SAP Package VBAS

Application development R/3 sales master data

Technical Information

Package VBAS
Short Text Application development R/3 sales master data
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VBAS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VBAS contains 2 function groups.

CLCD Classification Object Customer
VAST SD: Archiving Master Data

Database Tables

The package VBAS contains 4 database tables.

KNVT Customer Master Record Texts for Sales
THSTT Hierarchy Levels: Texts
TVEPT Sales Documents: Schedule Line Categories: Texts
TVIND Sales Document: Update of Material and Validity Index


The package VBAS contains 1 views.

M_DEBIK Generated View for Matchcode ID DEBI -K


The package VBAS contains 10 structures.

LLIST Screen/Work Fields for Field Group List
LV07C Work Area for Function Module SAPLV07C
LV45S Help Fields for SAPLV45S
RV75F Help Fields for SAPMV75A
UPDYN Dynamic Part
VBCO4 Sales Doc.Access Methods: Key Fields: Collective Processing
VBCO5 Saes Doc.Access Methods: Key Fields: Delivery Note
VBCO6 Sales Document Access Methods: Key Fields
VBCOM Communication Work Area for Sales Doc.Access Methods
VBKOP Sales Document Header Fields for Work Area V75


The package VBAS contains 3 programs.

RSTCHECK Display of Timestamps from Module Pool Load
RVV05T01 Display Order Items for the Material

Search Helps

The package VBAS contains 1 search helps.

DEBIK Customers per account group