SAP Package VFSC


Technical Information

Package VFSC
Short Text Scales
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VFSC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VFSC contains 10 function groups.

0VFC Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V57A Multi-Dimensional Shipment Costs Calc.
V57B General Utilities Shipment Costs Calc.
V57C Lists and Search Help for Scales
V57D Bulkiness and minimum weights
V57G Scale Bases (TVFSCB)
V57M Matrix Processing for 4.0 (multi-dim.)
V57N Access and table layout for matrix
V57S Scales
V57X Checks for Customizing and Master Data


The package VFSC contains 8 transactions.

VFBWG Bulkiness and minimum weights
VFBZ Scale Basis for Pricing
VS01 Create Scale
VS02 Change Scale
VS03 Display Scale
VS04 Create Scale with Reference
VS05 List Scales
VS06 List Scales for Shipment Costs

Database Tables

The package VFSC contains 31 database tables.

T685S Condition Types: Scales for Conditions
TVFBWA Minimum Weights for Shipping Units
TVFBWAF Bulkiness Factors
TVFBWG Definition of Bulkiness Groups
TVFBWGT Descriptions for Bulkiness Groups
TVFRDR Rounding Rules
TVFRDRT Descriptions for Rounding Rules
TVFRDRX Definition of Rounding Rules
TVFRFQ Scale Bases
TVFRFQT Descriptions for Scale Bases
TVFSCB Scale Bases
VFKGRP (Freight) Group Conditions
VFKONV (Freight) Conditions
VFKONX Conditions: Dimension-Dependent Data
VFSCAH Scale Header
VFSCAHT Descriptions for Scales
VFSCAID Scale Item: Gross Weight
VFSCAIF Scale Item: Gross Volume
VFSCAIF0 Scale Item: Measuring
VFSCAIL0 Scale Item: Postal Code
VFSCAIL2 Scale Item: Tariff Zone
VFSCAIL4 Scale Item: Transportation Zone
VFSCAIL6 Scale Item: Region
VFSCAIR Scale Item: Distance
VFSCAIS Scale Item: Number of Shipping Units
VFSCAIS0 Key Item: Shipping Material
VFSCAIS1 Scale Item: Length of Loading Platform (Shipping Unit)
VFSCAIT0 Scale Item: Duration (Idle Time, Travel Time, and so on)
VFSCAR1 Freight Rates (One-Dimensional)
VFSCAR2 Freight Rates (Two-Dimensional)
VFSCAR3 Freight Rates (Three-Dimensional)


The package VFSC contains 12 views.

V_T685S Scales for condition types
V_TVFBWA Minimum weights for shipping units
V_TVFBWAF Bulkiness factors
V_TVFBWG Bulkiness Groups
V_TVFBWG_DB View for F4-Help on Bulkiness Groups
V_TVFRDR Rounding Rules
V_TVFRFQ Scale Bases
V_TVFSCB_DB View for F4 Help on Scale Bases
V_TVFSCB_DB_2 View for F4 Help on Calculation Types
V_VFSCAH_DB View for Scale Header (VFSCAN)
VV_TVFBWG_F1 Bulkiness Groups
VV_TVFRFQ_F1 Scale Bases


The package VFSC contains 33 structures.

KOMV_PART Pricing: Communication with SD_RATE_CALCULATOR
RV57A I/O Fields for Shipment Cost Processing
T685S_KEY Key Fields for Table T685S
VF685S_CUS Non-Resident Control Parameters for Scales
VFKOMV (Freight) Conditions
VFKONV_FIX (Freight) Conditions: Scale-Basis-Independent DB Part
VFKONV_KEY (Freight) Conditions: Key
VFKONVD (Freight) Conditions: (Dynamic Part)
VFKONXD Cond. Item Dimension-Dependent: (Dynamic Part)
VFKONXVB Cond. Item Dimension-Dependent: (For Logging)
VFMTRX_WSEL Matrix Node Values Dependent on Mode (Qty, Price, and so on)
VFSBPB Scale Basis: Control Scale Maintenance
VFSBPBG Scale Basis: General Control Scales
VFSBPC Scale Basis: Allowed Calculation Types
VFSBPCA Scale Basis: Control Calculation
VFSBPCF Scale Basis: Check Routines for Scales
VFSBPK Scale Basis: Key for Definition Table
VFSBPS Scale Basis: Allowed Scale Types
VFSBPT Scale Basis: Allowed Calculation Basics
VFSCAHD Scale Header: (Dynamic Part)
VFSCAHTD Scale Header Descriptions: (Dynamic Part)
VFSCAHTVB Scale Header Descriptions: (For Logging)
VFSCAHVB Scale Header: (For Logging)
VFSCAIDD Scale Item: (Dynamic Part)
VFSCAIKEY Scale Item : (Key Part)
VFSCAINKE Scale Item: (not key parts)
VFSCAIRR Scale Item: (Reference Fields)
VFSCAIVB Scale Item: (For Logging)
VFSCAIXX Scale Item: (Fixed Part)
VFSCAIYY Scale Item: (Dependent on Scale Basis)
VFSCAR_KEY Freight Rates (Maximum Key of a Rate Matrix)
VFSCARD Freight Rates: (Dynamic Part)
VFSCARVB Freight Rates: (For Logging)


The package VFSC contains 3 programs.

RV57A_BUFFER_REFRESH Delete buffer for calculator
RV57SCLI List Scales
SAPMV57A Module pool: Scale maintenance

Search Helps

The package VFSC contains 4 search helps.

VF_BUGRP Bulkiness groups
VF_KRECH Calc. rules
VF_SCABAS Scale Bases
VF_SCALE Search help for scales

Message Classes

The package VFSC contains 1 message classes.

VYSC Nachrichten zur Staffelbearbeitung