD_SCHEDULING Export Parameter Analysis
PARM_SD_SCHEDULING_IMP Function Module SD_SCHEDULING Import Parameter Analysis
SCHEDDU Scheduling Durations SD/WS
SCHEDDU_ATP4A Scheduling Durations
SCHEDEV Scheduling Times SD/WS
SCHEDEV_ATP4A Scheduling Times for ATP Server
SCHEDOPTIONS Options for Delivery Scheduling
SCHEDSC Scheduling Procedure SD/WS
SCHEDSCHEME Scheduling Procedure SD/WS
SDTIMESTREAM Structure Time Stream for Program TSTRDISP


The package VLTS contains 5 programs.

SCHED_ANALYZE_01 Analyze Shipping and Transportation Scheduling
SCHED_ANALYZE_02 Analyze Shipping and Transportation Scheduling
SCHED_ANALYZE_ACTIVATE Activate Shipping and Transportation Analysis
SCHED_ANALYZE_DISPLAY Display Shipping and Transportation Analysis
TSTRDISP Display Time Stream

Search Helps

The package VLTS contains 3 search helps.

F4_TSEGTIMLOC Date for timestamp NUMC (--->SH_DATE)
TSTRIDSD Work times from SD view
TSTRIDVST Timestream ID from SD View

Message Classes

The package VLTS contains 3 message classes.

TSEGMIG Migration Versandtermine
V03C Versand- und Transportterminierung
VT9T Terminsegment (nur 4.0C, Umzug nach T9T/EKls SZTT)