SAP Package VBX

External Communication Batch Determination

Technical Information

Package VBX
Short Text External Communication Batch Determination
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VBX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VBX contains 4 function groups.

VBXD ATP Check with Selection Criteria
VBXI VB: External Selection Interface
VBXP Data Exchange with New Dimension Prod.
VBXR Customizing Tables: Char.-Based ATP

Database Tables

The package VBX contains 2 database tables.

TVBX_CBATP Tax Table of Materials for Characteristic-Based ATP
TVBX_MAT_CBATP Tax Table of Materials for Characteristic-Based ATP


The package VBX contains 7 structures.

BXCOM Communication Structure ATP Check by Characters
VBX_ATNAM Internal/External Characteristics
VBX_AUSP Internal Classification Data
VBX_BDINT VBX: Internal Selection Data for Header
VBX_CBATP_MATERIAL Activate/Deactivate Characteristic-Based ATP for Materials
VBX_S_DATA BAPI Transfer Structure Selection Data for APO (CIF_VBXSDA)
VBX_S_HEAD BAPI Transfer Structure Selection Header APO (CIF_VBXSHE)

Message Classes

The package VBX contains 1 message classes.

VBX Verteilung von Selektionskriterien Chargenfindung