Batch Derivation

Technical Information

Package VBDRV
Short Text Batch Derivation
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VBDRV is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VBDRV contains 10 function groups.

DRVA Derivtn: Check whether active for time
DRVC Derivation: Main Storage CHVW_PRE
DRVE Derivation: Assign Strategies to Event
DRVG Derivation: Generated Dialog Boxes
DRVL Conversion Exits for CHVW Level
DRVN Derivation: Execution, Logistics, Check
DRVT Deriv.: TEMPORARY! Call Ups from Exits
DRVU Derivation from Usage Decision
V13R Derivation: Update Condition Records
V61R Deriv.: Access Routines f. Cond. Records


The package VBDRV contains 31 transactions.

DRC1 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC2 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC3 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC4 Conditions: V_T681F for R DR
DRC5 Access Sequences: Deriv. Recipient
DRC6 Strategy Types: Derivation Recipient
DRC7 Search Proc.: Derivation Recipient
DSC1 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC2 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC3 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC4 Conditions: V_T681F for R DS
DSC5 Access Sequences: Derivation Sender
DSC6 Strategy Types: Derivation Sender
DSC7 Search Procedures: Derivation Sender
DVC1 Derivation: No. Range f. Deriv. No.
DVC2 Derivation: No. Range f. Cond. Recds
DVC8 Assignmt of Search Procedure to Evnt
DVCO Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.
DVDC Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Lst
DVDL Delete Derivation Log
DVMAN Perform Manual Derivation
DVMO Monitor
DVR1 Create Derivation Recipient Record
DVR2 Change Derivation Recipient Record
DVR3 Display Derivation Recipient Record
DVS1 Create Derivation Sender Record
DVS2 Change Derivation Sender Record
DVS3 Display Derivation Sender Record
DVSA Shipping Approval
DVSP Set Up Derivation
ODRV Customizing for Derivation

Database Tables

The package VBDRV contains 19 database tables.

CHVW_PRE Preliminary Batch Where-used List According to Order/PO
DRV_FAVORITES Derivation: Favorites for Condition Record Maintenance
DRVLOG_FIELDVAL Derivation: Attributes and values (log file)
DRVLOG_HEADER Derivation: Header table for log file
DRVLOG_ITEM Derivation: Item table for log file
DRVLOG_TRAIL Derivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation path
KONDR Conditions: Derivation strategy - data part
KONDRPR Conditions: Derivation strategy - recipient item data
KONDRPS Conditions: Derivation strategy - sender item data
KOTR001 Rec.MatNo.
KOTR002 Rec.matType
KOTR010 Send.matNo.
KOTR011 Send.matType
KOTR012 Receiving Material + Sending Material
KOTR013 Receiving Material Type + Sending Material Type
R000 Condition table for derivation strategy R
T685R Conditions: Derivation => default values
TCUDRV Customizing: Batch Derivation
TDRVEV Search Procedures per Derivation Time Point


The package VBDRV contains 2 views.

V_148ZT Derivation: Status Key for Batches
V_TDRVEV Assignment of Search Procedures to Derivation Events


The package VBDRV contains 19 structures.

DRV_COND_TREE Derivation: ALV Tree in Condition Record Maintenance w. BOM
DRV_FAVORITES_GRID Derivation: ALV Grid in Condition Record Maintenance w. BOM
DRVN_BALCONTEXT_FIELD Derivation: Application Log Context for Attribute Key
DRVN_DATUM_RANGE Line of Range Table for Date
DRVN_HDR Derivation: Derivation Log Header Information
DRVN_MON Shipping Approval: Structure of Global Table GT_MONITOR
DRVN_MSG Derivation: Messages with ref. to derivation / charact.
DRVN_SA Shipping/Monitor: Communication Structure for DB Selection
DRVN_SA_SPECIAL_STOCK Batch Derivation, Overall Release: ID 'Read Special Stock'
DRVN_TREE Derivation: Structure for ALV TREE columns
DRVNO_RANGE Derivation: Range Structure for Data Element DRVNO
ICUDRV Derivation: Customizing Screen Fields
KOMGR Derivation: Communication block (dialog)
KOMKR Derivation communication block header
KOMPR Derivation communication record item
KONDRPRVB Conditions: Derivation - update data part, item recipient
KONDRPSVB Conditions: Derivation - update data part, item sender
KONDRVB Conditions: Derivation - update data part
RV13R Help fields for SAPMV13R


The package VBDRV contains 11 programs.

RMIMGDIRECTODRV Derivation: Call up Customizing branch
RV13R012 Select Condition Records
RV13RAAA Derivation: Display condition records
RV13RAAB Derivation: Display condition records
RV13RAAC Derivation: Display condition records
RVBDRVDC Delete Extended Batch Where-Used List for Archived Batches
RVBDRVDL Delete Derivation Data from Archived Batches
RVBDRVMO Derivation: Monitor
RVBDRVSA Derivation: Shipping Approval
SAPMV13R Derivation: Maintain Condition Records

Message Classes

The package VBDRV contains 1 message classes.

VBDRV Ableitung Chargenmerkmale

Authorization Objects

The package VBDRV contains 1 authorization objects.

M_MATE_DRV Batch Derivation: Overall Release/Monitor