SAP Package VB

Application Development R/3 Batches

Technical Information

Package VB
Short Text Application Development R/3 Batches
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VB contains 17 function groups.

CHRG Batch Master Record Transactions
CHVW Batch Where-Used List
LOBM LOBM: Expiration date
MHD1 Gener. MaintnceDialog f.Period Ind. SLED
MHD2 Gen. Maintenance Dialog f. Bch Fld Cntrl
OCCV Batch Number Conversion
V01D Batch Definition
V01F Batch Determination
V01P Central Buffer Routines for Batch
V01S Central Module f. Batches/Stock Selectn
V01U Batch Management Utilities
V01Z Create, change and check batches
VBMD SLED and Period Indicator for SLED
VBSC Standard Characteristics: Batches
VBUW Batch Worklist: Assignment
VBWL Batch Worklist
VBWP Update Modules: Batch Usage


The package VB contains 28 transactions.

BM00 Batch Management
BMAA Batch Archiving Runs
BMC1 Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMC2 Change Class (Class type 'BATCH')
BMC3 Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMCC Integrity Check for Batch Classif.
BMUW Assign Worklist Folder
BMUWT Maintain Worklist Cat. f. Batches
MB05 Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat
MB56 Analyze batch where-used list
MB57 Compile Batch Where-Used List
MBC1 Create MM Batch Search Strategy
MBC2 Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBC3 Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MSC1N Create Batch
MSC2N Change Batch
MSC3N Display Batch
MSC4N Display Change Documents for Batch
MSC5N Mass Processing for Batches
MSC6N Batch Worklist
O02F Screen Field Ctrl f. Bch Master Rec.
O02G Screen Field Ctrl f. Bch Master Rec.
OCWT Define Worklist Folder
S_ALR_87006944 IMG Activity: CFMENU_OCHA_FAF
S_ALR_87006959 IMG Activity: CFMENU_OCHA_FAL
VKC1 Create General Strategy
VKC2 Change General Strategy
VKC3 Display General Strategy

Database Tables

The package VB contains 19 database tables.

CHVW_ARC_1 Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Order Number
CHVW_ARC_2 Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Purchasing Document
CHVW_ARC_3 Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Plant, Mat., Batches
CHVW_INC Batch Where-Used List- N:M Assignment for Order
CHVW_INC_PUR Batch Where-Used List - N:M Assignment Table - Purch. Order
MCHUWL User-Specific Batch Worklist
MCHUWT Assignment of User to Batch Worklist Type
MCHWT Batch Worklist Types
MCHWTT Batch Worklist Type Texts
PRDKZ SLED Period Indicator
PRDKZT Language-dependent texts for SLED period indicator
T148Z Value table for domain ZUSCH (deactivated)
T148ZT Text table for value table T148Z (deactivated)
T160MVAL Message category restriction for T160M
T685H Conditions: Batches => Default Values
TCB03_BM Internal Characteristic Numbers for PP-PI Characteristics
TCUBN Customizing: Automatic Batch Number Assignment
TCUCD Customizing for Batch Documents for Rel. 4.6C
TFSBD Sequence of Procedure for Batch Determination


The package VB contains 22 views.

H_T148Z Help view for table T148Z
M_MCHXB Generated View for Matchcode ID MCHX-B
V_CF_MCHA Stock View for Batch Determination
V_CF_MCHB Stock View for Batch Determination
V_CF_MKOL Stock view for batch determination special stock K
V_CF_MSKA Stock view for batch determination special stock E
V_CF_MSKU Stock view for batch determination - special stock V and W
V_CF_MSLB Stock view for batch determination special stock O
V_CF_MSPR Stock view for batch determination special stock Q
V_CZV_0 Restricted Batches for Batch at Plant Level
V_CZV_1 Restricted-Use Batches for Cross-Plant Batch
V_CZV_MCHB Batch Material - Batch Status Management
V_CZV_MKOL Consignment Material - Batch Status Management
V_CZV_MSKA Sales Order Stock - Status Management
V_CZV_MSKU Customer Special Stocks - Status Management
V_CZV_MSLB Material Provided to Vendor - Status Management
V_CZV_MSPR Project Stock - Status Management
V_MCHUWT Batch Worklist: Assign
V_MCHUWT_PRIV Batch Worklist: Assign Users
V_MCHWT Maintenance View for Batch Worklist Types
V_T148F_BATCH Batch Master Screen Field Cntrl: Assgmt Fields <-> Field Gr.
V_T148G_BATCH Field Selection Control for Batch Master Record Transactions


The package VB contains 38 structures.

ALV_TREE_CHVW Field Catalog for Display of Batch Where-Used List
BATCHDELFLG Batch Deletion Indicator
BDBATCH Results Table for Batch Determination
BDCOM Batch Determination Communication Structure
BDCOMZ Batch Determination: Communication Block (Dialog)
BDINCCO Additional Fields SUBSCREEN Batch Determination CO
BDINCME Additional Fields SUBSCREEN Batch Determination MM
BDINCV Additional Fields SUBSCREEN Batch Determination SD
BDINCWM Additional Fields SUBSCREEN Batch Determination WM
BDPRT Log for Batch Determination
BDSEL_OBJECT Object for selection criteria in batch determination
BFCOMZ Stock Determination: Communication Block (Dialog)
BNCOM Batch Number Allocation: Communication Block (Dialog)
BNCOM1 Batch number assignment: communication block
BNCOMZ Batch Mgmt Communication Record: Customer Modifications
CDCOM Batch / Stock Determination Communication Structure
CDSTOCK Results Table for Batch Determination / Stock Determination
CHCDOBJ Batch object for change documents
CHVW_ALL All Fields in the Tables CHVW and CHVW_PRE
CHVW_ARC_IDX Archive Key and Offset for Batch Where-Used Data
CHVW_EXT Table Structure for External Batch Usage
CHVWSHADOW Transfer Structure for Batch Where-Used List Display
CHVWSHADOW_Z Additional Fields for BWUL When Displaying With ALV
CLBATCH Classification interface for batches
DFBATCH Screen fields for batch master data transactions
DFCHVW Screen Fields for Batch Where-Used List Transactions
IWRKZ Plants With Status Management
MAKT_EXT Structure for Transferring Material Short Texts
MCHA_KEY Key Fields of Table MCHA
MCHA_WL_KEY Key Fields for Batch Worklist
MCHA_WL_WTASK Batch Worklist - Work Tasks
MCHB_KEY Key for Table MCHB
MKOL_KEY Key for Table MCHB
RV01F Dialog Structure for Batch Determination
RV13H Work Fields for SAPMV13H
UPDMCHA Change indicator for batches
V01FDK Dialog Structure for Batch Determination Header/Footer Info
V01FDP Dialog Structure for Batch Determination Item Information


The package VB contains 28 programs.

R0048460 Check if CONVERSION EXIT Would Work for Batch Number
RM07MCHS Pick-Up List for Batch Where-Used List
RM07MCHW Compile batch where-used file
RM07MMHD Shelf Life List
RV13HAAA Batches: Display Search Strategy Records
RVBARCHA Breaking down of archive indices or batch where-used data
RVBARCHB Reloading of archived batch where-used records into the database
RVBARCHD Deletion of archived batch where-used records in the database
RVBARCHG Example program for reading a data object from an archive file
RVBARCHI Compilation of archive indices for batch where-used records
RVBARCHR List display of archived batch where-used records
RVBARCHW Creation of archive files for batch where-used records
RVBBTREE Mass Processing of Batches
RVBBWULS Display Batch Where-Used List
RVBCOR07 Copy Standard Characteristics LOBM_* from Client 000
RVBCOR08 Maintaining Standard Characteristics with Object Dependencies
RVBCOR09 Maintain Standard Feature LOMB_*
RVBCOR16 Correcting Customizing for batch classification
RVBCOR17 Maintain Customizing tables for SLED period indicator in all clients
RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classification
RVBCWORK Correction report for batch worklist
RVBDEACT Deactivation of batches that are no longer needed
RVBFB001 Deletion of batch where-used records that cannot be evaluated
RVBM00LT Transaction called from batch management menu
RVBSTMRK Maintain Standard Features
RVBUCCHA Create Table Entries TCB03 for Standard Characteristics Orig. Batch
RVBXPRA99A1 XPRA for development class VB for Release 99 (Rel. 4.6)
RVBXPRA99A2 XPRA(2) for development class VB for Release 99 (Rel. 4.6)

Search Helps

The package VB contains 6 search helps.

EXT_DATE Date in external format (10 char.)
H_PERDKZ Period indicator
MCH1U Batch Worklist
MCHAU Batch Worklist
MCHS Batches (valuation types) of material
MCHUWT Worklist folder for user

Message Classes

The package VB contains 2 message classes.

12 Herstelldatum/Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum/Chargen
LB Logistik: Batch - Management

Authorization Objects

The package VB contains 1 authorization objects.

M_MATE_BWT Material master: Change of valuation type for batch