SAP Package URLX


Technical Information

Package URLX
Short Text URLX
Parent Package WP-PI

Package Contents

The package URLX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package URLX contains 4 function groups.

STCD Read Transaction Classifications
SUGW Workplace Plug-In: Component Determinatn
SUR1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SURR Workplace Plug-In: Read Data Satellites

Database Tables

The package URLX contains 3 database tables.

THRPCLASS User Interface Classification for Customer Task Workflow (T)
THRSCLASS User Interface Classificatn for Standard Task Workflow (TS)
TSTCCLASS User Interface Classification for Transactions


The package URLX contains 7 structures.

CVERS_WP Structure with CVERS/AVERS Fields for Workplace
ISTCCLAS Structure for FM for Transfer TSTCCLASS
ISTCDEVS Struct. for Transferring Device-Specific Data for Transactns
ISYSLANGU Available Logon Languages in Component System
ITASK1201 Excerpt from HRS1201 for task description
IUSERCNTRY Structure for User and Country
IUSERLANGU Structure for Users and Logon Language


The package URLX contains 2 programs.

RSMYSAPD Workplace Transaction Classification: Download
RSMYSAPU Workplace Transaction Classification: Upload