SAP Package VARC

Customizing R/3 reporting sales

Technical Information

Package VARC
Short Text Customizing R/3 reporting sales
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VARC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package VARC contains 16 transactions.

OMRE Purchasing Document Lists Config.
OVD2 Define reference conditions
OVRH C RV TAB TVAK 'Sales Document Types'
OVRI C RV Tab. TVAP 'Sales Doc.Item Cat.'
OVRK C RV Tab. TVLK 'Delivery Types'
OVRL C RV Tab. TVLP 'Delivery Item Categ'
OVRN C RV Tab. TVSF 'SD:Stats'
OVRO C RV Tab. TVSFK 'Updates'
OVRP C RV Tab. TVSFP 'Updates'
VOA0 Order Information Configuration
VOA1 Inquiry Information Configuration
VOA2 Quotation Information Configuration
VOA4 Contract Information Configuration
VOA5 Product Proposal Info. Configuration
VOC0 Contract List Configuration
VOL6 Configure information on

Database Tables

The package VARC contains 5 database tables.

T180C Reporting: Totals Variants: Texts
T180T Reporting: Display Variants - Texts
T180U Reporting: Display Variants - Headings
T180V Reporting: Default Values
TVARA Sales Document Archiving Control


The package VARC contains 7 views.

V_TVAK_STG Sales Documents: Types: Statistics Group
V_TVAP_STG Sales Documents: Item Categories: Statistics Group
V_TVLK_STG Deliveries: Types: Statistics Group
V_TVLP_STG Delivery Item Categories: Statistics Groups
V_TVSF SD: Statistics Groups for Document Types and Item Categories
V_TVSFK Statistics Update Sequence: Document Header
V_TVSFP Statistic Update Group: Item


The package VARC contains 4 structures.

KONH_OBJECT_KEY KONH key for archiving class CONDS
R180 Help Fields for Table Maintenance of T180N
R180T Help Fields for Maintaining Table T180T
VBXX SD: Help Structure for Archiving Program


The package VARC contains 3 programs.

SAPDV76C ?...
SAPDV76D ?...
SAPMV76A ?...

Message Classes

The package VARC contains 1 message classes.

VR Nachrichten für Vertriebsreporting