SAP Package VFE

R/3 billing document appl. development: Revenue recognition

Technical Information

Package VFE
Short Text R/3 billing document appl. development: Revenue recognition
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VFE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VFE contains 3 function groups.

VFRF Revenue Recognition: General Functions
VFRR Revenue recognition
VFRU Revenue recognition - posting


The package VFE contains 7 transactions.

VF42 Update Sales Documents
VF43 Revenue Recognition: Posting Doc.
VF44 Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VF45 Revenue recognition: Revenue report
VF46 Revenue Recognition: Cancellation
VF47 Revenue Recognition:ConsistencyCheck
VF48 Revenue Recognition: Compare Report

Database Tables

The package VFE contains 5 database tables.

VBREVAC Revenue Recognition: Compression of FI Revenue Postings
VBREVC Revenue Realization: Worklist of Changed Sales Documents
VBREVE Revenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition Lines
VBREVK Revenue Recognition: Control Lines
VBREVR Revenue Recognition: Reference Document Lines


The package VFE contains 1 views.

VBREVR_BUKRS Revenue Realization: Reference Doc. Line Items Inc. Co. Code


The package VFE contains 25 structures.

KOMREV Revenue Recognition: Communication Condition Record
KONVREV Revenue Realization: Accounts from SD Document Items from DB
RRDOCTREE Revenue Recognition: Tree Structure for Revenue Line View
RRDOCVIEW Revenue Recognition: Revenue Line View
RRRULES Structure of Revenue Recognition Rules Table
VBERS Revenue Recognition: Worklist Structure
VBRAV51HD Revenue Recognition: Header Information for Revenue Report
VBRAV51IT Revenue Recognition: Item Information for Revenue Report
VBREVACVB Revenue Recognition: XVBREVAC/YVBREVAC Reference Structure
VBREVAUTH Revenue Recognition: Authorization Checks
VBREVAV Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VBREVBSIS Output Structure for SDRRAV53
VBREVDETAIL Detail Structure for SDRRAV53
VBREVEAV Revenue Recognition: Worklist (New)
VBREVECOM Revenue Realization: Transfer Structure for Revenue Rows
VBREVEVB Revenue Recognition: XVBREVE/YVBREVE Reference Structure
VBREVKVB Revenue Recognition: XVBREVK/YVBREVK Reference Structure
VBREVRVB Revenue Recognition: XVBREVR/YVBREVR Reference Structure
VBREVSALDO Balance Table for SDRRAV53


The package VFE contains 11 programs.

SDERAV01 Revenue recognition: Process worklist
SDERAV05 Revenue recognition : Process cancellation list
SDRRAV01 Revenue Recognition: Posting of Revenues
SDRRAV05 Revenue Recognition: Reversal of Revenues
SDRRAV50 Posting Document for Revenues
SDRRAV51 Revenue recognition: Revenue report
SDRRAV51N Revenue Recognition: Overview
SDRRAV52 Revenue Recognition: Inconsistency Check in Revenue Tables
SDRRAV52_ALV Revenue realization: Check for inconsistencies in revenue tables
SDRRAV53 Compare Report for Revenue Recognition
SDRRAV54 Revenue Recognition: Update Sales Documents

Message Classes

The package VFE contains 1 message classes.

VFRR SD-Revenue Recognition

Authorization Objects

The package VFE contains 1 authorization objects.

V_VBRR_BUK Revenue Recognition: Authorization for Company Codes