SAP Package UPF

SEM-BPS: Planning Functions

Technical Information

Package UPF
Short Text SEM-BPS: Planning Functions
Parent Package RS_BW_STRUPAK

Package Contents

The package UPF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package UPF contains 16 function groups.

0UPF Table Views Planning Functions
UPF_FC Planning: Forecast (Version 2)
UPF_FC_EXIT Exits for Forecast
UPF_LC ListCube Integration
UPF_MINING Data Mining as Planning Function
UPF_PERF Technical Performance
UPFB Bundle of Parameter Groups
UPFC Planning Functions: Conversions
UPFE Planning Functions: Editor
UPFF Planning Functions: Formulas
UPFP SEM-BPS: Forecast
UPFS Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
UPFT Transport of the Planning Functions
UPFU Unit Conversion
UPFW Planning: Currency Translation
UPFX Examples-Cust.-spec Exits Planning fnct.

Database Tables

The package UPF contains 17 database tables.

UPC_FORML Planning Functions: Formulas
UPC_NEVAL Planning Functions: New Values
UPF_BSTEPS Bundle Steps: Parameter Groups
UPF_BUNDLE Bundle of Planning Functions
UPF_BUNDLET Bundle of Parameter Groups - Text Table
UPF_EXITP Planning: Data Elements - Exits
UPF_GRP_PLNTP Types of Planning Functions - Planning Functions
UPF_PARAM Planning Functions: Parameterization
UPF_PARAMT Planning Functions: Parameterizations
UPF_PARGD Parameterization - GUIDs
UPF_PFLDS Planning: Planning Functions - Fields
UPF_PLANF Planning Functions
UPF_PLANFT Planning Functions: Significance
UPF_PLNTP Planning Functions: Types
UPF_PLNTPT Planning Functions: Text Texts
UPF_TPGRP Types of Planning Functions
UPF_TPGRPT Types of Planning Functions


The package UPF contains 1 views.

V_UPF_T440G Weighting Groups


The package UPF contains 12 structures.

UPF_SCREEN_OPTIOS Planning Functions: Selection Conditions
UPF_YS_BSTEPS Bundle Steps
UPF_YS_CLINE Generated Code
UPF_YS_CURRF Planning: Currency Translation
UPF_YS_DOKU Planning Functions: Documentation
UPF_YS_EXITP Planning: Exit Function Parameters
UPF_YS_FC_SETTINGS Settings: Forecasting
UPF_YS_FLDDS Planning: Display Options for Fields
UPF_YS_MINING Planning Functions Data Mining Parameter
UPF_YS_PROGNOSE Forecast Parameters
UPF_YS_TECHF Planning: Technical Error
UPF_YS_UNITF Planning: Unit Conversion


The package UPF contains 4 programs.

UPF_PLANF_PRINT Print Planning Functions
UPF_PLANF_STATISTICS Statistics: Planning Functions
UPF_TEST_FORECASTING Test Program to Forecast Values

Message Classes

The package UPF contains 2 message classes.

UPF Planungsfunktionen
UPF1 Nachrichten BPS-Prognose