SAP Package VLD

WS-SHP: Print, SAPscript

Technical Information

Package VLD
Short Text WS-SHP: Print, SAPscript
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VLD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VLD contains 2 function groups.

V50D Print Routines for Shipping
V55A Automative: Material Tag


The package VLD contains 3 structures.

ADBL Freight List: Extra Fields on the Form
VBDPL Document Item View for Delivery Note
VWAHN Material Tag


The package VLD contains 7 programs.

RVADDN01 Print Program for Deliveries
RVADEK01 Print Program for Individual Picking Lists
RVADLL01 Print Freight List
RVADSK01 Print Program for Collective Picking Lists
RVADWAHN Print material tag (processing program for output control)
SDADDN02 Data Selection Program for the Delivery Note Form
SDADPL01 Data Selection Program for Form for Material Tags

Message Classes

The package VLD contains 1 message classes.

VLD Nachrichten im Druck