SAP Package VAR

Application development R/3 reporting sales

Technical Information

Package VAR
Short Text Application development R/3 reporting sales
Parent Package APPL

Package Contents

The package VAR is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package VAR contains 1 function groups.

V75S Status overview


The package VAR contains 36 transactions.

OVRB Statistical Currency per Sales Org.
SDD1 Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDO1 Orders within time period
SDPV Generate product proposal
SDQ1 Expiring Quotations
SDQ2 Expired Quotations
SDQ3 Completed Quotations
SDV1 Expiring Contracts
SDV2 Expired Contracts
SDV3 Completed Contracts
SDVK Purchase Analysis Sales Documents
V.00 List of Incomplete Documents
V.01 Sales Order Error Log
V.02 List of Incomplete Sales Orders
V.03 List of Incomplete Inquiries
V.04 List of Incomplete Quotations
V.05 List of Incomplete Sched.Agreements
V.06 List of Incomplete Contracts
V.14 Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
V.15 Display Backorders
V.23 Release Orders for Billing
V.24 Display Work List for Invoice Lists
V.25 Release Customer Expected Price
V.26 Selection by Object Status
V23 Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
VA05 List of Sales Orders
VA05N List of Sales Orders
VA14L Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery
VA15 Inquiries List
VA15N Inquiries List
VA25 Quotations List
VA25N List of quotations
VA35 List of Scheduling Agreements
VA35N List of Scheduling Agreements
VA45 List of Contracts
VA45N List of Contracts


The package VAR contains 22 structures.

REBI_HEAD Header Output Structure SDREBI01
REBI_ITEM Item Output Structure SDREBI01
RV75A Help Fields for SAPMV75A
RVAUFRUE_DETAILS_DISPLAY Display Structure for ALV Tree of Program RVAUFRUE
RVKRED01_ALV Structure for Program RVKRED01
RVKRED012_ALV Structure for Program RVKRED01
SDEBEW_ALV Structure for Program SD_EBEW
SDFERT01 Structure for Program SDFERT01
SDFERT02 Structure for SDFERT02
SDPVGEN Structure for Program SDPVGEN
SDREBI02_ALV Structure for Output Log per ALV for SDREBI02
SDSPERRE Fields for Total Block in SD ALV
SDSTAINFO Structure for Program SD_STATUS_INFO
SDSTORNO Output Structure for Report SDSTORNO
SDVBELV2 Structure for Program SDVBELV
VBFZD SD Document: Dynamic Update Count
VBMTV View: Order Items for Material
VBMTVZ Customer enhancements for orders items for material
VBVFE Blocked Schedule Lines Due for Shipping


The package VAR contains 43 programs.

BANF_OHNE_KDAUF Open Purch. Requisitions w/ Ref. to Archived/Completed Sales Documents
MV75AST0 Display Sales Order: Status information
PPDLSHOW For Documentation (Output V1748 etc): Log for Deletion Flag
RVAUFERR Incomplete SD Documents
RVAUFRUE Backorders
RVAUFSPE Release Sales Orders for Billing
RVAUFSTA List of sales documents by object status
RVKPR002 Documents: Customer Expected Price
SAPMV55A ?...
SAPMV75B Backorder Processing: Selection List
SD_CREATE_TEST_DATA Create test data
SD_DET_NEW_SHIPPING_POINT Redetermine Shipping Points and Routes
SD_EBEW AA checks in Cust. for individual/third-party order processing
SD_STATUS_INFO Usage and Changeability of System Status in SD
SDCONT01 Expiring contracts
SDCONT02 Expired contracts
SDCONT03 Completed contracts
SDCORRECT General file for correction reports in SD
SDCRSL01 Companion Sales Analysis for Sales Documents
SDCRSL02 Display Results of Cross-Selling Analysis
SDDORD01 Double Orders in Period
SDFAKSPE SD Documents Blocked for Billing
SDFERT01 PP Orders with Incorrect Links to Sales Orders
SDFERT02 Test Assembly Orders Marked for Deletion
SDFERT03 Reject Sales Orders with Assembly if Assembly Archived Too Early
SDLFGSA Correction Report Delivery Status/Target Dlvy Qty (OSS Note 339398)
SDLIEFSPE Sales and Distribution Documents Blocked for Delivery
SDORDE01 Orders within time period
SDPVGEN Generate Product Proposal
SDQUOT01 Expiring quotations
SDQUOT02 Expired quotations
SDQUOT03 Completed quotations
SDREBI01 Retro-billing
SDREBI01ALV Retro-Billing
SDREBI02 Retro-billing list: Creating the credit/debit memos
SDSPESTA Update Status Fields for Overall Block in VBUP and VBUK
SDSPESTA1 Update of total status fields for block
SDSPETEST Test Report for Status Fields of Total Blocks
SDSPETEST1 Test Report for Status Fields of Total Blocks
SDSPETEST2 Test Report for Status Fields of Total Blocks
SDSTORNO Display Sales Documents with Cancellation or Credit Memo for Purch.Ord
SDVBELV SD Document Items with Incorrect Account Assignment Information