UPX: CRM Planning - SEM Part

Technical Information

Package UPX_KPI
Short Text UPX: CRM Planning - SEM Part
Parent Package UPX

Package Contents

The package UPX_KPI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package UPX_KPI contains 6 function groups.

UPX_DOCUMENTS Document Integration into UPX Planning
UPX_EVAL_KPI UPX: KPI Valuation (Traffic Lights)
UPX_KPI_API KPI Planning Services API
UPX_KPI_MKT CRM Marketing Planner: SEM Integration
UPX_LAYOUT UPX: Additional Layout Features
UPX_RENDER Presentation Layer

Database Tables

The package UPX_KPI contains 16 database tables.

UPX_EVAL_BPS KPI Valuation for Alert
UPX_HEAD Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: General Fields
UPX_HEAD_TEXT Texts for Key Figure Schemes
UPX_KFS_CKF Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Calculated Key Figs
UPX_KFS_COMMON Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: General Fields
UPX_KFS_LKF Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Layout Key Figures
UPX_KFS_PARAM Function Parameters
UPX_KFS_SHIFT Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Relative Addresses
UPX_KFS_TEXT Texts for Key Figure Schemes
UPX_KPI_EVALBUF KPI Valuation for Alert: Result Buffer
UPX_LAYOUT Enhanced Planning Layouts: Main Table
UPX_LAYOUT_OFF BDOC: Offline Versions of the Layouts
UPX_SLC_MAIN Configuration of Lead Columns
UPX_SLC_TEXT Configuration of Lead Columns: Text Table
UPX_SLC_TIME Time Characteristics


The package UPX_KPI contains 62 structures.

UPX_YS_API_BDOC API for Offline Planning
UPX_YS_API_LAY_HD_SCHEME Lead Columns: Screen Fields - Second Table
UPX_YS_API_LAY_KF_PARAM Layout API: Key Figure Scheme (Function Parameters)
UPX_YS_API_LAY_KF_SCHEME API Layout: Key Figure Scheme
UPX_YS_API_LAY_KF_SHIFT API Layout: Operand Shift
UPX_YS_API_LAY_LC_MAIN API Layout: Lead Columns
UPX_YS_API_LAY_LC_TIME API Layout: Lead Column Time Settings
UPX_YS_API_LAY_SPREADING API Layout: Background Distribution Settings
UPX_YS_API_TEXT API for Texts in Layout
UPX_YS_AREA_RANGE Selection Condition for Planning Area
UPX_YS_KF_FUNCTION Key Figure Scheme: Function Module
UPX_YS_KF_FUNCTION_PARAM Parameters for Function Module for Key Figure Scheme
UPX_YS_KF_FUNCTION_REQUEST Request for Function Module for Key Figure Scheme
UPX_YS_KF_FUNCTION_RESPONSE Response for Function Module for Key Figure Scheme
UPX_YS_KFS Structure for Maintaining Key Figure Schemes
UPX_YS_KPI_ATRLIST Attributes and Descriptions in BW Master Data
UPX_YS_KPI_ATTR_CHAVL API: Object Attributes
UPX_YS_KPI_CHAVL KPI Characteristic Value
UPX_YS_KPI_DATA_CHAVL API: Characteristic Values To Be Synchronized
UPX_YS_KPI_DATA_KYFVL API: Key Figure Values To Be Synchronized
UPX_YS_KPI_EVAL_CAT KPI Valuation for Alerts: Catalog
UPX_YS_KPI_EVAL_KPI KPI Valuation for Alerts: Table
UPX_YS_KPI_EVAL_RESULT KPI Valuation for Alerts: Result
UPX_YS_KPI_FACTOR Distribution Calculator - Main Structure
UPX_YS_KPI_HIE_UPDATE API: Synchronization of the Hierarchy
UPX_YS_KPI_KYFCAT Key Figure Catalog
UPX_YS_KPI_PATTERN Buying Behavior: Table
UPX_YS_KPI_PATTERN_KEY Buying Behavior Keys
UPX_YS_KPI_PATTERN_WEIGHT Buying Behavior Factors
UPX_YS_KPI_PROFILE Planning Profile: Table
UPX_YS_KPI_PROFLIST Planning Profile: Catalog
UPX_YS_KPI_SELECTION Selections for Characteristics
UPX_YS_KPI_SPREAD_CHANM Distribution: Time Characteristics
UPX_YS_KPI_SPREAD_CHAVL Distribution: Combination of Target Characteristic Values
UPX_YS_KPI_SPREADING Distribution: Main Table
UPX_YS_KPI_STRUCT_CHAVL Structure To Be Synchronized: Characteristic Values
UPX_YS_KPI_STRUCT_KYFDEL Structure to be Synchronized: Deletion Strategies
UPX_YS_KPI_STRUCT_KYFVL Structure To Be Synchronized: Key Figure Values
UPX_YS_KPI_STRUCTURE Structure To Be Synchronized: Main Table
UPX_YS_KPI_SYNC_NEWATTR API: New Values for Object Attributes
UPX_YS_KPI_TIMEFRAME Timeframe To Be Synchronized
UPX_YS_KPI_VISIBLE Visible Characteristic Values
UPX_YS_LAYOUT_DATA Layout Data for BADI Enhancements
UPX_YS_LAYOUT_OFFLINE Information for Offline Layout Synchronization
UPX_YS_LAYOUT_UPDATE Update Rules Layout - BADI Enhancements
UPX_YS_LAYOUT_UPDATE_TARGET Layout Cell Update Targets for BADI Enhancements
UPX_YS_PARAM Function Parameters
UPX_YS_SHIFT Enhanced Maintenance of Key Figure Schemes: Operator Shifts
UPX_YS_SORT_CHANM Sorted Characteristics
UPX_YS_TIMELINE Timeline Structure
UPX_YSD_BPSFUNC_ATTR KPI Valuation for Alerts: Screen Structure
UPX_YSD_EVAL_KPI KPI Valuation for Alerts: Screen Structure
UPX_YSD_HEAD Lead Columns: Screen Fields - Second Table
UPX_YSD_SLC_MAIN Lead Columns: Screen Fields - First Table
UPX_YSD_SLC_TIME Lead Columns: Screen Fields - Second Table

Search Helps

The package UPX_KPI contains 4 search helps.

UPX_SH_AREA Search Help for Planning Areas
UPX_SH_CHA Search Help for Characteristics
UPX_SH_KYF Search Help for Key Figures
UPX_SH_PLEVEL Search Help for Planning Levels

Message Classes

The package UPX_KPI contains 1 message classes.

UPX_KPI Meldungen für CRM Planungsservices