SAP Package VKOA

Application development R/3 conditions: ALE/IDoc

Technical Information

Package VKOA
Short Text Application development R/3 conditions: ALE/IDoc
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VKOA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VKOA contains 5 function groups.

VKCE SD conditions Customizing export
VKOABE BTE for ALE Linkage of Conditions
VKOE Condition Exchange - Outbound ALE/IDoc
VKOI Interchange of Conditions Inb. ALE/IDoc
VKOO Condition transfer - Help functions


The package VKOA contains 4 transactions.

DL10 Download
DL11 Create download profile
DL12 Change condition download profile
DL13 Display condition download profile

Database Tables

The package VKOA contains 3 database tables.

T689 Download Profile for the Conditions
T689K Reference: Download Profile - Pricing Procedures
T689T Text Table for T689


The package VKOA contains 63 structures.

E1100 Output
E1682 Conditions: Access Sequences
E1682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
E1682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts
E1682Z1 Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
E1683 Pricing Procedure (only in 40c)
E1683S Pricing Procedure: Data
E1683T Pricing Procedures: Texts
E1683U Conditions: Procedure (Text)
E1684 Condition Exclusion Groups
E1684G Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types
E1684S Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment
E1684T Condition exclusion: Texts
E1685 Conditions: Types
E1685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
E1685T Conditions: Types: Texts
E1685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements
E1686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
E1686B Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts
E1DD01L Domains
E1DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts
E1DD03L Table Fields
E1DD04L Data Elements
E1DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts
E1DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains
E1DD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent)
E1KOMG Filter segment with separated condition key
E1KONH Data from condition header
E1KONM Conditions Quantity Scale
E1KONP Conditions Items
E1KONW Conditions Value Scale
E1MC1 Generated DDIC Structures for LIS, Conditions etc.
E1MC1K1 Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures
E1MC1KT Texts for Data Elements
E1MC1T Short Texts on Generated DDIC Structures
E1T006 Units of Measurement
E1T006A Assign Internal to Language-Dependent Unit
E1T006D Dimensions
E1T006T Dimension Texts
E1TCURC Currency Codes
E1TCURF Conversion Factors
E1TCURR Exchange Rates
E1TCURT Currency Code Names
E1TCURV Exchange Rate Types for Currency Translation
E1VFKONX Conditions: Dimension-Dependent Data
E1VFSCAH Scale header
E1VFSCAIX Scale item
E1VFSCAR Freight Rates
E2685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
E2KOMG Filter segment with separated condition key
E2KONH Data from condition header
E2KONM Conditions Quantity Scale
E2KONP Conditions Items
E2KONW Conditions Value Scale
E3685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
E3KOMG Filter segment with separated condition key
E3KONH Data from condition header
E3KONM Conditions Quantity Scale
E3KONP Conditions Items
E3KONW Conditions Value Scale
KOMV_IDOC Condition Exchange: KOMV-Enhancement for IDOC Transfer
MV689 Pricing Engine: Download
VKKACONDIT Gen. Condition Transfer: Condition Key


The package VKOA contains 3 programs.

RV130004 Sel. Popups IDoc Cats, Accompanying Ref. IDoc Cats and Target Systems
RV689BAC Download in background
SAPMV689 Download program

Message Classes

The package VKOA contains 1 message classes.

VJ Nachrichten für ALE/IDOC aus SD-Bereich