SAP Package VKM

Application development R/3 credit management

Technical Information

Package VKM
Short Text Application development R/3 credit management
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VKM is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VKM contains 3 function groups.

081L Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V06E VBKRED Accesses
VKMP SD Credit Management


The package VKM contains 24 transactions.

OVA6 Credit Groups for Document Types
OVA7 Credit Relevancy of Item Categories
OVA8 Automatic Credit Checks
OVAD Delivery Type Assignment
OVB5 Req. for Creating a Purch.Requisit.
OVB6 Requirement for Picking a Delivery
OVB7 Requ. for Goods Issue of a Delivery
OVB8 Criteria for Creating a Requirement
OVB9 Create Delivery Due Index
OVBC Documents Value Classes
OVBD Assign Credit Control Area
OVFD Forms of payment guarantee
OVFE Payment guarantee procedure
OVFF Control for payment guarantee proced
OVFG Customer payment guarantee procedure
OVFH Document payment guarantee procedure
OVFI Assign doc. payment guarantee proced
OVFJ Determine payment guarantee proced.
OVFL Assign credit contrl area/sales area
VKM1 Blocked SD Documents
VKM2 Released SD Documents
VKM3 Sales Document
VKM4 SD Documents
VKM5 Delivery

Database Tables

The package VKM contains 20 database tables.

T024P Credit Management: Credit Representatives
T691D Credit groups for document types
T691E Credit Groups Document Type Description
T691F Control of Automatic Credit Control
T691G Control of Automatic Credit Control: Description
T691H Document Value Class (Credit Management)
T691I Document Value Class for Credit Management
T691J Document Value Class Description for Credit Management
T691K Forms of payment guarantee
T691L Description of payment guarantee forms
T691M Payment guarantee procedure
T691N Description of payment guarantee procedure
T691O Control for payment guarantee procedure
T691P Customer payment guarantee procedure
T691Q Description of customer payment guarantee procedure
T691R Document payment guarantee procedure
T691S Description of document guarantee procedure
T691U Determination of payment guarantee procedure
TVFO Subsequent Functions and Requirements
TVKMLOG Control Logging of Credit Values


The package VKM contains 20 views.

V_T024P Credit Representative
V_T691D Credit Groups Transaction Types
V_T691F View for Maintenance of Automatic Credit Control
V_T691H Document Value Classes for Credit Management
V_T691I Document Value Classes for Credit Management
V_T691K Maintain forms of payment guarantee
V_T691M Maintain Payment Guarantee Procedure
V_T691O Maintain control of payment guarantee procedure
V_T691P Maintain customer payment guarantee procedures
V_T691R Maintain control of payment guarantee procedure
V_T691U Maintain customer/doc assignments to payment guarantee proc.
V_TVAP_KRE Sales Document Types - Credit Limit Check
V_TVFO_01 Criteria for Creating Requirements (Availability) for Order
V_TVFO_02 Req. for Creating Purch. Requisition/Assembly for Order
V_TVFO_04 Requirement for Creating Delivery Due Index from Order
V_TVFO_11 Requirement for Picking a Delivery
V_TVFO_13 Requirement for Goods Issue from a Delivery
V_TVLK_KRE Delivery Types - Credit Limit Check
V_TVTA_KKB Sales Area: Allocation to Credit Control Area
V_TVZB Payment Condition: Allocate Security


The package VKM contains 23 structures.

BEZS131 INT_S131, SAV_S131 Reference Structure for Letters of Credit
BEZS132 Reference structure for INT_S132, SAV_S132
KVBUK Kredit Limit Check: Status Fields
MCVBEL Delivery: Schedule line data
MCVBELADD Details: Order Schedule Line Delivery
MCVBELB Reference Structure of MCVBEL for Function Module
MCVBELUSR User Str: Order Schedule Line Delivery
MCVBEPADD Details: Order Schedule Lines
MCVBFA SD Document: Flow
MCVBFAB Reference Structure of MCVBFS for Function Module
ORDER_ADD_CM Additional Data in Sales Document for External Link
RVKRE071_H Structure for Program RVKRE07 - Header
RVKRE071_I Structure for Program RVKRE07 - Details
RVKRE8 Structure for Program RVKRE08
SDRVKRE71 Structure 2 for Program RVKRE07
SDRVKRE7H Structure for Program RVKRE07
SDRVKRED Structure for Program RVKRED06
SDRVKRED09 Structure for Program RVKRED09
SDVKMP1_ALV Struktur für Ausgabe Protokoll im FB SD_CREDIT_RECREATE
SDVKMP2_ALV Struktur für Baustein SD_CREDIT_RECREATE: Ausgabe Protokoll
VBKRED Work Structure for Release of Credit Limit
VBKRED_EX1 Customer Reserve for VBKRED
VBKREDET Structure for releasing credit limit , Detail data


The package VKM contains 14 programs.

RVKRED01 SD Documents
RVKRED02 Blocked SD Documents
RVKRED03 Released SD Documents
RVKRED04 Sales Document
RVKRED05 Delivery
RVKRED06 New credit check for blocked SD documents
RVKRED07 SD: Reorganization of Credit Values after Update Errors
RVKRED08 Credit check on sales orders that reach the credit horizon
RVKRED09 Check credit on SD documents in background
RVKRED77 SD: Reorganization of credit data after update errors
RVKRED88 SD: Simulation: Reorganization of SD credit data after updating errors
RVKREDSP Set locks for RVKRED07
SD_VKMLOG_SHOW Log Update of Credit Values (S066, S067)

Search Helps

The package VKM contains 2 search helps.

VMVAH Blocked/Released orders (credit control)
VMVLD Credit-Checked Outbound Deliveries (blocked/released)

Message Classes

The package VKM contains 1 message classes.

VM SD: Kreditlimitpruefung